Pure Waters
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Sir Buckling of The Tooth 7 tuntia sitten 
this mod sure leaves a LAASTING result on me!

get it?

Laasting? he made the mod?

PhPlaysGames 11 tuntia sitten 
It fails to deliver as the updated versions of 2 waters for example are supperior. I love it 10/10 IGN
One of the best water mods I've ever used
Алексей 20. elo 7.16 
просто нажми подписаться он сам скачается
Andreyua 19. elo 22.26 
Как установитть этот мод ?
DeuceKaboose 19. elo 7.47 
i have a few other mods installed and my graphics card is an ASUS radeon R9 270, should I expect shit FPS if i use this mod?
Sergeant_Braken 18. elo 15.28 
So, um... why are the DG/DB ones Nexus only? Why can't they be put up on the workshop?
GaryTHAGoat 17. elo 19.52 
if i got this would it help the underwater blackscreen effect that beth issued, is there any way to fix it
Liilleee 17. elo 14.18 
Just awesome (Y)
takanari 16. elo 10.28 
So pure.
Xport 16. elo 3.50 
Bre Bregge påre, press subscribe!
Lakis 16. elo 2.52 
Looks great!
Bre Bregge påre 15. elo 5.20 
Where is the download link?
angel.albadalejo 14. elo 3.01 
Nice :)
Krajacek 13. elo 18.36 
awesome 3 thumbs up !
Black Osprey 13. elo 15.38 
Prancing Queen 13. elo 6.49 
Mmm, good stuff.
syrinx 12. elo 9.20 
Thank you, Laast.
Saeroth 11. elo 11.30 
SquidTesticle 11. elo 9.09 
really nice.
Zephir 8. elo 14.27 
Darksaxo 8. elo 4.45 
muy bueno lo recomiendo, es imprescindible
very good mate, i like to much
Crossfade 7. elo 7.42 
Am I blind or this mod is f*cking awesome!
Hummin'Bird 5. elo 3.46 
pretty nice
SoS Frost 4. elo 9.00 
@FeedIsGood You just subscribe to it and it should download automaticaly. It might download next time you launch the game though. :)
cptclango 3. elo 15.01 
Will this work if my res is at 1024x768?
1corsar 3. elo 7.53 
It is very cool! :)
OomegaA 3. elo 0.49 
O҉ P/\dn3r$ ҉O 2. elo 19.30 
how to download this please respond
specialagentnick 2. elo 15.57 
Used this so long, I've forgotten what normal skyrim water looks like
FireHive 2. elo 13.27 
I think this is the single most needed mod when doing a graphics overhual on skyrim.
Arhi Davinci 1. elo 3.24 
still too scared to brave the icy depths of north skyrim, so i'll stick around the shallow riverwood waters XD
--@zZ3l-- 1. elo 2.50 
Cpt.Krisu 31. heinä 6.47 
Deadlyze 31. heinä 5.29 
Works great with Pure Weather, also made by Laast :D
DragonslayerOrnstein 30. heinä 12.26 
for some reason in my skyrim i cant see when i go under water
connordelta 30. heinä 1.16 
@Laast Already using that mod too with some others, but the pure weather mod is a bit to dark at night to see the area but I kinda fixed that by putting the brightness up.
Laast  [tekijä] 30. heinä 1.12 
@everyone asking about fps
as said in the description, no fps loss.

I recommend to use my Pure Weather mod with Pure Waters.
connordelta 30. heinä 1.11 
Combine this with other graphical mods and Skyrim looks beautiful. Also the original water textures were ugly so this mod really improved it. Subbed and Like ^^
A Trombone Outside 29. heinä 22.24 
Does lower FPS?
coastlife35 29. heinä 21.39 
sick addon
DeadSoul 29. heinä 18.36 
(TDB) TotallyNormalKryz

I was also wondering the same thing
(TDB) TotallyNormalKryz 28. heinä 5.19 
Will this take my fps down? Just wanna make sure, thank you! ^-^
I'Rauko 27. heinä 11.54 
I am amazed at the quality. Great job
jack 26. heinä 3.52 
Thank you
WILLy 23. heinä 15.14 
awesome texture. cool
garry 21. heinä 9.00 
Captain Prunes 20. heinä 15.50 
@Pecetowiec pshhhh.... 10/10?

I give it >9,000/10!
Captain Prunes 20. heinä 15.47 
Is it just me, or does anyone else think it's strange that the second most popular mod is one that changes how water looks?

Note: I'm not complaining, It is an amazing mod!
gfvtmear 20. heinä 8.04 
Look Greatttt