Pure Waters
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farlas816 3 лип о 20:32 
The descrition sounds like you're selling bottled water
6hermes8 2 лип о 23:52 
S.W.A.T 2 лип о 22:07 
holy shit!
Knight of the Truth 2 лип о 7:00 
Ребят,как быть? Нажимаю "подписаться", а мод не загружается и не отображается в списке файлов с модами. Помогите,пожалуйста.
DEATH WISH 2 лип о 2:41 
this is the best mod
Lordz of destruction 1 лип о 16:14 
beautiful water
Gumball 1 лип о 4:07 
FAHRENHEIT 29 чер о 11:34 
как установить?
BinksY 29 чер о 4:32 
Blue Damselfly 29 чер о 3:12 
Seriously much better looking water. Thanks for sharing your hard work!
RKmaster19 24 чер о 23:08 
If I don't have the legendary edition of this mod, will it cause any bugs or anything if I'm in a DLC area?
iRolo 24 чер о 17:08 
really nice!
Dr.Peggle 24 чер о 10:22 
Jon Snow 21 чер о 10:52 
it didnt work why is that...i mean no mod is working.Is it because i am on laptop or something.I use High graphics too.Please help
Orion 21 чер о 6:53 
da ate sede ver uma água assim :v
Flixidixi 20 чер о 6:15 
ChatMan 20 чер о 2:42 
Nice mod !
zSWiFTz 19 чер о 15:19 
cant seem to get it to work
Nomad 18 чер о 8:40 
This mod is so great it makes the water look awesome
Omega_Nova 17 чер о 18:14 
The waters so clear it almost puts you into the game.
Knouckoutpoem 16 чер о 17:10 
really good job
mist89 16 чер о 14:43 
just perfect
scrut_monkey 15 чер о 13:50 
Awesome mod
Suzzaku [Infiltrator] 15 чер о 11:59 
L'eau est très belle :) je vous le conseil
ysa 15 чер о 10:52 
gg wp
francoismenard17 15 чер о 9:23 
good stuff
Pardo da Polonia 15 чер о 6:53 
AngelThousand 14 чер о 17:45 
Yo me suscribí pero no noté una gran mejoría. Pero puede ser por mi culpa al existir conflictos o algo
JdubInTheTub 14 чер о 13:42 
great stuff
bubblegumwar 14 чер о 11:18 
Great Mod!
CatBitShazy 13 чер о 23:32 
Definitely a must have
Edge, Bearer of the Dalokohs 13 чер о 20:01 
My computer is crap and will probably get diarrhea when I use this mod, but it looks great!
VIX 12 чер о 9:58 
Kenny Tacos 11 чер о 22:14 
Looks good but it was broken for me; at certain angles I could see through the map.
Nigel Thornberry 9 чер о 15:57 
Neoo 8 чер о 14:03 
Love this :D
❥Haschi ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 8 чер о 10:08 
Adolf Hitler 8 чер о 8:45 
I know have another reason not to leave the house, thanks man. .-.
DerpDog720 7 чер о 10:37 
It's really good.
Saronix 6 чер о 20:26 
A must for immersion.
hoffy00 6 чер о 14:45 
Very nice looking mod.
TriandQolo 5 чер о 12:46 
Good, i like it.
mATu 4 чер о 2:27 
nice, good job :P
CondomDoom 3 чер о 2:09 
Oh sorry not that mod :D sorry :D
CondomDoom 3 чер о 2:07 
Lighting screen WTF ?? :D
jarjar190 2 чер о 21:44 
Anonevol™ 1 чер о 0:18 
This modification won't appear in the subscribed mod list; and I don't have many besides the parthurnaax dilemma and realistic skin/w/e from the workshop.
flynndenberg 31 тра о 10:26 
good mod, worth using it
RENA 29 тра о 6:52 
It becomes flashlight water surface at some places
Proelium 28 тра о 20:18