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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Customizable Camera
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1987 Buick Regal GNX 11 lutego o 6:25 
how i make mod configuricion appear?
A13_YellowSnow 22 grudnia 2016 o 16:23 
Love it! Could you add the ability to costumize the camera when using a horse? Thanks.
Rogdar Thundershoe 17 listopada 2016 o 19:14 
hey so i noticed that when you change the fov the viewmodel doesnt change. on one character was able to get the viewmodel to be more zoomed out but i dont remember how. is there an easy way to do this?
GrayCountertop 14 września 2016 o 23:36 
Alright, thank you. BTW ur my favorite mod author.
Arindel  [autor] 14 września 2016 o 1:03 

Well, CC fully works with Enderal.
GrayCountertop 13 września 2016 o 22:36 
Annnddd it only goes up to 95. I prefer 130, still going to use the mod.
GrayCountertop 13 września 2016 o 22:36 
Wait, the settings has a FOV slider in the launcher. So I don't need to use this mod anyway. I think it still works though.
GrayCountertop 13 września 2016 o 22:35 
It appears to work, but I did find these two lines in the Skyrim.ini I deleted them though.

GrayCountertop 13 września 2016 o 22:28 
@Arindel do you know if this mod would work with Enderal? I'm going to try it and report back (hopfully) but I just wanted to ask anyways.
smokin_bigpapa 5 lipca 2016 o 4:10 
I cant get the MOD to work...
༼༽aenamv༼༽༼༽ 24 czerwca 2016 o 3:09 
MRwiscat 21 czerwca 2016 o 6:23 
Willi_Bert 🎮 23 marca 2016 o 13:39 
Ty for the mod :)
GrayCountertop 11 lutego 2016 o 22:22 
Thank you for creating such a great mod.
GrayCountertop 11 lutego 2016 o 22:22 
It worked @Arindel

I got busy with shit.

But it worked.
NjmTheDowell 11 lutego 2016 o 14:53 
Could you mabe do this for first person (like where it is) because my character is tall but it seems like his yes are on his chest and it is areally annoying
HydroKronic 1 lutego 2016 o 21:15 
I love the mod, but when i use 360 remote it changes the view mode at the enchanting table once I enchant some item ,and i would have to switch back to keyboard to hit "G" to fix the view. i use the 360 mote more so for this reason im unsubbing:( Thanks tho i took some cool pics of my warrior :) very useful mod
Psycho0o 10 stycznia 2016 o 9:38 
OMG thx !
GrayCountertop 22 listopada 2015 o 1:34 

Will report back if it works, Thank you SOOO MUCH for your help!
Arindel  [autor] 22 listopada 2015 o 0:51 
@GrayCountertop: Ah, there it is I think, try disabling SkyTweak.esp. Don't just disable it, you need to uninstall from NMM.

I recall someone else had a similar problem and that mod was the culprit.
GrayCountertop 21 listopada 2015 o 16:31 

I'm pretty sure not one of my mods touch FOV...

Heres my modlist just in case.
Arindel  [autor] 21 listopada 2015 o 3:02 
@GrayCountertop: You have a conflicting mod that keeps changing FOV. I don't know any specific one so you have to look to each mod. I'm always playing with this mod installed and I don't have problems with it.
GrayCountertop 20 listopada 2015 o 23:41 
For some reason every few minuites my FOV goes back to 65 (usually whenever I enter into any kind of menu) and I have to go into Mod Options and click on FOV and hit Enter, then Press TAB once back into gameplay in order for my FOV to re-update to 130... This is REALLY tireing and its begining to make me not want to play, is there any fix?

Death 10 listopada 2015 o 9:16 
Damnit, Im looking for one of those mods that lets you adjust and edit the first person camera.
Arindel  [autor] 3 września 2015 o 12:52 
@Keelmebabe: That issue was always there, it's just that with this mod is more visible. You can search for Proper Aiming on Nexus which is an aiming fix attempt, but it doesn't work 100%.
Keelmebabe 3 września 2015 o 12:39 
This mod screws up 3rd person Aiming , like when you are using destruction skills it has wrong aiming on default customizations, and even after i uninstalled it its still the way it screwed up
|Fives| 22 sierpnia 2015 o 4:59 
ok, thank you
Arindel  [autor] 22 sierpnia 2015 o 1:55 
@Fives, No, this mod is for third person.
Keelmebabe 21 sierpnia 2015 o 23:23 
thanks i fixed it , i realised that when mod was installed it turned my mouse sensetivity to 0
|Fives| 21 sierpnia 2015 o 20:30 
and if so, how?
|Fives| 21 sierpnia 2015 o 20:28 
does this work with first person?
Arindel  [autor] 21 sierpnia 2015 o 6:41 
The mod can't disable controls, it is not coded to do that all.
Try an older game save while having the mod installed or a New Game to see if it works properly.
Keelmebabe 21 sierpnia 2015 o 6:07 
after installing this i got a problem where i cant move my camera when ingame, while i can in menus, my camera just stopped moving and i cant look to any direction,

can you help pls?
Wezthal 7 sierpnia 2015 o 1:58 
Had some trouble getting the mod menu to appear. Not sure if it helped, but I moved SkyTweak (another mod with a menu) to load after this mod. In attempt to make force the menu to appear ingame, I quicksaved and then quickloaded about 10 times repeatedly, and finally got the message after waiting a few seconds.

Afterwards I must say, getting a proper FOV made all the difference, thanks a lot for this mod.
Ryan 16 czerwca 2015 o 20:42 
thank you so much, now i can do a TB and complain about fov sliders.
roark239 5 czerwca 2015 o 9:27 
The first person camera is still in the wrong place. It floats about a foot above my head.
Vinny 16 lutego 2015 o 11:36 
Took about half an hour waiting to get it visible
✪Arizone 31 stycznia 2015 o 0:24 
I installed this mode some while ago, but when I uninstalled the camera stayed really weird. And the fov arms cut out in firstperson so it looks stupid, so is there a way to completely reset skyrim?
Gundula Gause 24 stycznia 2015 o 8:15 
i dont have anything in my mcm even tough i have the lastest versions of skse and skyui
Arindel  [autor] 24 grudnia 2014 o 9:31 
You need to press Tab for it to actually change.
Carbide 24 grudnia 2014 o 6:18 
For some reason the FoV isn't changing for me, no matter what number I set it to. Everything else works fine though. There's no FoV options in the ini that might be blocking it either.
Your Casual Fox 7 grudnia 2014 o 13:38 
Life saver. I hated it when my 3rd person camera only looked at my back really zoomed in and I couldn't scroll out
viirinsoftworks 21 listopada 2014 o 10:51 
Thank you for doing this. I haven't gotten to use the mod yet, but I always got angry at Skyrim for forcing me to have weapons out in order for the 3d camera to be centered instead of over my right shoulder.
lxMattAranxl 20 listopada 2014 o 18:01 
Good start for using 3rd person camera... I've used 1st person for so long I wanted to do something new... and this is the answer! :D
Jaypeekebek 5 października 2014 o 3:12 
wisdomknowledgeandskill 15 września 2014 o 16:10 
hey customizable anything is a plus to me and I've enjoyed fiddling with this in the past... call it incentive to tell me how to rate lmao? I can't figure it out... uhm... yeah.... need it for first level of Steam Supporter and the badge
Arindel  [autor] 22 lipca 2014 o 9:06 
@djnicolo: You need SkyUI installed for a new menu to appear in the Escape menu where Save, Load, Options are. SkyUI requires SKSE as well.
djnicolo 22 lipca 2014 o 9:01 
curious how to open the settings in the game
galoperidol 21 lipca 2014 o 19:03 
thank you с:
Hawnkeye 15 maja 2014 o 15:12 
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