Pure Waters
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William Fogiatto před 13 minutami 
Very, very good job with this!! Thats amazing.
reaper před 25 minutami 
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The Rioter před 27 minutami 
Oh Gaben has come to own all modder's heart.
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Great job, Valve.
You split our community in half and damaged a big part of the modding community.
Do you like what you have done, Bethesda?

Copy and paste this, comrades!
MafiasCraft před 1 hodinou 
░░░░███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ Bob is building an army to fight the war against Paid Mods.
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HypoFallen před 1 hodinou 
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DDS_ThatGuy před 1 hodinou 
Sign this to remove the paid mod's.
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GaiusMarius před 8 hodinami 
GaiusMarius před 20 hodinami 
Sorry , you can help me? Fashion and downloaded should be placed , but they still do not work. And they are not in the files
Iosadosd Quarto 25. dub. v 1.44 dop. 
Ok, so I have to install ONLY the Legendary, just as I thought, but I wanted to be sure :D thank you!
Laast  [autor] 25. dub. v 1.40 dop. 
This Steam version adds water for the base game only. You can still use this version but if you have DG and DB you will have vanilla water in places added by these DLC. For a complete covering don't use this version and choose the legendary version from Nexus.
Iosadosd Quarto 25. dub. v 1.30 dop. 
Sorry for the dumb question, I just want to clear myself of any doubt, but when you say in the description that Dawnguard and Dragonborn users should install Pure Waters Legendary from Nexus, you mean that I have to install it along with this version, or that I have to install ONLY the Legendary version? Thanks!
ALI_LUDOLF 24. dub. v 11.10 odp. 
cuz of this mod i drink more and more water
Papi Centauro 24. dub. v 8.27 odp. 
ty for staying free and thanks for this great mod!
Selfish Lee Everett 24. dub. v 8.26 odp. 
best water ever. thanx for staying free.
Merkader 24. dub. v 7.09 odp. 
Great mod!! Thanks for making it free!
Star-Swift 24. dub. v 4.40 odp. 
I salute you sir for staying free!
YourMomium 24. dub. v 11.40 dop. 
I love this, it's my favorite mod ever, never go pay to play.
Laast  [autor] 24. dub. v 10.33 dop. 
@ GamerPup420
I play with Wet&Cold since its release (+ Pure Waters of course) and never had a single problem. They are 100% fully compatible.
IncendoRuina 24. dub. v 9.58 dop. 
Yes, thanks for keeping this free. I always felt like people like you were gaming heroes, now it's going to start to become another way to make money :(
Laast  [autor] 24. dub. v 8.23 dop. 
No need to say thank you for something which has always been and will always be free. Modding is a free thing, but I think there's place for HQ premium paid content at reasonable price and quality guaranteed. It's up to you guys to choose what you will pay for and what you want as a free sharing. The power is in your hand, not Valve and not me: don't buy or buy, but please no more hate.
Foosh 24. dub. v 8.04 dop. 
Thank you for keeping this Free!
mordin86 24. dub. v 7.25 dop. 
Thank you for keeping this free, I do appreciate your hard work!
Lequexo 24. dub. v 7.23 dop. 
by the community, for the community,
we stand as one, there is no need for valve to step in between,
Laast  [autor] 24. dub. v 4.13 dop. 
This mod is fully compatible with wet & cold guys. Also this mod remains free as well as all my previous mods and probably most of my futures ones.
»Panda« 23. dub. v 8.44 odp. 
Yeah thank you for not making us pay for this! You truly rock, Don't fall into the trap like the other modders have.
Nomad_One 23. dub. v 8.44 odp. 
This is one of my favorite mods. The fact that you charge for a mod tells me you're going to start charging on all your mods including this one. [sigh] the beginning of the demise for the Skyrim modding community. RIP you were great for the past 4 years.
Israphelo 23. dub. v 8.06 odp. 
glad hes not making us pay for water
king idan 23. dub. v 5.18 odp. 
i actually considerd buying skyrim
porkscraft303 23. dub. v 2.35 odp. 
thank you dev you rock
DarthRayban 23. dub. v 12.38 odp. 
Thank you for not making this cost anything. How do I donate to you?
Шildядввiт48 23. dub. v 11.58 dop. 
This is the highest rated mod in the workshop, and it replaces water textures. I'm glad people have their priorities straight.

No offence to the author, I'm sure this is a great mod and I'm installing it now.
BRADERS447 23. dub. v 10.54 dop. 
Thanks for not being paid for.
CleverLucky 23. dub. v 2.23 dop. 
как их установить?
NobleNeal 20. dub. v 3.14 odp. 
does this work with Dawnguard and Dragonborn?
Aleforge 18. dub. v 9.01 dop. 
Fresh install of Skyrim, subscribed to Pure Waters and now I can only get a windowed black screen. Anyone know whats going on?
Laast  [autor] 17. dub. v 4.38 dop. 
it's a bug from the game itself when the water is transparent.
Earl 17. dub. v 2.58 dop. 
Great work looks nice
theskyxp 16. dub. v 6.27 odp. 
This mod is really "wet"! lol love it though good work.
sirpunchwood1 16. dub. v 5.51 odp. 
had a weird glitch where if I'm holding a weapon and there is water in the background surrounding the weapon's outline, the perimeter of the weapon's skin gets all glitchy
EdduMck 16. dub. v 9.33 dop. 
pure mod
Providence 15. dub. v 8.49 odp. 
This mod is seriously refreshing :)
Nocx 15. dub. v 3.01 odp. 
really amazing water mod :)
dickzzm 14. dub. v 8.52 odp. 
amazing looking water,awesome!
Android 13. dub. v 10.41 odp. 
*bath water mod. water does not look like this unless its in the bath
Übermensch 12. dub. v 7.39 odp. 
praise the lord
DreedMaster 12. dub. v 3.51 odp. 
yes metalhead it does
xMetalhead2000 12. dub. v 11.39 dop. 
hello im new to steam im just wondering does subscribing auto install it to your game or not
MemeLord1999 10. dub. v 11.39 odp. 
почему ее не видно в лаунчере
Soulsplinter 9. dub. v 9.33 dop. 
amazing looking water
Biodox 8. dub. v 9.37 odp. 
The water is pure