Pure Waters
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specialagentnick преди 20 часа 
I remember downloading this 2 days after I first played skyrim, and a year later it still works great. Ironically, I forget what the original skyrim water looks like.
Laast  [автор] 15 април в 10:30сут. 
RN&D author provides a compatibility patch for PW on his nexus page.
DragonAion 14 април в 1:01след. 
Looks wonderful and worked well for me, but sadly is not compatible with Realistic Needs and Diseases; I can't drink from streams or fill bottles/waterskins.
[REBELS] xXJrod18Xx 13 април в 12:37след. 
Had a few crashes with this mod when trying to quicksave. Just a warning
NaapiS 12 април в 8:42сут. 
thank you good work :)
Bezoito(っ◕‿◕)っ 9 април в 7:53след. 
rblevins137 8 април в 5:33след. 
I still can't see underwater. why?
۝ ℱɑɾʈƖҿʈ ۝ 5 април в 11:56сут. 
Thank you very much for this mod. Tired of murky water I can't see in. :)
onexstanding 1 април в 7:39след. 
Am i the only one who cant see under water.
[SZ]Danii_mc 1 април в 4:22след. 
[Bidness Farmer] Soul9993 31 март в 6:13след. 
Looks awesome thanks for making a great mod
Kersha 31 март в 4:41след. 
I am forever trying to see what is underwater and annoyed by all the glitches in the retail textures. Thank you so much for this.
BrickermanPalooza 30 март в 2:08след. 
Great work!
lucag076 30 март в 11:47сут. 
Awesome mod thx man
jojarich 30 март в 8:17сут. 
this mod really is one of the must haves. your water is so much better thank u for your work and continued updates.
SapphireWolf 27 март в 2:34след. 
Now I can FINALLY catch those frickin' fish! Thanks and faved!
brianisthecoolestyah 26 март в 3:29след. 
a must have, the best mod I have subscribed to yet.
ralgar 26 март в 1:33след. 
real water look. nice and recommended
jdudley1121 25 март в 4:25след. 
Thank you for the mod. I've already downloaded your Pure Weather mod, and I absolutely love your work. Thank you for making Skyrim an even more beautiful game than it already was. I highly recommend this mod.
Twilight Raptor 24 март в 10:11сут. 
Always one of the first I download when I reinstall this game.
SocoJoe 23 март в 4:27след. 
Working pretty dang nice, getting good quality without FPS losses, awesome!
tom999 23 март в 5:46сут. 
seekingpains 23 март в 12:29сут. 
it seems good.,
verherr 21 март в 4:32след. 
awesome mod. The water looks so great, you almost wanna dive in! Great work dude!
ViceGuy97 21 март в 3:15сут. 
with pure weather, the waterflows don't really fit. They're white even in that darkness of night.
TyRox Lucypher inaktiv 19 март в 9:23сут. 
it doesnt work. shall i delete the nexus mods?
Niezauwazalny 19 март в 9:02сут. 
how to download
Tony 19 март в 6:29сут. 
@DoctorTheta no known performance loss. You're good.
CL4-TP Assassin Bot 17 март в 5:29след. 
The amazing thing is there actually is -> NO <- FPS drop with this, every other weather and water mod I have installed lagged my game so much that it was a danger to even look in certain directions.
Crimson Blade 17 март в 4:09сут. 
Oh and I made a BSA file out of the loose Textures that come with the Nexus version. I do that with all Nexus mods if possible and it works. I do this in case for some reason I needed to remove the mod. It is easy with BSA files. With too many loose files it can be hard to know what to delete.
Crimson Blade 17 март в 3:52сут. 
Excellent, your Pure Weather mod led me to this one. I got the one off the Nexus but I am giving it a positive rating here and an endorsement on the Nexus. I don't know how you did it but you got around the FPS issue with these mods. I've tried lots of ENBs and while they bring out the colors, they kill my FPS. This looks like an ENB especially when the sun is out and it doesn't touch my FPS at all. Thanks again for these. :)
Mpietrus 16 март в 11:36сут. 
awesome !
幻鲸 15 март в 7:17след. 
mr.snugles 15 март в 9:58сут. 
get the pure wheather with this looks awsome
marioelquemasmola 15 март в 8:34сут. 
II J0SePh X II 15 март в 8:12сут. 
After playing skyrim on the 360 since release. I fanally got a PC able to run it. This is the first mod I installed and the difference is breathtaking. Well made, Sir.
DoctorTheta 15 март в 7:52сут. 
Any major performance loss on this mod?
[GoG] JimJam141 15 март в 1:33сут. 
When I subscribed to this mod I had to pee ._.
honEd 14 март в 7:07след. 
Try making a mod where the pool in the dark brotherhood sanctuary is made of blood, that would be sooo cool. :)
Hetairoi 14 март в 8:28сут. 
please help, I would like to keep your mod. How can I fix the Underwater Problem? Cant see under water
Laast  [автор] 14 март в 1:58сут. 
It's available ;)
rytkonent 13 март в 5:22след. 
@Laast How soon?
Laast  [автор] 13 март в 2:57сут. 
Pure Weather will be available soon ;)
barmyness 12 март в 2:17след. 
you should make more pure mods great job
rytkonent 11 март в 6:43след. 
Can you make a pure rain where the rain just doesnt always sound like light rainfall but it can change between havy and light and change the sounds and density thank you.
shadow 11 март в 1:37след. 
nice water effect
Rear-Admiral Reece 11 март в 7:15сут. 
Beautiful <3
fjgt 10 март в 10:52след. 
Que bueno
MightOfGuts 10 март в 4:36след. 
does this mod work with the mod Water And Terrain Enhancement Redux by Vortikai?
GoverningLaw 9 март в 12:34след. 
Excellent work. Thanks! Been using this mod a long, long time. :)