The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Pure Waters
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XUEXUEXUE 4 год. тому 
SpaceIsYourMind 13 сер о 23:15 
this is too awesome
InfrAtary 13 сер о 15:09 
awesome mod! have you considered on porting to special edition?
Kaellon 11 сер о 21:30 
adds beautiful water effects, thanks!
Mr. Unknown 10 сер о 14:10 
this addon is so fuckin popular...
Cixze 10 сер о 9:19 
Nano 8 сер о 5:23 
NOOBKIA 7 сер о 15:29 
fucked up my game bad!
ILikeRice 2 сер о 14:14 
I feel less scared now that I could see the water and not worry about the sea monsters mod murkin my ass
kreindl-reindl 21 лип о 3:18 
looks good
sebastianwidth 9 лип о 10:16 
can i use this even tho i have all dlc`s installed or is it just if you have the vanilla version?? My guess is yes but just wanna make sure i don`t screw anything up!
K9 2 лип о 8:52 
will this work with the remastered version ?
Fus Ro Dah! 28 чер о 17:15 
Nice mod!
Eris_Chill 28 чер о 6:48 
Is greet
SonPug 27 чер о 0:31 
noemi_gd 25 чер о 7:43 
KIR1987 24 чер о 19:27 
Lamuna 23 чер о 16:01 
nice thx
RioN ( Keekwn ) 22 чер о 16:04 
Thanks a lot :)
RioN ( Keekwn ) 22 чер о 9:19 
Thx for mod
ultrAslan 20 чер о 5:17 
Very nice mod 5 star mod.
[TME] Blarglewargle 16 чер о 13:51 
Thank you, Torz Chain Driver.
Torz, The Wanderer 13 чер о 3:50 
It's kinda sad to see people just flogging to the Steam Workshop to mass advertise petitions to stop things that Bethesda won't listen to, here's an explanation:

E3 Bethesda launched a new social interface called "Creation Club" Allowing you to be able to buy credits that allow you to buy mods, in turn, Bethesda use your money you got to buy credits to pay modders on CC for their work (But Beth will likely steal a 75% share or something).

But since Beth are doing this on their OWN, Steam arn't getting involved, thus we keep our workshops, thus we keep mods, thus you only pay for these things if you go to Bethesda's Creation Club which is Exclusive.

Petitions won't work since this is Bethesda's own system, and since we are STEAM users and this DOESN'T apply to us STEAM users, they won't listen to us.
xLєgєиdαяy 12 чер о 16:41 
much better :D
paul.woods-berlemont 10 чер о 12:03 
t'es français? j'ai entendu un coupe-jarret dire "j'adore les défis!"
Saint 10 чер о 1:46 
EQuin 5 чер о 9:24 
[KRyns] Lorkarnor 4 чер о 10:47 
Tres bon addons pour une qualité d'eau irréprochable ! Un plus pour le jeux !
TurraTheTeacher 29 тра о 20:50 
Muito bom, realidade total.
Chriii 29 тра о 14:24 
I love it !
LiLDavo 27 тра о 16:00 
Trobadour you just click subscribe and it will auto download fo you. After that look at the data files tab in the launcher and make sure it is checked
Trobadour 27 тра о 10:49 
I'm new to PC gaming. How do you install MODS?
Armesis 19 тра о 16:15 
This is how the water shouldve looked liked in the first place. Good job man.
Kristoletof 18 тра о 14:12 
four-bears 17 тра о 0:22 
crap mod
reaper_reyes_3642 5 тра о 6:47 
will this affect bad PCs? my laptop is for school, so it isnt very powerful at all. will this affect it too bad?
Xxx__Billy__xxX 30 кві о 3:30 
Höllenorgel 29 кві о 9:12 
very good!
ZhekaN 27 кві о 5:13 
nooooo my fps!!!!??? :*(
Pinkman 26 кві о 21:27 
very good my friend
a shovel, with attitude 24 кві о 3:10 
@[AFF] Medkameel

[AFF] Medkameel 21 кві о 14:31 
Windows 19 кві о 0:48 
ƈօօʟ ƈʊռȶ
✪Logicc Shmart_Logic 12 кві о 8:32 
Your the pewdiepie of skyrim mods.
Lord Commander Jon Snow.* 10 кві о 6:38 
Swagger 9 кві о 4:35 
"i tink dis watar luk gud" - The Dovahkiin
_BRATYXA_ 7 кві о 20:42 
просто вода
Mindrivet 15 бер о 13:36 
@Raven Grim Scorn crash to desktop
Raven Grim Scorn 13 бер о 14:04 
What's CTD? o.o
R I P T I D E 13 бер о 12:18 
does this work with or against stuff like