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A comunidade demonstrou interesse neste jogo. A Valve entrou em contato com este desenvolvedor para começarmos a preparar o lançamento no Steam.

Dark Gates
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Hippyshake 21 de nov às 14:14 
Woohoo! Congrats!!! Been waiting for this for a while, as I'm sure you have. :)
Braqoon  [autor(a)] 13 de nov às 16:03 
Massive thanks to everybody who helped to achieve this. Expect some announcements soon. Game is nearly finished so this is a great timing.
Jack Dandy 13 de nov às 11:46 
congrats on GL
yasu-yasu83 31 de out às 3:02 
I am waiting this game in steam store
bydlaq 28 de ago às 12:42 
Micherson 23 de ago às 15:00 
kamillo55855 (GameMiner) 10 de ago às 10:19 
Ciekawa Gierka, Wraz Z pięknymi Turowymi Potyczkami, Niezym Dziwiękiem oraz Nie Tak Słabą Grafiką i Ciekawymi Turowymi potyczkami jak na Filmie :):) Mam Nadzieję na Szybie Przebicie Się na Steam
ErrorPL 9 de ago às 0:18 
Coś podobnego do Might & Magic
ⓌⓀ 8 de ago às 13:57 
na Tak
weeaboo trash 29 de jul às 4:41 
I love this kind of game, good luck! I want play it on steam XD
Kungfu_Pirate 24 de jul às 0:22 
_DarkPhaze_™ 11 de jul às 14:13 
Looks good. Voted up.
Braqoon  [autor(a)] 8 de jul às 15:59 
@Hippyshake Thanks, appreciated. There is still polish to be done on some points and I currently working on better party selection menu. Enjoy.
Hippyshake 8 de jul às 13:46 
@Braqoon Thanks! I bought it the other. Very fun so far.
Braqoon  [autor(a)] 7 de jul às 14:52 
@PSANDI adding a new language is not a problem. I have opened language files to everyone some time ago and when game is on version 1.0 I will look into more localisation myself.
PSANDI 7 de jul às 13:26 
Voted. I love this such of games.
(Note: Remember to add the spanish language in the future!!!)
TaD 7 de jul às 3:02 
Braqoon  [autor(a)] 7 de jul às 3:00 
@Nanolue thanks, appreciated.
Braqoon  [autor(a)] 7 de jul às 2:59 
@Hippyshake, answer is Yes. Desura, DailyRoyale, IndieRoyale or Gamers Gate have tools in place to distribute Steam Keys if they become available. Direct Download from games website will also include extra Steam key.
Nanolue 6 de jul às 6:19 
I love the art of such games.
Hippyshake 5 de jul às 13:18 
Voted. Question to the developer: If we purchase this elsewhere, will we receive a Steam key upon its release here?
Hardware_ 29 de jun às 15:07 
Running in Linux, great.
๖ۣۜMลεรтาø 28 de jun às 8:41 
Spinaker 26 de jun às 7:22 
All Zebest 21 de jun às 20:46 
With ver. 0.8.0, the balance is much metter and the game is well polished. It is extremely fun to play and I love it! I definitively recommand it.
diesel motor 18 de jun às 14:10 
@CALA@_PIT 18 de jun às 0:37 
voted, nice game
Thunderwing 17 de jun às 10:57 
the 90s called they want their dungeon crawl games back
Saitogr 17 de jun às 2:00 
You have my axe.. i mean vote
Ephidel 16 de jun às 19:29 
Voted, good luck getting greenlit.
Mereana_Mordegard_Glesgorv 16 de jun às 17:38 
upvoted ;)
Just Me 16 de jun às 17:37 
Christmas Churches Chicken 16 de jun às 17:34 
Nice game, VOTED as well.
cdp_star 16 de jun às 17:20 
ncie game, I want to play it
Pablo 16 de jun às 17:19 
Good game.
Voted! :3 .
Tug Your God Out 16 de jun às 16:57 
Ultranoize 16 de jun às 16:52 
Great, voted
DreiWavez 16 de jun às 16:27 
ao 16 de jun às 16:22 
Murder Fall 16 de jun às 16:21 
Voted, good luck!!
omegatechnetium 16 de jun às 16:06 
looks interesting! voted =)
Subsally 16 de jun às 15:55 
DariuszXY 16 de jun às 15:49 
/[DPR]\ 16 de jun às 15:36 
D_aRkAnGeL 16 de jun às 15:19 
It remembers me to the old Dungeon and Dragons for DOS. It's good! Voted :)
Nekozero 16 de jun às 15:12 
Freekill 16 de jun às 15:01 
Goodcat 16 de jun às 14:54 
McKlive 16 de jun às 14:36 
dobra giera , jestem na TAK