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God of Destiny
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Dr. PsyCho 22 Eki @ 12:35pm 
muy bueno
Happy 17 Eyl @ 4:49am 
Arcane Azmadi 14 Eyl @ 9:53pm 
"The heroes of G.O.D are inspired from Norse, Greek, Egyptian and Chinese methologies. It might be hard to image battling together with Kraken, Zeus, Bastet and Wukong, but now you can fully experience this brand-new adventure in G.O.D."

Smite says "bitch, please!"
Foppit 11 Eyl @ 7:27pm 
so... same as smite? goodluck
Nes 1 Eyl @ 7:39am 
Mephilis 22 Ağu @ 5:58am 
I love Smite, and while the whole Gods at war was their idea first, I will not bash this game just because if that. I only hope they doa good job on Bastet. I will give this game a try liek I do all mobas I come across. I love getting into the new games and seeing what interesting ideas they come up with.
HLZKnives666 22 Ağu @ 1:34am 
Yeah tottaly and asian smite game ... well done not gonna play it ... but i hope at least 1-2 years before your business goes under :/ not to many knock-offs live that long ... I tried a whole range of mobas and watched them crashed after 5-7 months lol
Сгущёнка 19 Ağu @ 6:49pm 
dota -100
DsG/->ice ice baby 14 Ağu @ 7:25pm 
Vexed Darkness 12 Ağu @ 6:23pm 
they should have came up with different names for their gods (kinda took smites idea) will probably try this game out because you can be ursula from little mermaid.
Spooner 12 Ağu @ 9:57am 
Flash_Kiler69 9 Ağu @ 10:42am 
unearthly 5 Ağu @ 7:46pm 
*Grabby hands*
-Boss- 4 Ağu @ 12:20am 
this great
Picaro 28 Tem @ 1:30am 
King Beld 26 Tem @ 8:22pm 
i will funk with it. i could care less about the hilarious bunch of fan boys getting all emotionally butthurt over this. the artwork is pretty sick and i prefer the isometric veiw when plying a moba. all mobas have taking gamplay mechanics from other games, who really cares. im gonna try it out. i hold no alegience to any one game.
aditbz 26 Tem @ 8:01am 
this moba gonna be great
{SBG} Mintcore 25 Tem @ 8:35pm 
LOL I like that ( league of smite ) yea to me too but it looks good but still comes down to game play .
Face PALM 21 Tem @ 10:08pm 
looking great
Rezac 21 Tem @ 8:21pm 
Big Boss 21 Tem @ 4:57am 
I like mobas
M4CZ3R0 20 Tem @ 10:42pm 
It really looks like every normal hyped MOBA
공장 ♥ 20 Tem @ 5:43pm 
AxdMk091 18 Tem @ 11:42pm 
beepbooptechnology!!!! 18 Tem @ 2:27pm 
basically, this game is topdown smite?
thats stupid.
pukinrabbits249 18 Tem @ 5:04am 
Tim Howard can't even save this game.
GriffinGhost. 17 Tem @ 11:28pm 
Придёт время - проверим, а так понравилось.
兄弟玩心吗? 17 Tem @ 6:32pm 
Mo'FAMILLE 17 Tem @ 3:49am 
Mah gook
billygoo168 16 Tem @ 2:38pm 
拜託 要說抄也說DOTA好不好 LOL哪能跟DOTA2比
Carl 16 Tem @ 2:00am 
Bullshit game, just copying other games! So only that you call it's a game?
F*** you Chinese, stop copying, making other things be come yours, ok? Go home, you sucks!
By the way, please GET THE FUCKING 981 OUT OF EASTEN SEA!
Kouji Minamoto 13 Tem @ 4:42am 
Only copy other games
galaxy07 11 Tem @ 5:37pm 
fusion ...
[V]ir[u]s 11 Tem @ 7:11am 
JR361V 11 Tem @ 4:48am 
TaChoB[A] 10 Tem @ 11:20pm 
Onil3aKu 10 Tem @ 10:53pm 
like it
ollythia 10 Tem @ 9:52pm 
this game just copies other games
NoMoreHope 10 Tem @ 9:36pm 
well never thought I would see another SMITE for at least a year or so lol
Flare 10 Tem @ 4:10pm 
That might be better.
Eren Jaeger 10 Tem @ 2:14pm 
No offense, but have you played Smite? You copied the entire concept of the game... and the characters
typicalFeline 10 Tem @ 10:46am 
dude so many of these are copies of LoL characters. I saw diana, wukong, xin shao, and even a pure copy of elise
SSSPP 10 Tem @ 8:05am 
Goat 10 Tem @ 7:56am 
Хороша гра.
Cpt.dudumdumdudum 10 Tem @ 3:50am 
Derez Dufresne 9 Tem @ 11:55pm 
That narration … that description … that lost in translation … 残念啊~~~ 失望了。
billygoo168 9 Tem @ 10:26pm 
這遊戲比較接近早期韓國人做的Dota Chaos
bigbunsofsteel 9 Tem @ 10:03pm 
If any of you guys think this is cool its not it is a remake of the better GOD MOBA called SMITE its free and it already has 80+ gods
LpD | ERROR3 9 Tem @ 8:12pm 
O M G!!! LOL??
Sherlerk 9 Tem @ 8:39am 
Oh no...rly? Who had these ideas to make such a dumb game. I'd rather to play Dota2, it's much more better.