Really Useful Dragons
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Gunto 3 uur geleden 
Trains devouring souls...
SnigSnogWigWog 18 apr om 1:27nm 
This mod is great! Could not stop laughing the first time I found gameplay for it!
General Electric Tiger 18 apr om 7:36vm 
No one ever messes the choo choo!
Viktor 16 apr om 6:26vm 
dafuq is dat ,fuck me ...
Emergency Communist 9 apr om 3:37nm 
Emergency Communist 9 apr om 3:37nm 
This mod is hilarious!
[KMOA]Tahoji 6 apr om 2:50vm 
this mod im having nightmares :(
tipsythomas 2 apr om 1:50nm 
I find it a funny idea but proper terrifying to watch my very early childhood hero do those terrible things in that video.
qwerty-space 30 mrt om 3:12vm 
SIps brought me here.
Byrdshot 23 mrt om 3:22nm 
its goood stuff
WillingArtistic 22 mrt om 5:04nm 
Oh dear god, The eyes. Dont look into the eyes, Its here, Its coming...Oh No...No, No, No, No, No, NO!!! -Silence- -Toot toot-

If that was used in a Short film for this mod, it would have to be done in Garrys Mod and Be really Dermatic and Dark. When you see the Tank Engine it just goes dark and then it says...
"Toot toot" In a really Dermatic Font
WillingArtistic 22 mrt om 4:58nm 
@Zaku II
This was only for fun. I don't get what you hate about it, So I ask you this: How old ARE you??

P.s.- *Too too*
Zaku II 22 mrt om 3:30nm 
Keithlor 21 mrt om 11:14vm 
this mod is demonic... I LOVE IT!!!
RootedBulldog56 20 mrt om 4:45nm 
i was skyping with my friend while play and i heard a *toot toot* and i jumped and screamed oh shit, i said theres a fucking dragon and he coulding stop laughing becasue he heard it too
epicness886 15 mrt om 11:57nm 
Amazing! LOVE IT! Thank you so much for making this!
Batman999 14 mrt om 12:40nm 
Gabumon 8 mrt om 12:51vm 
Thank you for this XD
naderman1 7 mrt om 1:26nm 
lol and omg. just that
Nick 'the cage' Cage 4 mrt om 9:06nm 
I love this.
It turns my childhood hero into my worst nightmare. (also fun for trolling my friend)
E-swizz 3 mrt om 10:18nm 
You hike up a steep mountain, determined to complete your current quest. As your stamina runs low, and dusk begins to fall over Skyrim, you hear it, "Choo choo." Your blood freezes, and there, hovering-- your worst possible fears embodied in one, soul-devouring being-- Thomas the Tank Engine.
The Face Of Satan 2 mrt om 5:58nm 
is just perfect
Nefnoj 28 feb om 8:52nm 
Huh, that's weird, usually patches are supposed to FIX those sort of things. Haha, sorry for accusing you, thanks for the help!
Trainwiz  [auteur] 28 feb om 4:43nm 
Again, the Nexus version plays music.
XxEndlessVoidxX 28 feb om 4:41nm 
when a dragon is attacking there should be thomas the tank engine's theme song playing instead of the vanilla music
Trainwiz  [auteur] 26 feb om 9:12nm 
Unofficial Patches modify dragons.
Nefnoj 26 feb om 8:41nm 
Hm, strange, this was the only mod I've ever had affecting dragons. I've had the unofficial patches too. Weeeeeird.
Trainwiz  [auteur] 22 feb om 3:44nm 
@mini: Depends if it gets over a million views or not
@Nefnoj: Probably something else, this mod only affects dragon appearences and sound, nothing else.
Nefnoj 22 feb om 3:28nm 
I've a problem... Ever since subscribing to this mod, I cannae absorb Dragon Souls, and alas, unsubscribing didn't solve this problem.
minismallsempire 22 feb om 3:11nm 
Quick question: If I do a youtube series with this mod in will i get a copyright strike by the people who own the thomas the tank engine franchise?
Nefnoj 21 feb om 9:16nm 
Two things!
First thing, does it change the hit-box?
Second thing, any chance for a sound-replacement version, without any train-changes?
Seraph Predator 20 feb om 8:46nm 
@Trainwiz ahh cheers kent <3
Gohan wearing a pyro costume 20 feb om 1:44nm 
XD Thomas and his freinds killing everyone SO EVIL
Trainwiz  [auteur] 20 feb om 8:06vm 
It's Alduin's meteor shout
Seraph Predator 19 feb om 10:37nm 
fucken oath this is a great mod. anyways ive seen a spell which rains Thomas the Train Engine Styled Trains. (Not Call of Trainwiz) A Spell. Used on one of MXR's videos. The 114th one. I believe it comes from this mod. Spell ID or way to get it anyone? (Start at 0:34)
INRIhab 18 feb om 11:40vm 
This is a hilarious, and absolute must-have mod for any Skyrim player with a sense of humour and nostalgia. CHOO CHOO!
Galiron 18 feb om 7:45vm 
CatWithNoLimbs 16 feb om 9:48vm 
The dragons don't show up as enemies anymore and they refuse to attack me. They just float around and toot at me.. Is it because I am using DLC? Sorry if that is a stupid question, I just wanna fight some trains.
DoABarrelRoll! 15 feb om 4:26nm 
Funny and scary at the same time :D
Tim Tam The Milkman 12 feb om 10:22vm 
the blood that comes up when you hit them still shows to be a dragon btw
Spingebill SquirePints 10 feb om 8:30nm 
no this is patrick
Spingebill SquirePints 10 feb om 8:29nm 
Spingebill SquirePints 10 feb om 8:24nm 
mostly satan
Spingebill SquirePints 10 feb om 8:24nm 
this is satan but awesomely lel
Hermaflagoog 9 feb om 6:30nm 
Trainwiz  [auteur] 9 feb om 6:28nm 
Could be worse, I could have glowmapped their eyes.
Hermaflagoog 9 feb om 6:12nm 
If anything you made dragons more scarier
Brother_Hank 8 feb om 8:18vm 
does any1 else have alduin not show up in the cutscene of the nord heroes banishing alduin when you read the elder scroll at the time wound?
keelster361 7 feb om 4:08nm 
T00T T00T