Wrath of Nature: The Champion of Kynareth
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Xquavier The Umbreon Dec 21 @ 7:19pm 
Poke do you have a werewolf replacer on?
Pokemastuh Nov 14 @ 6:04am 
I have a problem =/ Whenever I transform (only have the aspect of frost at the moment) I see the ice effects and it gives me the text about the blood of the wild. I can attack, jump, ice shout...but I see no wolf! He's completely invisible until the blood of the wild ceases. Help? Please? Sweet roll?
I have 6 characters, only 1 of them has finished the Path of the Druid, but when I go to the temple as that character, I use the shrine, and nothing happens. What should I do?
godsglorygirl Sep 29 @ 8:05pm 
Can you fix an issue i'm having?
I got Falskaar and all of a sudden, none of the shapeshifter mods work, they're invisible.
george.moore1 Sep 23 @ 1:04pm 
help, on the sweet roll quest adros is a slaughterfish and i cant talk to him
Rek'sai Sep 13 @ 5:04pm 
Hey when ever i try to turn into the aspect of decay shadow and shock it wont let me but everything else is fine including teh water one please help.
firefox812 Sep 10 @ 6:35am 
Shock aspect and shawdow aspect wont work HELLLLLPPPPPP!
wolfking Aug 30 @ 5:15pm 
help i can't get out water form help what do i do :(
Plague Doctor Aug 28 @ 2:33am 
Amazing mod, I would like to see more "Wrath of Nature" mods!

I do have to note about a possible bug causing the game to crash.

The mod was working fine, and I believe this may have been mostly because of me: I was at the very beginning of the quest, I was a slaughter fish and I had gotten the necklace for Adros. I transformed back into human form before leaving the water, then shortly after transformed back to the slaughterfish/water aspect and went close to the surface where Adros was waiting. Considering I had just recently transformed into water aspect, I then tried to transform back into human form and began to make my way onto the land where I noticed I was still a slaughterfish (Note: The prompt had came up saying "The blood of the wild has ceased") shortly after that the game crashed. I have since reloaded the game and put some time between the transformations of my character when using "Water Aspect" and it now seems to work fine.
Youaretogoodbro Aug 23 @ 7:28pm 
how do you get the armor
pussylicking dicksucker sperm Aug 23 @ 10:25am 
i can't WAIT to get skyrim legendary edition
$$MIXMASTER$$ Aug 20 @ 5:47pm 
holy shit that trailer tho :D
RwOhCoKrEeT Aug 18 @ 10:40pm 
i could only transform into the fish. the wasp and spider did not function at all. your druid mod is sweet and i love the spriggan form. i loved everything about the champ of kynareth, literally the non transforms were my only issue.
daboys Aug 16 @ 6:30pm 
i cant find the path of the druid
ImmortalR Aug 12 @ 8:16am 
how do you open MCM

rubylee1999bff Aug 1 @ 9:06pm 
i have done the path of the druid and i prayed at the shrine of kynareth but nothing happened! please help!!
Hermaeus Mora Jul 30 @ 4:11pm 
I think I solved the problem, reloaded a early save and when I transformed back I was finally human again, anyway, now to the aspect of shock, why can't I fly with it? I mean, I can "walk" over water but I can't fly like you say in the description.
Hermaeus Mora Jul 30 @ 12:33pm 
Yes, the others worked, but I couldn't see the other forms from this mod, so for now it's only the water aspect. I think the problem is in the Revert Form Power.
Bluarchon  [author] Jul 30 @ 11:50am 
Does it only happen on the Slaughterfish? I mean obviously the other forms worked (from the first mod)
Hermaeus Mora Jul 30 @ 10:43am 
No, I didn't, I used revert form and then the message "the blood of the wild ceases" and I continued to be a slaugtherfish, couldn't attack either, and after some time I couldn't move.
Bluarchon  [author] Jul 30 @ 8:15am 
@godsglorygirl I'll try to look into the camera issue.
@Shadow Crow Did you transform to another aspect while in Slaughterfish form? This shouldn't be possible but it seems there's a loophole somewhere where you guys were able to do it. Just to avoid this problem for now, do not transform to another form while in aspect form. Make sure to always revert to normal first.
Bluarchon  [author] Jul 30 @ 8:14am 
@jwadland Ok I hope it finally works for you.
@cioara1223 Have you finished the first mod's quest?
@drdoctor That's weird. Amaralda should appear as soon as you run a few paces away from Adros. Try it again but instead of fast-travelling just run away from Adros.
@Mavis Vermillion Adros turns into a fox just so it serves as his travelling form. This is unique for him and cannot be learned by the player.
@Yautja Thanks I appreciate that!
@wD. Ticci Toby Did you transform to another aspect while in Slaughterfish form? This shouldn't be possible as you're not supposed to be able to select any other spell while in aspect form.
Bluarchon  [author] Jul 30 @ 8:08am 
@Wordwyrm I'm going to try and upload the update that I currently have in the Nexus. I was having problems uploading updates in the Steam Workshop recently.
@Wulffy09 Adros was once a part of a noble house in Vvardenfell.
@Prime 1504 How come? It's essentially a Slaughterfish just with a different mesh.
@-Sly Clone- I do not understand why you can't fly. I'll try to post the latest version and see if that fixes the issue.
@Shelene I'm glad you're able to utilize the aspects in different ways :)
@DBswag Thanks for the recommendation!
@clem10 I haven't been notified about any translations for this yet. I only have one in Chinese.
@the shooter I will try to upload the updates as soon as I can.
@dkdk1fam Could you elaborate the steps you did to install SKSE?
Bluarchon  [author] Jul 30 @ 8:03am 
@Only1gamer The quest has two possible endings.
@Shelene Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it.
@Lizard4576 I appreciate those kind words, thank you.
@DogeCoin As -Sly Clone- said you can just add them via console.
Hermaeus Mora Jul 29 @ 12:01am 
Thanks for this curse mod creator, I'm now stuck as an Slaughterfish in the normal form, can't go back to normal even after transforming in the other aspects, I hope you can fix this soon, because I'm not the only one that has this problem.
godsglorygirl Jul 24 @ 6:12pm 
The cameras glitched forever after I became the f*cking slauterfish!!!!!!! >:O
Ticcy Toby Jul 13 @ 4:14pm 
I'm stuck as a Slaughter fish I've tried turning back help?
Berserker Jul 13 @ 12:51am 
This is one of my favourite mods
The_Strategist Jul 3 @ 1:01pm 
i saw adros turn into a fox is their a way i can too
drdoctor Jul 2 @ 11:48am 
when it says seek the council amaralda nothing happens i keep going back to the temple of kynareth and praying and going back to adros but i cant seem to find heer any where. Please help!!!
cioara1223 Jun 28 @ 1:46am 
i cant start it
jwadland Jun 27 @ 1:08pm 
actually, dont worry, I just have to remind myself not to try to attack straight away before the little sound of unequip plays so I can attack
jwadland Jun 27 @ 12:40pm 
Anyone know why sometimes in spriggan/nature and shock form i can only attack with jump button? All the other forms are fine and I hear the sound of my weapons unequiping but im stuck pretty much defensless for the main part
AndersonD Jun 20 @ 11:28am 
can someone help me instal skse i dont think i did it right
$teve Jun 19 @ 1:41pm 
it whont start the quest i finished the other mods quest pleas tell me how to fix it
CopperScorpion Jun 17 @ 7:01pm 
i prayed to kynereth after getting all transformations in the druid but it wont work!!!!!
Ezio_Starkiller Jun 15 @ 3:13am 
Does it will have a french translation like for the first mod? (sorry if my english is bad)
DBswag Jun 14 @ 9:01am 
Just completed the main quests for this mod. It was incredibly awesome. I would strongly advise anyone to subscribe to this mod. I can't wait to see what else is to come in the future and a sincere thank you to the maker of this mod. I salute you and thanks again.
Shelene Jun 13 @ 2:38pm 
Found another reason to love this mod - As well as other quest mods, I have downloaded "Faction: Pit Fighter" and its expension mod. Lets us take your Apects and challenge the Pit Fighters to learn the strengths and weaknesses. Just wonderful!!!
God Himself Jun 12 @ 9:07pm 
The Aspect of Shock is incapable of Ascention.
It can't be controlled like swimming, as you can't rise or fall.
oO0BLACKMASK0Oo Jun 11 @ 6:07pm 
░░░░███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄
▂▄▅█████████▅▄▃▂ ☻/︻╦╤─
i just wantd this to be a slaughterfish... sadly now i can never be one...
Wulffy09 Jun 11 @ 3:28am 
What was Adrod's background? I went to sleep instead of talking to him and I killed him and I don't have saves before I even started the quest
Wordwyrm Jun 10 @ 8:59pm 
I'm having an issue where the second time Amaralda appears, I'm stuck in the cutscene and can't get out. It doesn't end. Any ideas?
God Himself Jun 10 @ 1:02pm 
Use the console to find the command by using "Help objectname"
Popo Jun 9 @ 10:06pm 
what if i dont want to do the quest and i just want to obttain the powers?

how would i do that
Lizard4576 Jun 7 @ 5:36pm 
Very good ideas, with awesome execution. One of the best and most unique mods Ive come across.
Shelene Jun 4 @ 4:27pm 
Added additional quest mods. This mod in its current state is perfect with game set on legendary to play Quest: Sea of Ghosts. Maybe I have been to hasty about requesting level changes for the Aspect. They appear to strong for regular game but in some quest mods with game set to legendary they are excellent. Truly brought new life to the game. Excellent!!!
Only1gamer [KT] Jun 1 @ 12:51pm 
How to get the Fourth one?
D_J_SkULLz May 31 @ 1:03pm 
Oh, thx for explaining