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BlackMoonWolf 21 Eyl @ 1:23am 
Man... This looks like the gameplay was stripped straight out of Cybernator. The similarity is incredibly striking. Feels like I'm watching a sequel here.

But it looks good and seems fun so we'll give it a go.
zD 20 Eyl @ 2:25pm 
JedRuś. 29 Ağu @ 3:59pm 
cool man
Beast`ZiNGO 28 Ağu @ 11:53am 
Nyjah Hyston 26 Ağu @ 7:19am 
не плохо
TRONCAT 23 Ağu @ 5:41pm 
vincent 21 Ağu @ 5:47pm 
nice gd once
Angreal 21 Ağu @ 3:04pm 
Хотичка :3 19 Ağu @ 11:59pm 
не плохо
Epsilon 18 Ağu @ 2:33pm 
reminds me of cybernator for the SNES :) looks awesome
WolverinE 7 Tem @ 5:57am 
Сонный JAKI 5 Tem @ 3:20am 
норм чо
A|M 28 Haz @ 9:09am 
not bad
wollyrock 28 Haz @ 3:05am 
Vodnik102 25 Haz @ 7:06am 
Reminds me of Metal Slug.
electrozima 22 Haz @ 1:25am 
SuliSmith 16 Haz @ 10:02am 
holly molly cramp
Kฬ™]Bruno 8 Haz @ 2:56pm 
:) muy bom
ricardocasama 29 May @ 4:58am 
Add spanish language, please.
GAM3RzZXx ! 25 May @ 7:19am 
R31-ART4S 24 May @ 1:29pm 
jogo legalsinho

I DON'T HAV3 MON3Y 13 May @ 7:03am 
game de nintendo
DJ_VOLTAGE 9 May @ 12:33pm 
да безовсяких слов
Quixote 6 May @ 2:26am 
Congratulations! Voted for the approval of this game Good game!
hausse 4 May @ 1:07pm 
︻デーー BяuиØ 29 Nis @ 11:50pm 
MaNNY 27 Nis @ 1:10pm 
Inquisitor Eisenhorn 25 Nis @ 3:47am 
will see
DannScott 16 Nis @ 7:41pm 
Hmm.. Could be interesting.
NEGA 11 Nis @ 2:48am 
Psiho 8 Nis @ 2:39pm 
苍井空 4 Nis @ 3:08am 
xXTheNiagara125Xx 1 Nis @ 3:02am 
Steph 17 Mar @ 1:44pm 
ivan_riflehaz 8 Mar @ 10:55am 
Nyu Media  [yaratıcı] 6 Mar @ 10:18am 
GIGANTIC ARMY is now available on Steam! New to the Steam version are:

- 42 achievements!
- Steam Trading Cards!
- Linux version!
- Bonus items: retro packaging PDF assets to create your own physical version!

GIGANTIC ARMY Steam page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/278930

We hope you enjoy the game! Many thanks again to everyone for your support!
Nyu Media  [yaratıcı] 5 Mar @ 4:06pm 
No need to vote, thanks - it releases on Steam tomorrow! =)
Cemen Rider 4 Mar @ 10:56am 
how to vote?
Teusk 3 Mar @ 1:19am 
Nobita 2 Mar @ 1:22pm 
Mori 2 Mar @ 8:25am 
As soon as there is a Linux version.
Nyu Media  [yaratıcı] 28 Şub @ 2:14pm 
Slightly later than originally planned, but BOOM. Release date! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/updates/218444700/1393625547 :)
BlooDY GHoUl 26 Şub @ 6:33am 
Man 25 Şub @ 3:02am 
Nyu Media  [yaratıcı] 24 Şub @ 8:47am 
It hasn't been locked in with Valve yet, but we're shooting for a Feb 27th release for Gigantic Army. More news as it breaks!

The Tale of Alltynex trilogy has certainly not been scrapped. I'll post an update about this to the Alltynex page later today.
Michelle Obama's Penis 22 Şub @ 12:10pm 
I would also like to know what the release plans look like currently and when will Alltynex Trilogy be released to Steam or has the project been scrapped?
~)I(неЦ36~ 22 Şub @ 10:01am 
Rival_M 20 Şub @ 1:07pm 
Holy crap I've been wanting a game like this for a long time. I WILL be purchasing this when it releases.
♣ Opri4nina ♣ 20 Şub @ 12:57pm 
хрень какая-то
ΪCONE444 | ts.dark-sense.com 19 Şub @ 9:14am 
good game