Pure Waters
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Sir Buckling of The Tooth For 12 timer siden 
this mod sure leaves a LAASTING result on me!

get it?

Laasting? he made the mod?

PhPlaysGames For 17 timer siden 
It fails to deliver as the updated versions of 2 waters for example are supperior. I love it 10/10 IGN
Nonehasthisnamebecauseitstaken 21. aug kl. 1:06am 
One of the best water mods I've ever used
Алексей 20. aug kl. 7:16am 
просто нажми подписаться он сам скачается
Andreyua 19. aug kl. 10:26pm 
Как установитть этот мод ?
DeuceKaboose 19. aug kl. 7:47am 
i have a few other mods installed and my graphics card is an ASUS radeon R9 270, should I expect shit FPS if i use this mod?
Sergeant_Braken 18. aug kl. 3:28pm 
So, um... why are the DG/DB ones Nexus only? Why can't they be put up on the workshop?
GaryTHAGoat 17. aug kl. 7:52pm 
if i got this would it help the underwater blackscreen effect that beth issued, is there any way to fix it
Liilleee 17. aug kl. 2:18pm 
Just awesome (Y)
takanari 16. aug kl. 10:28am 
So pure.
Xport 16. aug kl. 3:50am 
Bre Bregge påre, press subscribe!
Lakis 16. aug kl. 2:52am 
Looks great!
Bre Bregge påre 15. aug kl. 5:20am 
Where is the download link?
angel.albadalejo 14. aug kl. 3:01am 
Nice :)
Krajacek 13. aug kl. 6:36pm 
awesome 3 thumbs up !
Black Osprey 13. aug kl. 3:38pm 
Prancing Queen 13. aug kl. 6:49am 
Mmm, good stuff.
syrinx 12. aug kl. 9:20am 
Thank you, Laast.
Saeroth 11. aug kl. 11:30am 
SquidTesticle 11. aug kl. 9:09am 
really nice.
Zephir 8. aug kl. 2:27pm 
Darksaxo 8. aug kl. 4:45am 
muy bueno lo recomiendo, es imprescindible
very good mate, i like to much
Crossfade 7. aug kl. 7:42am 
Am I blind or this mod is f*cking awesome!
Hummin'Bird 5. aug kl. 3:46am 
pretty nice
SoS Frost 4. aug kl. 9:00am 
@FeedIsGood You just subscribe to it and it should download automaticaly. It might download next time you launch the game though. :)
cptclango 3. aug kl. 3:01pm 
Will this work if my res is at 1024x768?
1corsar 3. aug kl. 7:53am 
It is very cool! :)
OomegaA 3. aug kl. 12:49am 
O҉ P/\dn3r$ ҉O 2. aug kl. 7:30pm 
how to download this please respond
specialagentnick 2. aug kl. 3:57pm 
Used this so long, I've forgotten what normal skyrim water looks like
FireHive 2. aug kl. 1:27pm 
I think this is the single most needed mod when doing a graphics overhual on skyrim.
Arhi Davinci 1. aug kl. 3:24am 
still too scared to brave the icy depths of north skyrim, so i'll stick around the shallow riverwood waters XD
--@zZ3l-- 1. aug kl. 2:50am 
Cpt.Krisu 31. jul kl. 6:47am 
Deadlyze 31. jul kl. 5:29am 
Works great with Pure Weather, also made by Laast :D
DragonslayerOrnstein 30. jul kl. 12:26pm 
for some reason in my skyrim i cant see when i go under water
connordelta 30. jul kl. 1:16am 
@Laast Already using that mod too with some others, but the pure weather mod is a bit to dark at night to see the area but I kinda fixed that by putting the brightness up.
Laast  [ophavsmand] 30. jul kl. 1:12am 
@everyone asking about fps
as said in the description, no fps loss.

I recommend to use my Pure Weather mod with Pure Waters.
connordelta 30. jul kl. 1:11am 
Combine this with other graphical mods and Skyrim looks beautiful. Also the original water textures were ugly so this mod really improved it. Subbed and Like ^^
A Trombone Outside 29. jul kl. 10:24pm 
Does lower FPS?
coastlife35 29. jul kl. 9:39pm 
sick addon
DeadSoul 29. jul kl. 6:36pm 
(TDB) TotallyNormalKryz

I was also wondering the same thing
(TDB) TotallyNormalKryz 28. jul kl. 5:19am 
Will this take my fps down? Just wanna make sure, thank you! ^-^
I'Rauko 27. jul kl. 11:54am 
I am amazed at the quality. Great job
jack 26. jul kl. 3:52am 
Thank you
WILLy 23. jul kl. 3:14pm 
awesome texture. cool
garry 21. jul kl. 9:00am 
Captain Prunes 20. jul kl. 3:50pm 
@Pecetowiec pshhhh.... 10/10?

I give it >9,000/10!
Captain Prunes 20. jul kl. 3:47pm 
Is it just me, or does anyone else think it's strange that the second most popular mod is one that changes how water looks?

Note: I'm not complaining, It is an amazing mod!
gfvtmear 20. jul kl. 8:04am 
Look Greatttt