Pure Waters
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Mr. Derp 9月1日下午1:38 
So much for the whole "Hack-their-heads-off-and-dump-the-bodies-in-the-river-because-the-water-is-so-cloudy" plan.
Sife 8月31日上午12:59 
So real and clear. Better than the river in my backyard
Ethan .S. 8月30日下午11:22 
nice mod dude i LOVE it
fatalphenom 8月30日上午8:27 
Hit subscribe
keko.jones.miras.xd 8月29日下午8:53 
i don't understand how on fucking earth I install this shit!!!!
0kleszczu0 8月29日上午9:04 
tibiaveruill 8月28日下午10:20 
Love it, 10/10... must have for any graphics junkie
Карамелиус 8月28日上午12:17 
My screen become green when i try to swim at the bottom
Kiang 8月27日下午11:35 
@Epictakeaway: The mod doesn't ADD water. It makes the existing water prettier and more realistic, and does a great job at that.
If you don't like it, don't subscribe to it.

10/10 would vote up. Good work, Laast.
Epictakeaway 8月27日上午3:29 
Now people are ripping off Skyrim by adding "water mods" which in turn add water...But wait a second Skyrim has water. I mean what the hell is wrong with you. who makes water. Having water in a game is just copying Pong. I mean Pong had it first. I love Pong. Everyone loves Pong but more people love Skyrim. 'Why?' you may ask? well that is because Pong is old. People don't remember that Pong was the first game with water in it.

So in short who needs a water mod for a game that has broken copyright laws by adding water to their game in the first place? That's like buying a house and living in it. I mean what the hell is wrong with some people.

10/10 would vote down. Shame on you Laast.
Himemiya Neko 8月26日下午6:41 
@Unborn: It says right in the description " It was reported by some users that Beth patch 1.5 underwater conflicts with ENB series. The result is you can not see anything under water."
master chief 8月25日下午10:42 
Jose Plantey 8月25日上午10:19 
Makes me want to take a piss every time my character swims.
Japache 8月25日上午6:44 
Buen mod, si señor.
kodling 8月25日上午4:35 
That's REally cool mode
kudel 8月25日上午2:48 
Realmente se nota la diferencia, buen mod.
unborn nightmare 8月23日下午8:08 
yeah i cannot see under water at all what did i do wrong lol
TheHippieGuy 8月23日上午10:27 
Uhm, I have installed the mod, but the water is the same as before, do i need to do something else?
brandon.grissom01 8月22日下午9:08 
☻/ This is Bob. Copy and paste him
/▌ all over the workshop
/ \ so he can take over.
TheLegend 8月22日上午10:38 
this water is amazing
Sir Buckling of The Tooth 8月21日下午5:17 
this mod sure leaves a LAASTING result on me!

get it?

Laasting? he made the mod?

PhTheMediocre 8月21日下午12:38 
It fails to deliver as the updated versions of 2 waters for example are supperior. I love it 10/10 IGN
Nonehasthisnamebecauseitstaken 8月21日上午1:06 
One of the best water mods I've ever used
Алексей 8月20日上午7:16 
просто нажми подписаться он сам скачается
Andreyua 8月19日下午10:26 
Как установитть этот мод ?
DeuceKaboose 8月19日上午7:47 
i have a few other mods installed and my graphics card is an ASUS radeon R9 270, should I expect shit FPS if i use this mod?
Sergeant_Braken 8月18日下午3:28 
So, um... why are the DG/DB ones Nexus only? Why can't they be put up on the workshop?
Musical extermination 8月17日下午7:52 
if i got this would it help the underwater blackscreen effect that beth issued, is there any way to fix it
Liilleee 8月17日下午2:18 
Just awesome (Y)
takanari 8月16日上午10:28 
So pure.
Xport 8月16日上午3:50 
Bre Bregge påre, press subscribe!
Lakis 8月16日上午2:52 
Looks great!
Bre Bregge påre 8月15日上午5:20 
Where is the download link?
angel.albadalejo 8月14日上午3:01 
Nice :)
Krajacek 8月13日下午6:36 
awesome 3 thumbs up !
Black Osprey 8月13日下午3:38 
Prancing Queen 8月13日上午6:49 
Mmm, good stuff.
syrinx 8月12日上午9:20 
Thank you, Laast.
Saeroth 8月11日上午11:30 
SquidTesticle 8月11日上午9:09 
really nice.
Zephir 8月8日下午2:27 
Darksaxo 8月8日上午4:45 
muy bueno lo recomiendo, es imprescindible
very good mate, i like to much
Crossfade 8月7日上午7:42 
Am I blind or this mod is f*cking awesome!
SHΦΚΔRΦ 8月5日上午3:46 
pretty nice
SoS Frost 8月4日上午9:00 
@FeedIsGood You just subscribe to it and it should download automaticaly. It might download next time you launch the game though. :)
cptclango 8月3日下午3:01 
Will this work if my res is at 1024x768?
1corsar 8月3日上午7:53 
It is very cool! :)
OomegaA 8月3日上午12:49 
(t)(r)(e)(e) 8月2日下午7:30 
how to download this please respond