Pure Waters
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Valdax 15 ore în urmă 
I like how the top rated mod on the skyrim workshop is water ._. Just amazing...
EpickiJebacz™ 28 feb. @ 7:48am 
This mod is very good. The water is beautiful and realistic. ;)
Diego As 26 feb. @ 12:19am 
Vibe22 25 feb. @ 4:15pm 
JonnyVELASKO 24 feb. @ 3:09am 
Все заебца ) спасибо тебе )
[RUS]Ghost721 21 feb. @ 10:52pm 
Abyss丿を食う黑 玥丶 21 feb. @ 6:18am 
kapki111 21 feb. @ 4:39am 
Nice mod
Naruze 20 feb. @ 7:38am 
Simple, but makes the game a lot more beautiful. The water looks amazing; I can only recommend this.
Mimole 19 feb. @ 12:54pm 
very good
Inq 19 feb. @ 6:07am 
Sanders 18 feb. @ 12:22pm 
Dr.JeKyLL 18 feb. @ 3:50am 
really nice, love it!
AJ™ 17 feb. @ 6:37am 
i will not run it then i dont know if there are optional 512X512 size textures for this but you can use ddsopt and convert textures yourself who knows it will work in that case
Deadpool 13 feb. @ 1:09pm 
Hey,I am sure you are really busy and prob wont have time to answer or somethin
but does this work if I have my skyrim on low graphics?
sierrartista 13 feb. @ 12:33pm 
this is some of the clearest water ive ever seen
ItzThomaz 10 feb. @ 10:33am 
very nicee
coltonryan 9 feb. @ 12:44pm 
No proformance loss.
Awjo 7 feb. @ 9:07am 
BrightSkys 6 feb. @ 9:14am 
Does is create lag?
kage74 4 feb. @ 11:41am 
Pure Waters has always been my fav water texture mod. But I noticed there is also a Pure Waters - Waterfalls mod on Nexus. Is that not something we can get on the Steam Workshop?
Salem's Witch 4 feb. @ 5:40am 
Looks amazing. There are many great mods for Skyrim, but this seems to be the best looking one.
eliottisnotdead 4 feb. @ 3:03am 
Waaaaaaater is goood (Full retard)
Germolin 3 feb. @ 6:51pm 
SUBSCRIBE MOTHERFUCKER!! shits lookin fancy
An0nym0u5 3 feb. @ 11:06am 
love it !!
DJL 2 feb. @ 8:42am 
Adec 1 feb. @ 5:20am 
pretty good
Valkyrie 29 ian. @ 10:49am 
love it!
anonim5321 29 ian. @ 10:12am 
Great mod! So nice water!!
eternalhope 29 ian. @ 7:37am 
very nice
Kryssaira 28 ian. @ 5:19pm 
fantastic mod!! I use this with the "clear water" mod, and the "green water fix" (I subscribe to them and yours on the Nexus!!) and I CAN SEE!!! I can actually do any quests that require going under water now!
Z3RO1NFL4M3 27 ian. @ 9:16pm 
Wow very nice !!!
Salvavilla 26 ian. @ 1:02pm 
Good job.
LeviafanBD 26 ian. @ 11:21am 
nause water
codydodd 26 ian. @ 8:22am 
Love it, it's clean, stable, and sexy.
redinator2000 25 ian. @ 5:03pm 
I dont have the game or mod - but I want to drink it.
biankawhitetiger 25 ian. @ 5:39am 
There is one thing that really sux about your mod... ME! Why the f&%## did I wait so long to install it?! No, really a good mod, exactly what I needed! Keep up the good work!
RapidSatsuma4 24 ian. @ 9:32am 
this mod is heavy?
Jonathan 23 ian. @ 5:08pm 
Very Nice!
santiago.guillen 23 ian. @ 12:04pm 
..,. 23 ian. @ 10:46am 
Veeery nice!
Lord_Hackfresse 23 ian. @ 5:32am 
WetWypes 22 ian. @ 6:33pm 
Must have, makes the game much more immersive
Based Shingle 22 ian. @ 11:54am 
anyone recommend a landscape graphic mod that is super good to balance this out? if so i shall download this
JAIR 22 ian. @ 10:22am 
o melhor
Wyleinarra 21 ian. @ 7:32am 
Really nice
Dentar 21 ian. @ 6:32am 
Shakna 21 ian. @ 1:19am 
Superbe installation nikel
benco42 20 ian. @ 12:19pm 
Nice mod.
warzone 19 ian. @ 4:44pm 
will this mod still work with other graphic mods?