Pure Waters
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_Scorcher_ 18 ก.ย. @ 10:09am 
if i had a mod wich allowed me to see underwater more clearly would i be able to still use this mod with it?
FrosTytheNoob 17 ก.ย. @ 7:53pm 
Dude make this compatible with Climates of tamriel!
Edwin Redfield 17 ก.ย. @ 12:16pm 
Good mod.
The Man 17 ก.ย. @ 9:47am 
Luna doesn't give a fuck 17 ก.ย. @ 9:13am 
nice but i can't see underwater ;(
gibbering.idi0t 17 ก.ย. @ 1:10am 
A nice addition to graphics enhancements. Well done.
Hondroid 16 ก.ย. @ 1:11pm 
Looks nice so far :)
kyzersozay666 16 ก.ย. @ 5:22am 
so i just download and next time i play skyrim the water will look nicer?
An Anatidaephobic Platypus 16 ก.ย. @ 2:24am 
I don't know where to start with your name
Cosmic Anal Bead 15 ก.ย. @ 9:00pm 
I can't see underwater either.
hansnicolaim2 15 ก.ย. @ 8:56pm 
Great, it enhances the water greatly but doesn't eat performance..
imperialguy3 14 ก.ย. @ 11:18pm 
Greatly improves scenery
Mecha-Frank Sinatra B day today! 14 ก.ย. @ 9:53pm 
why can't I see when I go underwater? ;~;
Fred_Aster [ESP] 14 ก.ย. @ 2:18pm 
nice work
-OSLOTonny- 14 ก.ย. @ 12:39pm 
Great :)
kylking 13 ก.ย. @ 3:13pm 
really amazing
Tobias Hay 13 ก.ย. @ 3:35am 
truly amazing
[Doge]Divide The Janitor[school] 12 ก.ย. @ 12:17pm 
An Anatidaephobic Platypus 12 ก.ย. @ 1:56am 
I can't see anything underwater with this mod, it just goes green. You mention it in the notes section but is there a fix?
flavioczuk 11 ก.ย. @ 8:25am 
One of the best water enchantments for Skyrim, that´s for sure!
Tu4M4dr3xx 10 ก.ย. @ 11:34pm 
Crashimo . to download you have to put the green button .. and it will automatically download and works !
theodoros.tsolakidis 10 ก.ย. @ 5:40pm 
sow nice great work!!!
crashsimo96 10 ก.ย. @ 7:32am 
crashsimo96 10 ก.ย. @ 7:32am 
can you explain me how download this mod?
am79 10 ก.ย. @ 1:31am 
To see under water use the nyctalopia.
Spuuner 9 ก.ย. @ 3:02pm 
can you still see under water?
niko 9 ก.ย. @ 12:57pm 
Is there a solution to be able to see underwater? I have no other texture mods and am on the latest steam update for the game.
Ludo 7 ก.ย. @ 8:05pm 
how u download that
Daniel 7 ก.ย. @ 6:02pm 
it is looks very good
Stealthy Panda 7 ก.ย. @ 4:11pm 
Water! Yay!
CKz | TheFrenchKill 7 ก.ย. @ 11:31am 
choketrooper2™ლ(ಠ益ಠ 6 ก.ย. @ 7:11pm 
I approve of this mod...I know it doesn't matter but I don't approve of a lot of things
Angellias 4 ก.ย. @ 6:03am 
It looks pretty realistic ^^
f.c.sauer 3 ก.ย. @ 12:06pm 
Hello guys,

Is anybody able to help me make this mod work? I still have the dirty, crappy water. I hit the subscribe button (I have no other mods chaning water textures) and set this one to load last.
Does anybody knows how to fix this? It would really like the cleaner water.
I have all the DLCS btw.

With kind regards,

Finn Sauër
Mr. Derp 1 ก.ย. @ 1:38pm 
So much for the whole "Hack-their-heads-off-and-dump-the-bodies-in-the-river-because-the-water-is-so-cloudy" plan.
Sife 31 ส.ค. @ 12:59am 
So real and clear. Better than the river in my backyard
Ethan .S. 30 ส.ค. @ 11:22pm 
nice mod dude i LOVE it
fatalphenom 30 ส.ค. @ 8:27am 
Hit subscribe
keko.jones.miras.xd 29 ส.ค. @ 8:53pm 
i don't understand how on fucking earth I install this shit!!!!
0kleszczu0 29 ส.ค. @ 9:04am 
tibiaveruill 28 ส.ค. @ 10:20pm 
Love it, 10/10... must have for any graphics junkie
Карамелиус 28 ส.ค. @ 12:17am 
My screen become green when i try to swim at the bottom
Himemiya Neko 26 ส.ค. @ 6:41pm 
@Unborn: It says right in the description " It was reported by some users that Beth patch 1.5 underwater conflicts with ENB series. The result is you can not see anything under water."
master chief 25 ส.ค. @ 10:42pm 
Jose Plantey 25 ส.ค. @ 10:19am 
Makes me want to take a piss every time my character swims.
Japache 25 ส.ค. @ 6:44am 
Buen mod, si señor.
kodling 25 ส.ค. @ 4:35am 
That's REally cool mode
kudel 25 ส.ค. @ 2:48am 
Realmente se nota la diferencia, buen mod.
unborn nightmare 23 ส.ค. @ 8:08pm 
yeah i cannot see under water at all what did i do wrong lol