Really Useful Dragons
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NaughtiusMaximus 28 ธ.ค. @ 3:55am 
XD hilarious mod man awesome. Not gonna subscribe but still ty for creating it. I got a good laugh just from the preview pictures. "Dragon!"
Dr.SkittleZ 26 ธ.ค. @ 12:58pm 
I've unsubscribed from this mod but it is still there... It seems he is haunting me
Phidippus Lavender 26 ธ.ค. @ 12:38pm 
It's possible to feel actual fear with one of these things attacking you.
Caboose 25 ธ.ค. @ 8:13pm 
Thomas is one thomas is all
A Michael Buble Christmas 18 ธ.ค. @ 12:50pm 
Hilarious! Although, it does take away from the main questline due to pure silliness. Excellent mod.
PR PUNISHER 14 ธ.ค. @ 9:15pm 
The stare intensifies......... Thomas knows all your fears..... 0.o
Polar Expresswiz  [ผู้สร้าง] 13 ธ.ค. @ 8:34pm 
Czar Adolf Gustav 13 ธ.ค. @ 11:45am 
You should make a mod like "Cats of Skyrim" or "Lizards of Skyrim" that changes everyone to look like a khajiit/argonian respectively, but with trains that affect creatures and people alike.
Polar Expresswiz  [ผู้สร้าง] 7 ธ.ค. @ 2:40pm 
It should, it replaces all dragons that aren't DLC-added.
nlopezhuryn 7 ธ.ค. @ 2:39pm 
But does this modify Oodahviing and Durnehvir? (I proabably spelled "durnhevir" wrong)
It would be hilarious to have TRAIN MINIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
nlopezhuryn 7 ธ.ค. @ 2:26pm 
It's hilarous in the video to see thomas ram into the tower, and then shoot fire from his little smokestack into the place while his face is in the floor. Might be a bit buggy there.
Geobob 5 ธ.ค. @ 2:58pm 
Hilarious, but scary xD
The MLG Master 1337~2012 2 ธ.ค. @ 3:11pm 
i can't
i love you
i love you for making this
Polar Expresswiz  [ผู้สร้าง] 29 พ.ย. @ 7:02pm 
It does in the Nexus version.
Pvt. Marky 29 พ.ย. @ 6:14pm 
The Thomas the Tank Engine Theme song needs to come in whenever the Trains show up! I think that'd be the cherry on the top of this mod!
Pluma the Fluffy Dragon ™ 25 พ.ย. @ 6:17pm 
and there goes my childhood. and my children.
Grandhaven 22 พ.ย. @ 5:19am 
blame valve and their shitty file limits for the community
Jonathan 20 พ.ย. @ 3:57pm 
I love this
RonaldPalmer 16 พ.ย. @ 6:29pm 
I forgot I had this on, till I heard the toots. I was confused at first then I looked up and I just lost it. This is amazing.
Polar Expresswiz  [ผู้สร้าง] 16 พ.ย. @ 9:10am 
MGSBoca 16 พ.ย. @ 5:50am 
the most ridiculous mod I've ever seen : period. Destroys the Skyrim experience.
unicornze 4 พ.ย. @ 3:18pm 
how do you turn it off
Soldierkevin2000 30 ต.ค. @ 11:33am 
ShroomBot 29 ต.ค. @ 5:11pm 
Possibly The Best Mod Ever.
Queen Elizabeth II 28 ต.ค. @ 2:42pm 
its Thomas the Dank Engine
XenoMorphKing 28 ต.ค. @ 2:31pm 
The Mighty Ramtide 27 ต.ค. @ 2:14am 
I can't stop laughing.
bgc 24 ต.ค. @ 1:48pm 
how do you install it ???
Voidslayer1268 16 ต.ค. @ 10:17pm 
This the best mod ever.........of all time
Solderp 3 ต.ค. @ 3:25pm 
How do you install mods when you have to download the file manually?
reaverulez 3 ต.ค. @ 1:49pm 
this is the greatest thing ever
TheDiscordedBrony 28 ก.ย. @ 6:26am 
this will be amazing
The_Big_Show_Man 27 ก.ย. @ 9:38am 
Ben Hanson! 27 ก.ย. @ 12:14am 
mooyaa222 24 ก.ย. @ 11:09pm 
Polar Expresswiz  [ผู้สร้าง] 24 ก.ย. @ 8:07pm 
Bilbo Swaggins 24 ก.ย. @ 5:25pm 
wut... whose idea was this?
mooyaa222 23 ก.ย. @ 3:30am 
i didn't choose the chug life the chug life chose me
JCmanNL 22 ก.ย. @ 5:32pm 
Freakin amazing!
herobrine Jr 19 ก.ย. @ 8:54pm 
you are the Trainborn
Terror Meowx 17 ก.ย. @ 2:16pm 
Malacus 16 ก.ย. @ 8:14am 
I don't even know what the dragons normally look like, this is the only way I play Skyrim!
Turqoise-Santa 16 ก.ย. @ 1:50am 
It's Thomas the Tank! Everbody RUN!!!
Darkmaster20660 15 ก.ย. @ 8:05am 
its not working for me any help?
Puddington 11 ก.ย. @ 2:38pm 
Just when you think you have seen it all, this shows up in the workshop. I'm done with the internet. Just... just leave me behind.
Ricky447 10 ก.ย. @ 8:12am 
I'm going to use this dearing my modded let's play of skyrim. This is just amazing!
I AM THE TREE 9 ก.ย. @ 6:44pm 
i love this mod but my charecter is to power full to face trains and also thos coal cart skelotons are freaky as hell
Duchess Karflegobble 7 ก.ย. @ 1:06pm 
Greatest Skyrim mod ever!
ToxicVenom 5 ก.ย. @ 3:09pm 
I know you