Pure Waters
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Batsteem преди 4 часа 
Forced to unsubscribe, it does make it a little bit slower.
Laast  [автор] 23 ноември в 9:47сут. 
yeah, maybe I should remove Pure Waters too?
JaworPlayer 23 ноември в 3:49сут. 
@Laast You know that all you did was changing the "too dark" spam into "bring back" spam, don't you?
bar o' soap 22 ноември в 12:25след. 
when you subscribe you download it. just start skyrim and go to Data Files
uhh yeah dude 20 ноември в 6:53след. 
i hit subscribe. how do i download?
Roacherul 20 ноември в 6:21сут. 
Does it works for any settings? My settings are Medium,will I have lag if I add this mode?
+walker+ 19 ноември в 2:04след. 
This is beautiful; thank you so much!
legion160 18 ноември в 8:08след. 
dude ....fuck what people say the mod pure weather is in my top 5, little sad that ur asshurt over some idiots comments but it is ur mod do what u will..
reugerlyon99 18 ноември в 7:16след. 
please, someone tell me how to make my own mod, im lost

Phoenix 17 ноември в 10:10сут. 
Please Bring Back Pure Weather!!!!!!!!!
Bri 17 ноември в 8:26сут. 
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BRING PURE WEATHER BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved it so much!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im so lost without it. Please, im begging you, bring it back *sobs*
LilyNeurotic 17 ноември в 3:21сут. 
I thought I wouldn't care much about the difference this made, as I don't have any particular feeling about how the river water should look. But I was totally caught off guard by how awesome this is for all the puddles and such in dungeons. It actually looks like water! Such a small thing I know, but there's no way I could go back to vanilla now
Phoenix 16 ноември в 10:29сут. 
The darker night made it more fun & challenging.
Also it made more use of the torches as well.
Uzguhl 16 ноември в 9:25сут. 
kage74 16 ноември в 7:22сут. 
I miss pure weather and I liked the darkness -- seemed more realistic that way. Anyone that has ever been out in the country far from city lights knows just how dark it can get with no ambient light sources. It's a good idea to carry torches or a lantern with you at night.

--my only complaint would have been, that enemies didn't seem to be effected by the dark. They could still see you even without having to carry torches.
Laast  [автор] 15 ноември в 3:48след. 
I've clearly writed in the description months ago that I was tired of "too dark" comments and that it was useless to complain about this. People did not seem to understand the message and spam comment section, so yes now it's removed for everyone. Go complain to them, not me.
Tyler 15 ноември в 3:15след. 
so let me get this clear... instead of letting people make their own descision to remove the mod from their own game if they didint like the dark night, you just... removed it for everyone?
Nozombi 15 ноември в 9:13сут. 
Where did Pure Weather go?
Laast  [автор] 15 ноември в 1:24сут. 
@#SENPAI Juane Arc
Make a backup of Pure Weather files (esp and bsa in your data directory) and unsubscribe the mod. Then use previous files or download the latest version on Nexus.
cptplnt 14 ноември в 10:39след. 
well i did up rate i thought the dark nights were great just like actually being in the woods at night in a storm I will have to try and find it again on nexus last time i looked could not get it to come up the people that complained most likely never leave their computer to spend any time outside because they get too scared when it gets dark.
#SENPAI Kirito 14 ноември в 5:02след. 
Removing your pure weather mod glitched my skyrim game, as in i cannot load it without the missing content (Pure Weather) because it then proceeds to freeze and I have to restart my computer. I do not see why you gave into complaints and deleted it for the people who actually enjoyed it. Thanks for your time, meanwhile i'll be trying to fix my now broken game.
hiddenw 14 ноември в 2:18след. 
too dark is rp. too bad
Laast  [автор] 14 ноември в 1:46след. 
Pure Weather was removed because I'm tired of complaints about nights "too dark". The mod is still available on Nexus, with brighter night option.
hiddenw 14 ноември в 1:10след. 
"Why did you remove Pure Weather?" I also wonder ..
PantsUpDon'tLoot 14 ноември в 12:33след. 
I'm wondering the same thing. Also Laast I checked with BOSS and there doesn't seem to be any troubles with the mod so I guess it just has something to do with the base game.
Supergamer73 14 ноември в 11:55сут. 
Why did you remove Pure Weather?
PantsUpDon'tLoot 14 ноември в 1:48сут. 
I will check with BOSS tomorrow and report back.
Laast  [автор] 14 ноември в 1:25сут. 
this is not a bug from my mod, it should be on your side. Be sure you have not conflicting mods.
PantsUpDon'tLoot 13 ноември в 7:47след. 
Hello Laast, I found a glitch with the water near Solitude Sawmill. Here is a link to an image of the glitch.
bman8craft 11 ноември в 2:47след. 
is tht Sos? in the backround???
Gramdude 10 ноември в 10:31сут. 
Looks Great. I don't know if it was the mod or not but i was look at the reflection of the lights in the night sky from the water while jumping, and the reflection was moving all over the place all glitchy looking, it wasn't my PC either, I have A GTX Titan Black Graphics card.
martijn.stam 10 ноември в 6:59сут. 
goed gedaan (good jop)
Mosh Josh 9 ноември в 6:03след. 
Looks good, will this carry over if Skywind ever comes out?
Unluckysky1637 9 ноември в 9:40сут. 
how do you reboot a pc
Laast  [автор] 9 ноември в 2:03сут. 
Nope, on high end config Vsync doesn't solve the problem (I've always Nvidia Vsync activated, but if I don't cap my fps, water sometimes flickers).
jforsaken1 9 ноември в 12:28сут. 
Flickering water can be fixed by enabling vsync in nvidia control panel (or ati ccc).
Laast  [автор] 8 ноември в 4:31след. 
@Arctic Wolf
From the description: 5/ flickering water is a visual bug appearing when your game run at 80fps or more. Use a software to cap your framerate.
Arctic Wolf 8 ноември в 10:02сут. 
I'd prefer a disclaimer warning of any blinding strobe lights while using this mod, please and thank you.
a6 7 ноември в 9:08сут. 
Most excellent Mod.
shy621 6 ноември в 7:21след. 
real nice mod
Hus 6 ноември в 6:22сут. 
sometimes the water keeps flickering, can't tell if this is from the mode or from the game itself
Keksy 4 ноември в 7:38сут. 
realy nice, thanks
★ JayTehRainbowNinja ★ 1 ноември в 7:25сут. 
Does this affect FPS dramatically?
Zombie Doll 30 октомври в 1:59след. 
Amazing difference. Love it, Thank you
Derry 30 октомври в 11:46сут. 
Laast  [автор] 30 октомври в 6:24сут. 
Yes cou can use vanilla version if you don't use every extensions, but water won't change in DLC.
dmsmac-13 28 октомври в 12:44след. 
can i use this if i have dragonborn and heartfire? im a little confused when i read the description. can i just subscribe and forget about it? or do i need to get the one from nexus?
Leivan89 27 октомври в 6:02след. 
good work
Logic 25 октомври в 2:57след. 
SpaceORaptor 25 октомври в 2:48след. 
u are dumbledore