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The community has shown their interest in this game. Valve has reached out to this developer to start moving things toward release on Steam.

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ZERX Sep 8 @ 2:44am 
this game looks rediculous!! Thumbs up
Maggiesaurio Sep 7 @ 2:54pm 
This looks amazing!
Mascop Studios Jul 25 @ 10:16am 
ЪŁДżэ' [h.s^] Jul 20 @ 2:59pm
ultimate-hawking Jun 24 @ 4:52am 
i can play this game soon, hope........
The Dr. Notch Brony May 15 @ 9:23am 
230$?! that is a lot more then i can make...
Propelled Bird Software  [author] Apr 21 @ 11:29am 
@Johnny You could just go to our website and download the FREE public demo...silly people you...
Stickydonut Apr 20 @ 6:42pm 
@Johnny Go Fuck yourself
Cydonia Apr 13 @ 6:34pm 
Just played the demo and was super impressed, can't wait to see what the finished game looks like!
Alphreddi Apr 10 @ 12:17am 
Proud to say this project is being made possible by one of my students. Can't wait for the release.
megashark16 Apr 8 @ 2:00am 
cant give a shit
Halenriser Apr 3 @ 6:36pm 
This is incredible.
Earl Apr 3 @ 1:24pm 
Congrats on getting greenlit!
[BlackXS] Apr 1 @ 4:43pm 
I LOVE this Game! Another reason for me not to sleep at night. Very nice.
Catman92 Apr 1 @ 8:17am 
LLI A K A JI Mar 31 @ 8:55pm 
Жабен Mar 31 @ 8:02am 
Тематика схожа с Portal. Но это что-то новое. Только графику поправить. Хотя я бы и сейчас поиграл.
NovaNoah Mar 30 @ 2:05pm 
Not a huge fan of the artstyle, but I'll keep an eye on this.
The Apprentice Mar 28 @ 9:33pm 
Certainly a game I look forward to seeing, I'm suprised to see so much content allready. Play the demo. Beautiful game.
Princess :) Mar 28 @ 11:45am 
looks good, yes it has my vote.
Master of Suicide™ Mar 27 @ 11:11am 
this game looks nice ^^
OOTL.VRODASJJ Mar 27 @ 1:23am 
после трейлера я понял что игра добротная. я давно не видел игр с такой отмасферой чуть чуть напрягающей. и геймплей вроде норм будет. я жилаю её видеть в steam и даже куплю её
R_t!R_t! Mar 25 @ 8:19am 
После того, как я закончил прохождение Portal, я подумал. Жаль , что ничего подобного и близко нет. В этом проекте я вижу кое-что из идей портала, но при этом, видимо, это не тупая копирка. Так что...удачи ребятам
Harun856 Mar 23 @ 10:01pm 
Its a first person Puzzle, and is my favorite so im gonna buy it. just make sure the story is good,hope it dont have exact storyline form portal.
Celebratory cactus Mar 23 @ 7:05pm 
looks a bit like portal
Swiss Cheese Mar 23 @ 6:28pm 
I think valve already made this game. It's called portal and portal 2
Nightwalker Mar 23 @ 3:33pm 
no linux, no vote.
SuggestiveRagnar Mar 23 @ 3:29pm 
nice another portal
Barkeeper Mar 23 @ 8:46am 
Luca Mar 23 @ 6:17am 
nice game
Dallas Mar 23 @ 6:14am 
Очень похоже на портал! Круто очень круто
★ GreeMax ★ Mar 23 @ 2:29am 
it's a really good game
Beck Mar 22 @ 8:35pm 
Prey, Portal, Magrunner - anything like those games gets my ok. Looks like fun.
koog Xperia z LTE 900 opych Mar 22 @ 4:53pm 
Napps Mar 22 @ 3:57pm 
oh for the people that dont know its a book google it
Napps Mar 22 @ 3:57pm 
isnt the TesserAct from a wrinkle in time ???
Ути-Ути Mar 22 @ 8:53am 
Sergeant Foxtrot Mar 22 @ 8:05am 
MONZA Mar 22 @ 6:50am 
very goood
ImbecileChrizz Mar 22 @ 1:55am 
Looks pretty cool. Like a more serious version of portal. I would definetly buy. Good work, sir.
RS Mar 21 @ 4:21pm 
Portal 3 ???
Evolinux Mar 21 @ 1:26pm 
This new first person puzzle/platform game looks incredebily great. So bad Linux isn't planed.
solo offlane lich every game Mar 21 @ 12:05pm 
Looks cool as hell. Definitely wanna see this.
Lord_Anubis Mar 20 @ 1:26pm 
It looks like a really interesting puzzle game. Engine could use a little polish, but is a great effort.
Robery Mar 20 @ 11:45am 
Looks awesome, but can improve the graphics a bit
SNValadez Mar 19 @ 6:39pm 
Portal ripoff.
BBgiraffe Mar 19 @ 5:21pm 
Looks like a pleasantly engaging game.
feliber Mar 19 @ 12:40pm 
побегать-подумать,что может быть лучше)))
SurgicalStriker Mar 18 @ 11:46am 
ƒaļśĕ Prǿpħęt Mar 18 @ 6:52am 
Demo Avaible, Trailer Avaible, Screenshots avaible and a public discussion.

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