Pure Waters
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NobleNeal 11 tuntia sitten 
does this work with Dawnguard and Dragonborn?
Aleforge 18. huhti 9.01 
Fresh install of Skyrim, subscribed to Pure Waters and now I can only get a windowed black screen. Anyone know whats going on?
Laast  [tekijä] 17. huhti 4.38 
it's a bug from the game itself when the water is transparent.
Earl 17. huhti 2.58 
Great work looks nice
theskyxp 16. huhti 18.27 
This mod is really "wet"! lol love it though good work.
sirpunchwood1 16. huhti 17.51 
had a weird glitch where if I'm holding a weapon and there is water in the background surrounding the weapon's outline, the perimeter of the weapon's skin gets all glitchy
EdduMck 16. huhti 9.33 
pure mod
Providence 15. huhti 20.49 
This mod is seriously refreshing :)
Nocx 15. huhti 15.01 
really amazing water mod :)
dickzzm 14. huhti 20.52 
amazing looking water,awesome!
Android 13. huhti 22.41 
*bath water mod. water does not look like this unless its in the bath
Übermensch 12. huhti 19.39 
praise the lord
DreedMaster 12. huhti 15.51 
yes metalhead it does
xMetalhead2000 12. huhti 11.39 
hello im new to steam im just wondering does subscribing auto install it to your game or not
MemeLord1999 10. huhti 23.39 
почему ее не видно в лаунчере
Soulsplinter 9. huhti 9.33 
amazing looking water
Biodox 8. huhti 21.37 
The water is pure
Gerb 7. huhti 14.43 
I have an bug where there's two sets of footprints in the water making ripples. The first set where it's supposed to be, at my feet, and another set about 5 feet in front of the player.
Кое-кто 3. huhti 5.18 
нет .esm файла, не видит лаунчер
Laast  [tekijä] 3. huhti 4.39 
Textures, colors, transparency, flow,...
AsIn 3. huhti 2.31 
It's a great mod . Like a photo
sirpunchwood1 2. huhti 19.53 
This is a fantastic mod but I was wondering what the difference is between W.A.T.E.R. and this? I couldn't really tell.
Laast  [tekijä] 1. huhti 13.47 
@Sexy Squidward
not normal. There's a conflict with something.
Sexy Squidward 1. huhti 11.13 
In alot of places, it has the default texture even though I have this mod installed. Like in the water underneath the bridge leading to WIndhelm, at the end of Bleak Falls barrow and in Ivarstead are some places where this happened
clongworth25 1. huhti 10.35 
jack 1. huhti 8.38 
arabesqe 31. maalis 11.11 
very nice mod, indeed!!
pete205mi16 29. maalis 12.33 
sorry to be a plank but how do i install this? already subscribed . new to steam mods
Ragtacoman 29. maalis 10.45 
What is the .esp called so I know where it is in Data Files?
Dovahkiin 28. maalis 15.06 
need dawnguard?
Xivilus 26. maalis 14.33 
Goodyear has a point, don't use dragons as a petty excuse to support your claim to this mod.
Nopjok 26. maalis 14.08 
so pretteh :)
Rolanpa 26. maalis 3.39 
steve_gee 24. maalis 2.20 
Jackatha - to remove either
1 - just unsubscribe from the mod or
2 - at start menu where the display options are accessed click on DATA FILES and uncheck the box for Pure Waters
jackatah 21. maalis 4.13 
how to uninstall?
sweggin_leeebrok 19. maalis 13.11 
try going to console and typing tgm
[19th] Ironhand Straken 19. maalis 5.27 
Great Mod!!!
Laast  [tekijä] 19. maalis 1.31 
And from your experience, did you ever see dragons in your mountains?
Goodyear 18. maalis 16.39 
Dunno if you've ever lived in the mountainous North, but the water isn't always clear, especially close to areas with stagnant water, which are all over Skyrim. Also, Skyrim has roughly the same in square kilometres, population, and population density as my hometown did when I was a kid. Factor in mining as my towns major industry and is one of the primary industries of Skyrim, it makes sense simply from my experience that not only would the water table itself become poluted, but the streams and rivers for the most part would also be pretty murky. Let's not forget there isn't a single toilet in all of Tamriel with working plumbing. Plenty of sewers, just not connected to anything apparently.
Rebox 18. maalis 7.26 
Muy bueno!!
Pap-Pap 17. maalis 13.20 
Nice job! This is one of the top rated AND subscribed mods in the skyrim workshop!
Azrael 15. maalis 12.06 
nice mod (:
Asesino51 15. maalis 7.40 
Good !!
elflacogigi 14. maalis 19.41 
willmil1219 14. maalis 17.05 
Sadly coincidental with bob the faggot below me, Im continuing my long journey across the workshop in search of a Modder willing to add Fallout's Iconic Power armor, be it t-51b or t-45d. Please reply if you have anything that may help me shorten this Journey.
Tatti-Blaui 14. maalis 12.54 
yrmama 13. maalis 1.26 
Sny89 10. maalis 11.46 
Very nice mod! :)
blioumis1 10. maalis 11.11