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Viking Ghost
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Dead Alien Cult  [créateur] 23 févr. 2017 à 10h54 
Hello IceFrost and monthofmacbre - Sorry for the lack of updates - the game IS still being developed. We've hit some major set backs with regards to team changes, personal life struggles and the always fun lack of funds!

We're doing what we can to make sure this game does get finished though. Thanks for your interest and we'll keep y'all posted!
monthofmacabre 1 juil. 2016 à 13h30 
bring it back!
IceFrost 4 mars 2016 à 14h38 
Any updates on the game?
Dead Alien Cult  [créateur] 18 oct. 2014 à 11h33 
Oh and please spread the word! (a link to our greenlight page to your friends would be awesome :)!
Dead Alien Cult  [créateur] 18 oct. 2014 à 11h32 
Thanks for the support everyone!

@sean evans: Super cool to hear this and we can only hope to live up to your expectations and are working hard to try and make that happen. Thanks
sean10o1 16 oct. 2014 à 22h54 
i always loved rougelikes and this looks better then most i have played and i would def buy it on steam i would almost like to say its better then binding of issac X3
bbalamut 12 oct. 2014 à 0h29 
So f'ing metal! \m/
Gin 19 sept. 2014 à 6h07 
Invisigoth 17 août 2014 à 21h44 
Very Good!
Voted 'Yes' :dipaddle:
Dead Alien Cult  [créateur] 9 août 2014 à 19h09 
@Trashmaster - we're working on it!! :)

@Avila - haha we're stoked that you're stoked on what we're making! We also just added Local Co-Op to the mix! Double the brutality! \m/
Ávila 6 août 2014 à 22h29 
holy s***, it's fast, brutal, have blood, have metal, have viking metal, i need this!!!!!!!
O-Contexsial 6 août 2014 à 13h03 
I hope that i can play this pretty soon
Dead Alien Cult  [créateur] 27 juil. 2014 à 19h49 
Awesome thanks so much!!
LoveMeSomeUlfric7 26 juil. 2014 à 22h59 
Shared, voted, favorited and followed. Can't wait for this to come out of greenlight. :lovelovelove:
Nanobang 26 juil. 2014 à 15h37 
@meshuggah 12345 Great idea! This game looks too cool to let go unnoticed. What an easy way to spread the word.
Dead Alien Cult  [créateur] 26 juil. 2014 à 13h39 
You rule!
meshuggah12345 26 juil. 2014 à 13h31 
Thanks, glad to hear! I already shared your greenlight page to my activity feed so hopefully that will get you a few more votes :D
Dead Alien Cult  [créateur] 26 juil. 2014 à 13h29 
Thanks so much again for the awesome feedback everyone. It really helps us know what you guys want from us. The unfortunate thing about Greenlight is that (as far as I know?) there's no good or easy way to stay in touch with the people who vote yes for you and only people who favorite/follow your game will be alerted to announcements here. Kind of a weird.

Anyhow thx again and expect much more frequent updates here!
meshuggah12345 26 juil. 2014 à 13h20 
I agree with Nanobang, Greenlight devs NEED to post announcements. I had forgotten about this game completely, if I hadn't followed your game when I initally voted I probably wouldn't have thought about it ever again. It is imperative that Greenlight candidates use the announcements to keep the game in followers minds. We are here to help you, by sharing and talking about the game with our friends.

I cannot even tell you how many posts I have made like this on greenlight pages now. Word of mouth is the best advertising please help us help you. Even if you think the info isn't really that relevant, it only takes 2 minutes, if that, to post the same thing here.
Dead Alien Cult  [créateur] 26 juil. 2014 à 12h35 
@Nanobang - Oh for sure completely agree - (and actually just made an announcement earlier today here on Steam, check it out :)

What I meant was that the updates being posted to those other places are more devlog related usually focused on small updates. We've been aiming to keep our Greenlight page more for the "larger announcements / news updates" rather than filling it up with screens of test gameplay or early work in progress art work etc, you know?

If people here want to see more of that stuff from the game, just let us know and we'd be more than happy to share with you all here!

Thanks for reaching out with your feedback though! \m/
Nanobang 26 juil. 2014 à 11h38 
I'm thinking people here on Steam that are voting for you on Steam to become Greenlit for you to sell on Steam --- should expect news updates on Steam. Maybe not as often and you might update Twitter, or a newsletter ... but certainly more often than once every 3 months. I'm sure just cutting and pasting updates here on a monthly basis can't be too much trouble for your supporters here. Bring the good news to your supporters rather than demanding your customers come to get info frrom you. Just an idea.
Dead Alien Cult  [créateur] 26 juil. 2014 à 9h51 
Oh also for any/everyone interested in staying as up to date on Viking Ghost - please join us on twitter or sign up for our newsletter! We plan on doing some live dev streaming on our Twitch channel soon, and would love to let you all know when we're live - so best way to stay in touch would be via newsletter announcements.

Cheers and thanks as always to everyone supporting us! It really means a lot.
Dead Alien Cult  [créateur] 26 juil. 2014 à 9h49 
@a4440a - howdy - we've been keeping people updated mainly via our Twitter and Facebook pages, as well as devlogs on various sites. We have some cool stuff to announce soon tho! ;) Stay tuned!!
ROFLwut? 26 juil. 2014 à 6h34 
No updated Recent Announcements since early April?
Nanobang 20 juil. 2014 à 8h48 
I'll vote yes if the speed metal soundtrack comes with the game . . . oh, heck, I'll vote yes anyway, but I'll for sure buy it if it's got a speed metal soundtrack!
gallicia 19 juil. 2014 à 15h17 
Nice game :csgoa:
Nightlovell 18 juil. 2014 à 8h07 
nice game
Pickledude95 16 juil. 2014 à 13h45 
This looks like a fantastic game that i will be very interested in when it gets relased
Авдыщурба 14 juil. 2014 à 13h26 
Атмосфера классная
Darkwing Duck 9 juil. 2014 à 17h07 
himbeerschaf 6 juil. 2014 à 7h59 
Looks awesome! Plus, brilliant choice for trailer music!
Booty Vassili 4 juil. 2014 à 14h35 
YE BOIIIIIIIIII 2 juil. 2014 à 20h17 
Nice name
Pixel_Crusher 1 juil. 2014 à 14h25 
▓▓▓▓▓▓█░ Valve add this ░░░█
Taunchi 28 juin 2014 à 13h22 
Looks awesome!
Vangore 24 juin 2014 à 2h35 
<3 looks rly nice!
Evil Kawhi 20 juin 2014 à 15h52 
nice. love the dynamic of this game:healthvial:
RusUndead 17 juin 2014 à 8h28 
Bizon_Tim 13 juin 2014 à 2h17 
Zegotinha 11 juin 2014 à 8h35 
Voted nice game:harmony:
RuSsOsAaV ツ 6 juin 2014 à 0h32 
Tbarn2000 5 juin 2014 à 22h12 
Very cool style
Ojama King 5 juin 2014 à 17h31 
looks like a lot of fun in torchlight style
MitchManUSA 29 mai 2014 à 22h53 
make this game multiplayer.
Lorenz 24 mai 2014 à 9h00 
Voted, gg
Dead Alien Cult  [créateur] 22 mai 2014 à 17h25 
@keitaro202 - First, thanks for your support and feedback. It's super important to us to hear comments like yours. That said, what's shown is our early work in progress so don't be surprised to see changes or possible additions in the near future!

Also to be clear - what's shown in the trailer is our main 'Story' mode mostly, and our main character; Ulfrik's move set & weapons in the trailer will be expanded upon in the final game. :)
keitaro202 22 mai 2014 à 16h42 
This looks like some awesome fun chaos. However, I only have one suggestion: Multiple characters. While the Viking dude is cool, it could get boring simply spamming the same moves with the same character over and over. To increase the replayability, add different viking characters. Perhaps some badass viking woman who tears through enemies with bladed staff (like a Halbert or something). More characters means more fun :-)

But from what is shown, this game looks like fun!!!!!!!
ᴍᴇʟᴏᴅʀɪx 19 mai 2014 à 6h18 
Interactive Digital Data 18 mai 2014 à 3h39 
Voted. Key, please.
Wetfinger 16 mai 2014 à 15h38 
A heavy metal ghost busting lazer shooting Viking
Awesome, Voted!