Pure Waters
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MrBooey před 1 hodinou 
This mod is great
Sartakpai před 20 hodinami 
After couple of weeks playing with this mode I start suffering because of great FPS drops (up to 19) when I look on water. I guess some grafic effects is accumulating and after long time become too much. I don't know the exact reason but for the first time it was ok, I got 50 fps almost everywhere, but now FPS drops is obviously happens when I look on water (excluding waterfalls).
Laast  [autor] před 20 hodinami 
Only Legendary on Nexus
Razor 10. čvc. v 10.36 dop. 
The Steam version supports Dawnguard and Dragonborn DLCs? Or only the Legendary Nexus version?
thechosenone3241 10. čvc. v 2.09 dop. 
Great, beautiful.
Pedroscr 9. čvc. v 3.57 odp. 
vamos ver se vale a pena
WLKMANIST 9. čvc. v 3.41 dop. 
AFCGrant4 7. čvc. v 1.07 odp. 
This or W.A.T.E.R
SweetRollBandit 6. čvc. v 4.29 odp. 
Wo this water looks amazing. Great job!
Srelun 6. čvc. v 7.27 dop. 
Without this Mod many quests were simply unplayable (especially the thieves guild one with the showdown at the Falmer Statue). Many thanks!
Time Lord Hunter 6. čvc. v 1.29 dop. 
Wow, this is amazing, a fovourite for sure.
jsccsmkunz 6. čvc. v 12.07 dop. 
Amazing and well done mod i would shake the hand of the maker really good for roleplayers such as myself well done sir
Thor F. Costa 5. čvc. v 11.27 odp. 
Pedro Gamer 5. čvc. v 9.03 odp. 
muito bom
RedWest☜ 5. čvc. v 1.19 odp. 
Looks amazing. Not anything bad to say about this mod. Well done
DieRex 5. čvc. v 12.49 odp. 
A Pet Cock 5. čvc. v 12.21 odp. 
This reminds me of the oblivion water textures idk why
chris 5. čvc. v 10.42 dop. 
Is it possible to make a mod that puts the locks of Oblivion in Skyrim?
Willy A. Jeep 4. čvc. v 7.43 odp. 
Ehh, yeah. I went and uninstalled this, as I had decided to switch over to RWT, and now I can't see underwater. Tested with RWT off and on. Any help?
m.alibaskonus 4. čvc. v 7.23 dop. 
verry beathiful !!!
EvilToaster0ven 4. čvc. v 6.13 dop. 
Adel 3. čvc. v 8.42 dop. 
So it's not possible to see anything underwater or is there anything I need to do?
volkan_fakker 3. čvc. v 6.53 dop. 
Sehr Schöön
xtreme2494 1. čvc. v 4.57 odp. 
does it improve the graphics under water to make it a bit more clear aswell?
[IA] KT the Killer Timebomb 1. čvc. v 4.51 odp. 
Thanks Laast. Just sounded odd it is called Subscribe. I didn't even know where to find the Workshop until my friend Kodiac told me about it. THanks.
inamidato 1. čvc. v 12.08 odp. 
This is really good. It's one of the mods that really improves the graphics.
ench4nt 1. čvc. v 10.16 dop. 
Wonderful! Making Skyrim even prettier
jefferey_wright 1. čvc. v 8.16 dop. 
nice one -thanks
matikc25 1. čvc. v 7.00 dop. 
Emtchee 1. čvc. v 2.56 dop. 
This is amazing stuff, just try and see for yourself. Thanks! :)

Marek aka Emtchee
»Rádi¢al Rεdεmptiøn« 1. čvc. v 1.50 dop. 
I have a slow Computer so I run games not on high settings. This means, most of my games look a bit like crap. But this mod m gives back a bit of beauty to my game without killing my fps in any way. It's awesome!
tigroux 1. čvc. v 1.47 dop. 
Génial !
L'eau est qaund même beaucoup plus =jolie !
Je recommande !
ATL_CmpE 30. čvn. v 7.05 odp. 
Great mod!
Nawaf 30. čvn. v 3.04 dop. 
Mr G Almighty 29. čvn. v 4.15 odp. 
Such a small change, such a nice change
Jaszlin 29. čvn. v 9.42 dop. 
Game was already beautiful, now it is better!
Liss-ka 29. čvn. v 9.27 dop. 
Love this mod very much!
bbm; BoonMcNougat 28. čvn. v 10.21 odp. 
Great mod that doesn't seem to slow down the performance of the game, highly recommend adding it.
OMFGoose 28. čvn. v 2.16 odp. 
Absolutely outstanding splashes!
Zarlock 28. čvn. v 6.00 dop. 
Beautiful !
MissWonka 28. čvn. v 5.35 dop. 
Awesome mod! Makes the game so much prettier
nery.knight 27. čvn. v 7.45 odp. 
Neddy 27. čvn. v 9.19 dop. 
Absolutely amazing!
dicol 27. čvn. v 5.00 dop. 
love this one
futurekiller99 27. čvn. v 3.33 dop. 
very very good
cApH 27. čvn. v 3.18 dop. 
One of the best mods for Skyrim...
pletzkiGLATZ 27. čvn. v 2.55 dop. 
Works fine, looks fantastic.
Laast  [autor] 27. čvn. v 1.11 dop. 
@[IA-NDG] KT (Bo0M²)
Subscribe = download and auto-install. That's the way the Workshop works.
[IA] KT the Killer Timebomb 26. čvn. v 10.48 odp. 
Subscribe to download Pure Waters? What does that mean? Have to subscribe to get the file?
faLk 26. čvn. v 8.26 odp. 
great mod