Really Useful Dragons
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Moose 9 órája 
You broke my aability to laugh...
Seriously I cant..
It Hurts...
Im going to go to the hospital now.
Awesome mod
FluttersFTW júl. 11. @ de. 6:26 
My god, this mod is hilarious.
Never_Kal júl. 11. @ de. 1:31 
lol hahahahaha
Xantaxia júl. 10. @ de. 3:05 
@Hornswoggle. You're probably best checking the Skyrim forums for that, someone there will know what to do.
Hornswoggle júl. 10. @ de. 2:31 
Ok so now I succesfully uninstalled it but for some reason, dragons have stopped spawning. Maybe I angered the train gods?
Sir Buckling of The Tooth júl. 9. @ du. 11:22 
I always knew they were hiding something...
Xantaxia júl. 9. @ de. 11:16 
@Hornswoggle On the start up screen click on 'Data Files' then uncheck the mod, I think
Hornswoggle júl. 9. @ de. 3:06 
Could someone pls tell me how to uninstall this?
dlaekdnlt123 júl. 8. @ du. 9:18 
this is the best mod ever created on steam, and it will always be.
Fireon júl. 7. @ de. 5:47 
Childhood ruined
noahmele júl. 6. @ du. 8:18 
thomases empty, souless gaze as he burns villagers is the funniest thing i have seen in this game
Bill Nye the Science Guy júl. 4. @ du. 6:38 
When I unsubscribed from this mod (because I want a more serious playthough), the mod's still activated and it won't go away. Anyone know how to help?
SeeeQ. -1337- júl. 4. @ de. 10:58 
In medieval, i'm fighting trains with my lightsaber. Wow, i love modes like this one.
The Moth Pirate júl. 3. @ du. 5:40 
10/10 would train again.
ѦÆŦĦÆŁѠʮƲȽḸƑ jún. 30. @ du. 10:50 
This is the most wonderful thing to ever come to skyrim. Ever.
Eren Jaeger jún. 30. @ de. 3:25 
My childhood ruined. I know howthey get thier energy in the tv show. DX
superllama0503 jún. 30. @ de. 12:43 
Trainwiz  [készítő] jún. 29. @ de. 9:41 
Pyromaildragon jún. 29. @ de. 9:01 
So Thomas replaces the first dragon.
Gordon replaces the standard dragons.
James replaces legendary dragons.
What does Percy replace?
Trainwiz  [készítő] jún. 28. @ du. 3:57 
He's there.
WabbaJones jún. 28. @ du. 3:46 
Hope you didn't forget Percy...
blackcray jún. 28. @ de. 12:48 
that face makes it more horrorfying that the normal dragon, and that is the scariest train whistle that i have ever heard.
[TRGFC] Andy_E_Guitar [Ger] jún. 27. @ du. 1:52 
Matthew jún. 26. @ du. 10:56 
There are only two situations where I would fear the sound of a train whistle. When I'm on the tracks, and then there's this. What monstrosity have you created?
JAQ MANTICORE jún. 25. @ du. 7:53 
Their haunting gaze makes it funnier and creepier to kill them o.o
Brian Heriot jún. 22. @ du. 5:20 
I'm going to laugh my ass off when I download this.
Trainwiz  [készítő] jún. 22. @ du. 2:01 
Luke Swagwalker jún. 22. @ du. 1:39 
is this compatible with the dlcs?
Manofchaos jún. 21. @ de. 5:54 
Awesome mod!!!
sgtwinkler jún. 19. @ de. 9:21 
This somehow makes dragons much more terrifying.
theotheowi jún. 17. @ de. 9:03 
Best mod ever.
NFITC1 jún. 16. @ du. 12:23 
Helgen's been reduced to Cinders and Ashes (thumbs up if you get it :D ).
Binky jún. 14. @ du. 8:52 
you won the interwebz

i would give you a cookie but not having a cookie
Ordinator jún. 12. @ du. 5:50 
I'm sorry, but this is just creepy in the screenshots.
Trainwiz  [készítő] jún. 11. @ du. 9:20 
The Nexus version plays the theme.
thecrowbar474 jún. 11. @ du. 8:43 
can you make it to where it plays the theme? At the very least helgen
hangon999 jún. 8. @ de. 5:00 
This looks amazing and really funny!
idcidontcare jún. 6. @ du. 4:55 
im gonna piss myself XD ogm
bkaye03 máj. 31. @ du. 1:10 
Thomas:chu chu mother****
Trainwiz  [készítő] máj. 23. @ de. 7:50 
I only had models for Thomas, Percy, James, and Gordon. Thomas and Percy are Alduin and Paarthunaax respectively, while James and Gordon are assigned to all other dragons randomly.
chyde máj. 22. @ du. 8:27 
this is still fabulous...just needs the Revered Dragon replaced for the DLC...also, is the selection of which engine really randomized? I primarily get Gordon, have had James a few times (and once a dragon that would switch from Gordon to James and back again while in flight), but no others. I was really hoping there was an even chance of Thomas, James, Henry, Gordon.
CaptainPrunes máj. 21. @ du. 7:05 
@Pain Repulser You on't say...
Pope Pieous I máj. 17. @ du. 2:10 
Childhood.exe has stopped working
Sir Cow máj. 17. @ de. 12:53 
i think its lore friendly
Hλlf-Mod máj. 15. @ du. 3:33 
this is a must have!
Sebass162 máj. 10. @ du. 5:06 
This mod makes you laugh every time
altasallie máj. 9. @ du. 2:30 
im kinda of getting tierd of this mod so i delete it and it says it deleted but thomas is still there what do i do
Shag máj. 8. @ du. 4:10 
I'm not sure why I'm laughing so hard.
A Cat in a Fridgee máj. 6. @ du. 5:21 
"what in oblivion is that?!?" that dear tullius is the sound of your doom and thomas is coming do get you... THOMAS THE TANK ENGEINE ROLLING ALONG. ALL OF HIS FREINDS ARE COMING ALONG
Wolf máj. 6. @ de. 10:03 
Pain repulser, many parents play pc games..
My grandfather is 83 and loves pc games.
If you don't like don't download pretty simple, no need to troll the poor guy.