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Toby's Island
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SSNIncarnum  [tekijä] 23. kesä 20.02 
haha, I've been working on it for years... I'm excited too! seriously though, I'm super glad that people are still excited about it. I'm working hard to make sure it's great!
rpgvideo7 22. kesä 22.53 
I have been following this game for years can not wait for this to come out
Sir Pugsalot 17. heinä, 2015 9.04 
I didn't even realise this had been Greenlit!
I've been following one of the developers online.....stalk stalk.

Keep up the awesome work guys, I'm looking forward to playing the finished product!
SSNIncarnum  [tekijä] 12. kesä, 2015 18.03 
For frequent updates and info on this project checkout our facebook page www.facebook.com/mvisioning
Nello 29. touko, 2015 2.21 
Any updates on when this game is going to be released?
MrVecetti 17. tammi, 2015 18.22 
Im guessing it's to late to pledge? cant seem to find a button for it on kickstarter
Galveraxe  [tekijä] 14. tammi, 2015 23.13 
Check out the kickstarter page for bimonthly updates: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1126972722/tobys-island . We'll start updating here, too, closer to game completion :)
kitten2021 13. tammi, 2015 2.21 
This looks so awesome... Can't wait guys! Any updates for us or anything? :)
Arathorne2 3. marras, 2014 14.48 
Awesome news! Can't wait to play!
Omar's Closet Rage 3. marras, 2014 12.56 
bout bloody time!
SSNIncarnum  [tekijä] 28. loka, 2014 15.56 
Holy cow we are GREENLIT!!! Thank you so much to everyone who voted and for all of the amazing comments! The Toby's Island Team is so incredibly grateful! We will see you on the island!
Ram 17. loka, 2014 3.46 
Parece muy original y completo, me encantaria que lo agregaran.
Gran trabajo!
SSNIncarnum  [tekijä] 29. syys, 2014 19.52 
@gryphonheart thanks so much for the awesome words. I appreciate it so much!
Gryphonheart 17. syys, 2014 14.54 
Hey! I've seen your numerous videos on youtube (as Edgar Buenfil) and I'd like to thank you for all your effort into explaining us, new users, a lot of things we need to know in order to make a successful game. Good luck with your projects!
Otter&Wolf 11. syys, 2014 23.54 
Looks good! Good luck!
Tato 22. elo, 2014 19.21 
I wouldn't buy it but seems well made. Voting yes
FangBlade 19. elo, 2014 20.55 
Great !
TELEPHONE 19. elo, 2014 19.35 
Looks nice, sounds good.
Wasp 18. elo, 2014 10.36 
Looks nice, I love Pokemon, so I can't wait to play! :D
Evgentime 14. elo, 2014 0.30 
Я надеюсь будет руский язык
ARPATRON 25. heinä, 2014 15.06 
Harvest Moon meets Pokemon ;)
Please with Playable Male and Female and Deep Farming Elements!
ther0036 19. heinä, 2014 5.40 
love the art style and the concept!!
jaeger55 13. heinä, 2014 8.06 
XMBA 13. heinä, 2014 3.38 
I will buy this game :D
pygmi.evolver 6. heinä, 2014 13.25 
Maladroit 5. heinä, 2014 19.49 
I love how it has this handheld gaming style. Makes me remember all those bucks I spent on games for my gameboy. lol But this definitely doesn't have that pixel artwork in it. I definitely like how it is so far. Wish you guys best of luck! :)
FAITH 5. heinä, 2014 5.30 
Another good game I can't wait to buy.
ONEIROS 5. heinä, 2014 2.40 
игра для любителей покемонов
Little Cheri 4. heinä, 2014 14.30 
Oh god. Another good game I can't wait to buy.. >w< It looks really good. I am so gonna buy this. The plot is what is enticing me <3 Good luck, and hope for smooth sailing~
Wastelander 2. heinä, 2014 3.54 
very nice game
SSNIncarnum  [tekijä] 30. kesä, 2014 9.22 
Thanks again guys! I can't believe how awesome all the comments have been ^^
Tibi 29. kesä, 2014 4.43 
[CG]Thorongil 29. kesä, 2014 2.08 
Could be an amazing game
Aphrael 28. kesä, 2014 3.21 
I like the fact that you can raise monsters & evolve them! reminds me totally of pokemon! It helps that you can forage/grow food too! Brings out the farmer in me!
M1CR0 CUTS 22. kesä, 2014 15.58 
Looks really fun. ^.^
kmela 19. kesä, 2014 15.01 
ミルフィーユ 17. kesä, 2014 6.16 
Love how colorful it is, keep up the good work! ^^
iamaplayer 16. kesä, 2014 13.33 
Voted, I like the island concept.
SSNIncarnum  [tekijä] 9. kesä, 2014 13.21 
@Amerk, way ahead of you with that idea, the issue is that we are not ready for a demo. We are aiming for xmas to have a demo worth playing.
Seviper720 9. kesä, 2014 7.03 
I saw this game featured in our local videogame magazine.
[LFG] Pineapple God yellowwinner 8. kesä, 2014 20.54 
@SSNIncarnum I can also promote this game as well :D
[LFG] Pineapple God yellowwinner 8. kesä, 2014 20.53 
@SSNincarnum I would love to Beta test! I can point out bugs in the game, and tell you things that could efect the game in a negitive way for the future.
amerk 8. kesä, 2014 10.11 
Releasing a demo to the public could help. Release it through various sites with encouragement that if they enjoyed the game to come here and vote for it.
SSNIncarnum  [tekijä] 8. kesä, 2014 5.47 
Our green light needs traffic to vote it onto steam. We are just a small 2 man team with no publisher or previous titles and so we have exhausted our social networks. If anyone here knows anyone who will promote this, we would love you forever! haha. We are currently 84% of the way into the top 100 greenlight titles.
amerk 6. kesä, 2014 17.59 
You have my vote on this.
Happy Cake Oven 4. kesä, 2014 12.36 
This seems ridiculously fun in all aspects and I love how the game looks. Take my money!
Kurisu No Patto 29. touko, 2014 10.42 
How... HOW this game is not greenlit yet.
I was expecting it on yesterday's batch.
Kaage458 28. touko, 2014 22.19 
Looks great. Look forward to seeing how far it may go. Will definitely pick up a copy or two as it interests me.
oddhobbit 26. touko, 2014 17.57 
Old school, yes please!
MATT_SPACE_HOBO 20. touko, 2014 16.18 
ur welcome bro :D