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God of Destiny
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[SKG]PiCarO 28 Jul às 1:30 
King Beld 26 Jul às 20:22 
i will funk with it. i could care less about the hilarious bunch of fan boys getting all emotionally butthurt over this. the artwork is pretty sick and i prefer the isometric veiw when plying a moba. all mobas have taking gamplay mechanics from other games, who really cares. im gonna try it out. i hold no alegience to any one game.
aditbz 26 Jul às 8:01 
this moba gonna be great
{SBG}this way up !!!* 25 Jul às 20:35 
LOL I like that ( league of smite ) yea to me too but it looks good but still comes down to game play .
Face PALM 21 Jul às 22:08 
looking great
Rezac | Painted 21 Jul às 20:21 
Hellsflash 21 Jul às 4:57 
I like mobas
M4CZ3R0 20 Jul às 22:42 
It really looks like every normal hyped MOBA
공장 ♥ 20 Jul às 17:43 
AxdMk091 18 Jul às 23:42 
beepbooptechnology!!!! 18 Jul às 14:27 
basically, this game is topdown smite?
thats stupid.
pukinrabbits249 18 Jul às 5:04 
Tim Howard can't even save this game.
[WG] GriffinGhost. 17 Jul às 23:28 
Придёт время - проверим, а так понравилось.
KARMAGETFUCKED 17 Jul às 3:49 
Mah gook
billygoo168 16 Jul às 14:38 
拜託 要說抄也說DOTA好不好 LOL哪能跟DOTA2比
Carl 16 Jul às 2:00 
Bullshit game, just copying other games! So only that you call it's a game?
F*** you Chinese, stop copying, making other things be come yours, ok? Go home, you sucks!
By the way, please GET THE FUCKING 981 OUT OF EASTEN SEA!
Kouji Minamoto 13 Jul às 4:42 
Only copy other games
galaxy07 11 Jul às 17:37 
fusion ...
[V]ir[u]s 11 Jul às 7:11 
KFC打肆號位 11 Jul às 4:48 
TaChoB[A] 10 Jul às 23:20 
Onil3aKu 10 Jul às 22:53 
like it
ollythia 10 Jul às 21:52 
this game just copies other games
NoMoreHope 10 Jul às 21:36 
well never thought I would see another SMITE for at least a year or so lol
Flare 10 Jul às 16:10 
That might be better.
FaiZhang 10 Jul às 14:14 
No offense, but have you played Smite? You copied the entire concept of the game... and the characters
typicalFeline 10 Jul às 10:46 
dude so many of these are copies of LoL characters. I saw diana, wukong, xin shao, and even a pure copy of elise
SSSPP 10 Jul às 8:05 
Goat 10 Jul às 7:56 
Хороша гра.
.... 10 Jul às 3:50 
Derez Dufresne 9 Jul às 23:55 
That narration … that description … that lost in translation … 残念啊~~~ 失望了。
billygoo168 9 Jul às 22:26 
這遊戲比較接近早期韓國人做的Dota Chaos
bigbunsofsteel 9 Jul às 22:03 
If any of you guys think this is cool its not it is a remake of the better GOD MOBA called SMITE its free and it already has 80+ gods
LpD | ERROR3 9 Jul às 20:12 
O M G!!! LOL??
SwiftKnight 9 Jul às 8:39 
Oh no...rly? Who had these ideas to make such a dumb game. I'd rather to play Dota2, it's much more better.
Viper™ 9 Jul às 3:37 
Is it me or does the one pic look like Ra from Smite? If so then SMFH
↘老傑↖ 9 Jul às 2:35 
Don't play this game.i'm serious. it just copy from LOL's ui and WW's heros.
ARCHIE - COLA 9 Jul às 2:02 
nice. :)
BCplayer 8 Jul às 6:11 
smite? what?
Powdered Toast Man 7 Jul às 17:32 
Age of Empires and Smite had a retarded child!
b1kmn26 7 Jul às 13:36 
Scythe 7 Jul às 9:40 
smite ?
Mr.Turtle 7 Jul às 8:47 
So what they completely rip off smite and nobody points a finger?
De(xXx)tRo 7 Jul às 3:58 
а нечо та
pukinrabbits249 6 Jul às 19:57 
im done with humanity and people who THINk thatit will be good although all of it will be is the same type of MOBA as league and dota. The world doesnt need another MOBA.
pukinrabbits249 6 Jul às 19:55 
what an ugly sh9it baby of smite and league
alen watts 6 Jul às 19:48 
look good
gmc5175 6 Jul às 18:40 
@ Comrade Brendan, Not a remake, just a rip-off. A very shitty rip-off.
MarsrOover 6 Jul às 13:53 
add this game...............NOW!