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Loot Hero - DX
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mario is my bro 23 Ago às 3:55 
where can i see the saved game for the nonsteam version? and will i able to use that save game for this new version?
mario is my bro 23 Ago às 3:52 
great game man! i hope you will keep adding more content! :D
VaragtP  [autor] 21 Ago às 3:12 
@Kancer. Yes, but I need to release the game first! ;D
Kancer 10 Ago às 13:29 
Will the Indie Gala greenlight bundle buyers be getting Steam keys any time soon?
wutoupal 27 Jul às 6:10 
Tails41347 4 Jul às 7:53 
Funny how all monsters are dancing.
Hentai 17 Jun às 21:04 
This game looks pretty interesting, actually looks entertainable! I must say that I'm excited for it. Congratulations on getting Greenlit, keep up the good work!
TaD 20 Mai às 15:04 
damn, games should make sense!
fishmarketVendor 18 Mai às 14:36 
i beat the free flash version of this game. i wonder if the steam deluxe edition will make it worth actually spending money on
Shade² 17 Mai às 8:15 
[SM_Player]Qui-Gon Jinn 10 Mai às 4:02 
Desolater IV 10 Mai às 0:58 
I'd just like suggest that you add Steam Trading Cards to this game

Also, could you clarify what the game will include? I beat the free flash version on Kongregate in 5-10minutes...
Kuon 9 Mai às 9:46 
♔.sir.lunchalot.♔ 9 Mai às 9:12 
kamillo55855 (GameMiner) 26 Abr às 4:06 
For Voters in Grenlight will be free Key To The Game, Is Only For All which bought Bundle with this game
VaragtP  [autor] 26 Abr às 1:25 
@Illimitus - This version is not yet released on Steam (or anywhere else) :) I am still working on the extra content for the Steam Loot Hero Deluxe edition version.
Illimitus 21 Abr às 16:15 
Can someone explain why Steam doesn't sell this whileothers do? Don't they get 33% of a sale? Why all the "Greenlight " nonsense? I want the game. But I want it on Steam.
kamillo55855 (GameMiner) 17 Abr às 3:57 
Voted and Congratulation
Cardinal Lord Holland 9 Abr às 10:15 
voted Thanks
VaragtP  [autor] 25 Mar às 7:45 
@<3Shen<3: I could provide you with a Desura copy of the original game if you pm me your email!

@Elfangorax: I am not totally sure about the details about the practice of this since I have not released a game on Steam before :/ I am planning to be able to give everyone who have got the game before the new version, no matter if they bought it on Desura or in a bundle or somewhere else.
Elfangorax 22 Mar às 20:31 
Hi there. I was wondering how Steam keys for this game from bundles will be distributed if the game gets Greenlit? Will the Steam key be completely distinct from the Desura key, or will it only be accessible from the user's Desura collection?
Discord Kantus 22 Mar às 10:24 
A 2D action RPG that outright calls itself a grind-fest? How could I say no? Voting yes.
♥ Shen ♥ 22 Mar às 5:01 

my name is Shen and I am a relatively new youtuber. I was wondering, this game looks like it would be fun and I would like to help you get your votes from our lovely Greenlight community.

I was wondering if there was some sort of demo that I could try out on my channel and showcase it there. It would really be of help for me (and perhaps for you) if you could feature my video on your greenlight page.

I have already talked to a lot of Greenlight developers and they think I am doing a good job.

To name some: Cornerstone: Song of Tyrim, Festival of Magic

I make Let’s plays and First Impression videos. My impressions are genuine. I never playtest a game! You will see my natural reactions and I will be vocal about what I think about it.

I wish you all the best success,

Trapinch 20 Mar às 19:16 
Also I would like less Ios and android games on steam. Please. Also do it now.
Trapinch 20 Mar às 19:16 
I think this game just isnt for me. Major ballsack signing off. NO
HookersAndBlow 18 Mar às 23:24 
The artwork looks like it took a ton of time, the gameplay just doesn't do it justice.
Dex Redskin 18 Mar às 17:09 
I have this game on Desura and it totally worths it, you have my vote
Mr. L,The green thunder 10 Mar às 11:02 
sillym0nk3y 8 Mar às 2:40 
i hope there will be a controller support for this game.
psy^ 7 Mar às 20:21 
looks freaking RAD
Jimbos 7 Mar às 3:32 
A little bit overly simple, but it looks fun.

See a ton of negative comments here, for a game that looks better then half the garbage that gets passed through greenlight.

I'd pick this up for a dollar and play it for an hour. That's more then I can say for 95% of the games I've seen get greenlit. Those games will never see a cent from me, or ANY time invested in them, other then a comment telling them just how crap their game is.

This game though, I could spend a buck on and not feel bad at all.
demigourd 6 Mar às 4:51 
i don't have a good enough insult for how bad this looks
GDMFSOB81 5 Mar às 6:14 
I wish this game was revamped into something deeper, because it's got fantastic potential, especially in the graphics... But that gameplay looks straight up retarded.
Niko 5 Mar às 5:54 
Most useless game ever!
sporb 4 Mar às 9:56 
this game is worthless. you walk right and left. play it for free on kongregate, ios, or android and decide for yourself. laziest game ever.
Azrael 4 Mar às 9:27 
It's looks repetitive and boring... Sorry, but no
NightShinigamix 1 Mar às 21:33 
thumb up
airart 28 Fev às 6:39 
charging thru enemies like that should be a power up or skill and thats what this game needs, more variety of such moves with tougher enemies that you have to actually fight, not just drive over them like speed bumps. The game looks fun otherwise, so don't give up, you have a core game worth developing, but the combat needs reworked for certain.
sillym0nk3y 22 Fev às 20:07 
voted :D
Palidian 22 Fev às 11:55 
I like the art style and it was fun for a few minutes, but holding down the mouse button and charging right gets pretty stale after a short while.
Pingu 18 Fev às 15:55 
Luke 16 Fev às 22:07 
There is no gameplay in just plowing through an endless line of cannon fodder. Makes me tired of walking just looking at it. Can't we automate this? Why not have them stand on a belt, and I can play the incinerator. I can click and hold a button to keep the fire going and we'll call it a game. Not much different, except this way I have a little more sadistic pleasure in it.
TheEpicTollolol 16 Fev às 5:30 
i fell asleep in the middle of the video
)|( chaos )|( 16 Fev às 4:13 
wow. a walking into stuff simulator.
VaragtP  [autor] 10 Fev às 4:04 
I am currently talking to a publisher about to fund me while making Loot Hero into a bigger more expansive game! : ) Also just want do say, if anyone is living in the UK or US and could potentially help me get a kickstarter up please pm me! (I cant start one myself since i live in Sweden)
ChazMan 10 Fev às 2:49 
From the video, it appears that it would get repetitive and old very quickly. More information about the gameplay and perhaps some variations would be useful. Best wishes, either way.
Ser 9 Fev às 15:18 
It could be fun.
Waermeleitpaste 7 Fev às 12:43 
Araghast 6 Fev às 19:30 
Got it from the Bundle for 1$ with 4 other game completed all of the achivement in 22 minute include level 100 there not much content into this game pro tips : swip left and right for 5 minute and get 999999 gold then buy 9999 upgrade x10 repeat that and you got 180-250 damage 100% critic 200 armor