Pure Waters
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Sefa 28 мин. назад 
rosegold64 12 ч. назад 
I was recommended this mod to improve my frame-rate and it worked wonders. Not only is my game just a bit faster and smoother, but the water looks much more realistic. Well done.
Adugs07b 23 ч. назад 
Sehr nice
Mr Popo 17 дек в 18:07 
Yes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) its natural
cjzicker 17 дек в 13:58 
Great mod
Vagrantcain 17 дек в 8:41 
Very nice
Laast  [автор] 17 дек в 1:11 
And? ... You'd prefer better lookin' boobs?
Mr Popo 16 дек в 17:25 
The most popular mod of all time is... better looking water :\
john94 15 дек в 8:15 
@ kowboy umm just dont use it
falconettisebastiani 15 дек в 6:16 
The water is quite beautiful. The only issue i have with it is that the current is always up, like after a good heavy rain. there is no stillness, regardless of the type of body of water, at any time. And that is totally unrealistic.
SkyZerx 13 дек в 14:56 
Good job
raakkel 13 дек в 9:47 
very nice
zynich 13 дек в 5:41 
valentin1980 13 дек в 5:21 
very nice
Wakaibushi 13 дек в 0:20 
lukeysky 12 дек в 11:38 
nice mod
Kowboy 11 дек в 8:53 
Hi people! Maybe someone knows.. Is it possible to disable waiting in the game? It's so unrealistic...
allcreater 8 дек в 12:06 
cool water!!!
Jaxkstar 6 дек в 1:20 
Nice xD
DarkPaincake 5 дек в 8:00 
Best ^^
RalphTM 4 дек в 21:08 
Laast  [автор] 4 дек в 7:56 
Who knows, nothing lasts forever.
phoenix_074 4 дек в 7:00 
Will this mod vanish just like Pure weather did and leave us hanging again?
EpicCheese 3 дек в 21:39 
The best for realistic water
stefanglanz 3 дек в 9:39 
nice water thx
SniperJDM 3 дек в 3:23 
What happend to Pure Weather?
Andy 2 дек в 22:44 
was going to DL but all shadows on water are wrong
Norman OK 2 дек в 6:21 
Good job ! Thank you.
GarethDeux 30 ноя в 14:36 
extremely well done, truely earned it's all time top-position!
findjlj 30 ноя в 10:13 
Great job! Thanks
Starwarsfan1011 29 ноя в 9:18 
wow just wow
PashaMavasha 29 ноя в 4:38 
Nice с:
GunOfFog 27 ноя в 16:03 
such a nice mode!
NaughtiusMaximus 26 ноя в 0:01 
Does anyone know how to undo a bug that sounds like i just casted a healing spell on myself or just got hit with an ice spell that never goes away? If anyone has any idea that would be awesome because in all honestly it just ruins the audio experience of the game. (not a bug related to this mod i'm pretty sure)
Batman Road To Scrap 25 ноя в 9:17 
Forced to unsubscribe, it does make it a little bit slower.
Laast  [автор] 23 ноя в 9:47 
yeah, maybe I should remove Pure Waters too?
JaworPlayer 23 ноя в 3:49 
@Laast You know that all you did was changing the "too dark" spam into "bring back" spam, don't you?
barosoap 22 ноя в 12:25 
when you subscribe you download it. just start skyrim and go to Data Files
uhh yeah dude 20 ноя в 18:53 
i hit subscribe. how do i download?
Roacherul 20 ноя в 6:21 
Does it works for any settings? My settings are Medium,will I have lag if I add this mode?
+walker+ 19 ноя в 14:04 
This is beautiful; thank you so much!
legion160 18 ноя в 20:08 
dude ....fuck what people say the mod pure weather is in my top 5, little sad that ur asshurt over some idiots comments but it is ur mod do what u will..
reugerlyon99 18 ноя в 19:16 
please, someone tell me how to make my own mod, im lost

Phoenix 17 ноя в 10:10 
Please Bring Back Pure Weather!!!!!!!!!
Bri 17 ноя в 8:26 
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BRING PURE WEATHER BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved it so much!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im so lost without it. Please, im begging you, bring it back *sobs*
LilyNeurotic 17 ноя в 3:21 
I thought I wouldn't care much about the difference this made, as I don't have any particular feeling about how the river water should look. But I was totally caught off guard by how awesome this is for all the puddles and such in dungeons. It actually looks like water! Such a small thing I know, but there's no way I could go back to vanilla now
Phoenix 16 ноя в 10:29 
The darker night made it more fun & challenging.
Also it made more use of the torches as well.
Uzguhl 16 ноя в 9:25 
kage74 16 ноя в 7:22 
I miss pure weather and I liked the darkness -- seemed more realistic that way. Anyone that has ever been out in the country far from city lights knows just how dark it can get with no ambient light sources. It's a good idea to carry torches or a lantern with you at night.

--my only complaint would have been, that enemies didn't seem to be effected by the dark. They could still see you even without having to carry torches.
Laast  [автор] 15 ноя в 15:48 
I've clearly writed in the description months ago that I was tired of "too dark" comments and that it was useless to complain about this. People did not seem to understand the message and spam comment section, so yes now it's removed for everyone. Go complain to them, not me.