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MrTibss 7 godz. temu 
it would be sweet if you could beef it up a bit more, i still felt kinda weak playing with this thing
Dinoking817 24 Sie - 12:28 
add wings so whene you jump you fly and how do you get chest because I looked in that spot and there was no chest also when you press Z you breath fire
Temple313 10 Sie - 19:00 
can you make a non dawnguard
snowkitten35 7 Sie - 19:00 
how do i get the power is it just there?
DooM  [autor] 28 Lip - 7:35 
there are
jake.peterson10 27 Lip - 18:39 
it's too bad there are no wings
Darude 22 Lip - 8:00 
I cannot get to download it. Put it on nexus please
Gumpyro tfc noob player 17 Lip - 13:16 
Wait, what if i don't find the girl?
Evan, cshazlett 12 Lip - 12:54 
I don't haz transformation animation
Gumpyro tfc noob player 12 Lip - 12:14 
I bet this is my favorite mod i ever saw. <3
Evan, cshazlett 12 Lip - 8:56 
THX NOW TAKE DIS POTATO *Shoves a potato with a timer into his arms and runs*
Jalast 12 Lip - 7:49 
Jalast 12 Lip - 7:48 
nao mine wil workz :3
Jalast 12 Lip - 7:48 
DooM  [autor] 12 Lip - 3:58 
DooM  [autor] 12 Lip - 2:37 
^gonna look into it
Evan, cshazlett 11 Lip - 16:48 
Prob: Standing around just like preeching or something, pls fix.
Nitro The Pyro 8 Lip - 22:11 
Jalast 29 Cze - 8:47 
please halp meh >:(
Jalast 29 Cze - 8:44 
ya same i just stand there like a idiotic noob waiting for someone to give him pie or something... no dragon comes and transforms you like in the vid
Guimond 28 Cze - 12:18 
Hi. I seem to be having a problem. I completely deleted all mods, made a new save, and made this mod the only mod being used. I have dawngaurd installed and everything seems to be fine except when i use the power i seem to be stuck in that animation before you transform. Any ideas?
oOPyroDerpyHoovesOo 23 Cze - 13:28 
wait nvm it works but it keeps having trouble like everytime i try it, it auto doesn't work no more.. is there something wrong? or i just need to be dragonborn ONLY to do this? plz respond im kinda confused
oOPyroDerpyHoovesOo 23 Cze - 12:45 
ok so do i need to like need to do some mission? :L im confused i think
Rune 20 Cze - 10:08 
I like this mod, but I don't have the PC version of Skyrim, is there a way for me to put it on my Xbox 360? I've been looking at several mods that I would like to experiment with, but I have no idea how to put them on my Xbox 360, or if I can. I also wold like to see a mod that allows you to spread this Dragon Form to followers. That would be awesome.
Dylan 22 Maj - 11:02 
How do u revert to human form. I did not get revert form spell. Help please.
.Sf| Lord WaterSlap 13 Maj - 19:50 
A very good idea, but the texture are could use some work. I would cross reference a Dragon texture with the Werewolf ones, and then fit it to the model of this shapeshift. If you need help, you always have me and some of my personal pals!
sammymen 15 Kwi - 19:45 
☻/ This is Bob. Copy and paste him
/▌ all over the workshop
/ \ so he can take over
botc16 12 Kwi - 5:44 
plz help me
botc16 12 Kwi - 5:44 
everytime i get the mod it keeps turning off the game i start it than disepear
yes, yes my good sir Jorrvaskr is.
Simon the Koala 15 Mar - 23:01 
is the companion house jorrvaskr???
copley28 8 Mar - 5:13 
throw some wings on him and lets make him hover
Spuderman 27 Lut - 15:44 
add a non-dawnguard version (not sure if it is needed; havent tested it yet).
Wierdotron 26 Lut - 11:25 
could you possibly make it a bit less shiny? i just find that a bit weird... :/
spartanchick316 17 Lut - 17:08 
my only problem with this is how long it takes to become the dragon once the 'spell' is used, the same applies in the reverse direction. On occasion it doesn't even work and when I end up button mashing the thing eventually the game decides that, oh ya I'm casting something and it should actually DO something lol... Otherwise it's rather enjoyable.
Noobplayzgames 5 Lut - 9:53 
can u take the sounds actual dragons make and put them in, I don't like the howls, also DragonDovah means Dragon Dragon, and the books say "Take the form of the DragonDOvah" twice
Michael Duggan 2 Lut - 16:29 
Thank you. I feel like such a dunce that I didn't see it there. This works perfect, and in my opinion this form is more flexible and powerful than the Green Bane in the Nature of the Beast II mod, so I'll take it!
DooM  [autor] 31 Sty - 12:52 
you get it while in dragon form
Michael Duggan 31 Sty - 8:16 
The video shows a restore human form spell, but I do not get that with the download. The chest has two dragon form spell tomes in it, and the lady gives me three power shouts. That's it. So I cannot use this because I cannot turn back to human form. What do I do?
Alien Dragon Dude 27 Sty - 19:04 
does this update make the dragon fly? since the vampire lords fly i thought you could add wings to it and make it fly like a dragon (and look like a foreign dragon) just a thought but it is a cool looking mod.
mark_desplanques 14 Sty - 16:49 
or is it called a skeleton
mark_desplanques 14 Sty - 16:48 
hey i got a good idea for a dragonman form. try to fit an alduin skin on a vampire lord frame
lightmoon 2 Sty - 0:08 
haw do you git it
lcarson 26 Gru, 2013 - 7:55 
No offense but this mod does not work. I go in the game and I found the chest with the books in there but when I use it, it crashes. Can you fix it? Thanks.
1nfer0 25 Gru, 2013 - 15:48 
want to use it, but can't because of dawn guard
Panzer Dragon 8 Gru, 2013 - 22:16 
All I can say is this is perfect the way it is, keep up the good work and take your time to update it I'll just run around as a badass dragon. :)
DEATHSGUN2 5 Gru, 2013 - 16:02 
ok :(
DooM  [autor] 5 Gru, 2013 - 16:00 
then im sorry for you for me and 2 k other ppl have it like in the video =) cant help you with that =/
DEATHSGUN2 5 Gru, 2013 - 15:58 
ik and i rather the 1st dragon
DooM  [autor] 5 Gru, 2013 - 15:56 
2 versions dude look at the video