Pure Waters
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biankawhitetiger 11 tuntia sitten 
There is one thing that really sux about your mod... ME! Why the f&%## did I wait so long to install it?! No, really a good mod, exactly what I needed! Keep up the good work!
RapidSatsuma4 24. tammi 9.32 
this mod is heavy?
Jonathan 23. tammi 17.08 
Very Nice!
santiago.guillen 23. tammi 12.04 
Katox 23. tammi 10.46 
Veeery nice!
WetWypes 22. tammi 18.33 
Must have, makes the game much more immersive
DjShingle 22. tammi 11.54 
anyone recommend a landscape graphic mod that is super good to balance this out? if so i shall download this
JAIR 22. tammi 10.22 
o melhor
Wyleinarra 21. tammi 7.32 
Really nice
Dentar 21. tammi 6.32 
Shakna 21. tammi 1.19 
Superbe installation nikel
benco42 20. tammi 12.19 
Nice mod.
warzone 19. tammi 16.44 
will this mod still work with other graphic mods?
Fen 19. tammi 6.23 
love this
Laast  [tekijä] 19. tammi 4.40 
Try to set bDoDepthOfField to 1 in your SkyrimPrefs.ini or use the Green water fix mod.
Benjis 18. tammi 12.22 
Une merveille
Bobdole, Jr 18. tammi 12.03 
An absolute must have for any Skyrim fan. I could honestly just sit and watch the water its so life like.
♥Satisfaction♥ 18. tammi 10.14 
It looks amazing, although whenever I go underwater I can't see anything except blue, is that part of the mod?
Fenzen15 17. tammi 0.45 
Great! :D
eslehto 15. tammi 12.41 
Being Banned from Network
Laast  [tekijä] 15. tammi 12.05 
You can subcribe to this even if you use Skyrim Legendary, but you'll still have vanilla water in DLCs places. And what kind of magic prevent you from going to Nexus site?
eslehto 14. tammi 23.14 
This water would be great to use, although I have legendary edition; Since this water isn't avaliable in steam; sadly I can't get it since I can't access nexus.
Youix 13. tammi 9.37 
MDKNT 13. tammi 4.29 
Icefish 12. tammi 20.59 
{BFG} Alfadorfox 12. tammi 15.11 
I can never blame a mod for CTD, because Skyrim crashes without any modding at all. XD Especially if you alt-tab from fullscreen!
RYAN 12. tammi 13.11 
as amazing as this mod looks, im suprised that this is the most subed mod. NOTE: this is a great mod i am not hating on it
egren.bep 11. tammi 20.20 
Looks awesome :D
wabashwarrior 11. tammi 6.48 
good lookin stuff...
mrTN on f1re 11. tammi 3.57 
The Friendly Heavy c: 11. tammi 3.50 
@Laast Ok, thanks
Laast  [tekijä] 11. tammi 3.10 
@The Happy Engineer c
Legendary version is for people who have both DG and DB. If you have only one DLC, use the vanilla version or your game will crash.
ミ:3 11. tammi 2.37 
я что-то изменений то не заметил даже
The Friendly Heavy c: 10. tammi 13.08 
Do you have to use Pure waters legendary if you have Dawnguard or Dragonborn installed or is it just optional? Just wondering.
Peparkakor 10. tammi 0.01 
DragonFu 9. tammi 6.40 
great job mate!!!
zombie 8. tammi 14.18 
✪ ExPiReD 8. tammi 13.36 
'its just water' well in this game the 'just water' needs too look as good as this mod makes it :) Looks so good in game :)
[HRO]jUnk1eSp0oN 'FDV 7. tammi 11.47 
That water looks Ebola free!
mester G 7. tammi 10.42 
you are a master
FluffBall_Blasersup 5. tammi 1.26 
too much water 7.8/9.1
Butt Harvey 4. tammi 19.46 
It's fucking water...
thiepval256 4. tammi 7.36 
Best water mod around
jusep3 3. tammi 22.40 
LOL call thats not it.
PlayNewLegacy 3. tammi 5.39 
normalden daha iyi gerçekçi berrak su yansımaları ve efekleri.
call1800roadkill 2. tammi 18.13 
Second Kompany I had that problem with a "steam error 16" and "steam error 15" what I did was I verified the integrity of the game cache. If you don't know how to do that, just look it up it is very simple
chuikov 2. tammi 17.23 
i have the same problem too
Second Kompany 2. tammi 11.24 
when ever i try to instal a mod off the workshop it says it failed with a "steam error 37" or something similar, can any one help?