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My name is dixy, pleasure. 21 Eyl @ 3:32am 
ZyX 18 Eyl @ 6:12pm 
could you do a remake of the map de_mjolby6 ? i miss that map relly mouch from 1,6 :( and i think it would be a very popular Map in csgo to :)))
nice map......classic.....keep it up..
Ax0N 13 Eyl @ 9:24pm 
I found a graphical error T-side enroute to A site. There's a red light behind a grate. This model the light is eminating from appears infront of the grate.
Let me know if there's a better place to bugs/errors/feedback. I'm having a good time exploring this map.
MaverZ 10 Eyl @ 9:44pm 
love it.. +1
M4A4 | GOB
Thanks for vote and looking my work
1two7 7 Eyl @ 8:39pm 
very nice +1 check out my skin to please ! :)
Kussur ツ 30 Ağu @ 8:58am 
BOT Arnold 27 Ağu @ 5:26am 
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!**~_cPt. Thund3rcunt_~**! 23 Ağu @ 3:50am 
valve add
AymericTheNightmare 17 Ağu @ 6:26pm 
This map is awesome and need to be in official !

Please like, share and favorite my Petition/Guide for CS:GO, to Valve.

All the contributors and I want :
Weapons, like the MP5
Maps, like your "de_crown"
chris3069 16 Ağu @ 12:13pm 
Why hasn't #valve added this map to the active duty map instead of cbblestone?
Gimpel 31 Tem @ 2:10am 
there is a flower pot and a pipe hovering above the ground at T staircase to B:
gYssi 25 Tem @ 6:19am 
NехтLеvеlCS 21 Tem @ 11:30am 
valve add decents maps like this, overgrown, seaside, favela, sparity, castle, not ugly maps with opened areas
J4ko 14 Tem @ 4:32pm 
hope we can play this in valve mm one day too
ⓌⓀ 11 Tem @ 10:50am 
R3con 10 Tem @ 8:13am 
in next operation pls!!!!
PsL - 8 Tem @ 1:22pm Workshop Maps Server has this map on rotation along with other customs. If you want to test it out or other customs addip
fElder 5 Tem @ 1:41pm 
the map is awesome.. i only hate the torch in the middle of the map it will be better to paste bush on it
Reign In Blood 5 Tem @ 12:38pm 
So we've got only bad to average maps in the new operation while this awesome map isn't in it, congrats valve, you are stupid.
Inconveniently Large Dragon 3 Tem @ 12:50pm 
Why didnt they add this map???
CMDKEEN 2 Tem @ 3:10am 
wtf valve?!?! ADD THIS MAPPPPPPPP <33333333
OSG | LambdA 29 Haz @ 5:37am 
Glad you took on the comments of improving the FPS. Not that it was that fps heavy in the first place, but an improvement anyway to what is an excellent map. Should get on the next operation. Looking forward to your nextmaps ive seen on mapcore :)

It can be played here on my server (West Europe):

Other workshop maps on the server :
sniper0728 24 Haz @ 9:01pm 
New Favorite Of Mine! Thanks!
GABE LE1TWELL 22 Haz @ 6:05am 
liked, +1
this map is added to my collection "PUMP YOUR PUBLIC"
Rlemonz 20 Haz @ 5:49pm 
great map
Gimpel 18 Haz @ 10:35am 
woah okay, I thought this kind of flickering had something to do with optimization. nevermind then :)
thanks for answering :) surely the map will be in the next operation, right?
FMPONE w00t  [yaratıcı] 18 Haz @ 10:30am 
Gimpel, some of the flickering I can't fix. Leagues are out of season right now, the map is a bit too new for league adoption, but if it gets into an Operation that could change things.
Gimpel 18 Haz @ 9:09am 
Oh god now there's another tree flickering... Just enter bombsite A through double doors and look in direction of the three crates at the trees in the background.
Gimpel 18 Haz @ 9:06am 
Thanks for fixing the tree :) Was about to wonder if you didn't notice the comment. How's implementation into leagues going? Can you do anything to actively speed this up?
Cowtipper 2.0 18 Haz @ 5:23am 
great map .regular updates .
Han Solo Queue 16 Haz @ 5:38am 
Need to update this to V3 version plz it kicked a whole lobby because we chose this map Please update for AltPug
SomeGuy 13 Haz @ 5:18am 
inb4 operation delta
iAlex 11 Haz @ 1:26pm 
drop FPS after update
Wilk 11 Haz @ 7:55am 
Thanks for fast reply. BTW it's a great map and my community love to play it ;)
FMPONE w00t  [yaratıcı] 11 Haz @ 7:52am 
Wilk, you can use this version permanently. We don't anticipate major changes from here on out.
Wilk 11 Haz @ 7:41am 
Is it finished? No more beta versions, no more changes? It would be extremely diffucult to swap de_crown.bsp with fastdownload server.
Gimpel 8 Haz @ 5:49am 
when you walk through CT spawn, looking at the two trees to the left of the entrance to A site, you can see one tree disappearing once you cross a specific line in the CT spawn yard. Also, didn't the two stairs around the tomb in bombsite B use to be clipped? it's weird that almost every step in the map is clipped (oh you also forgot one step when going out of checkers/apartments into the window area before A), but these in a very central area aren't.
is crown already in the map pool of any leagues btw? it probably will be in all of them after it gets released for the next operation matchmaking :)
Mister NIKI ت 30 May @ 2:10pm 
GJ map
OrgansForGames 28 May @ 7:49am 
Great map!
本色 17 May @ 7:14am 
sv var too bad ,Please fix this.
DarK 13 May @ 4:44am 
Very very good map, but only just 10fps after new update with an gtx770,8gb ram and i7 2600k :( but thump up <3
kylf 9 May @ 11:17am 
n ice
GABE LE1TWELL 6 May @ 6:46am 
liked, +1
this map is added to my collection "PUMP YOUR PUBLIC"
BOT Adam 1 May @ 3:21am 
▓▓▓▓▓█░░░░ Valve, ░░░█
▓▓▓▓▓█░░░░Add This░░█
▓▓▓▓▓█░░░░ Please! ░░█
Selecao 29 Nis @ 8:28am 
Very Nice !!! :P
The Cumbeck iz Real ! 27 Nis @ 7:55pm 
Very Nice !!!
fantastico #new mouse 25 Nis @ 2:36am 
nice map . +1