Really Useful Dragons
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fluttershy_fan Summer 22 юли в 9:28сут. 
LOVE the mod,the only thing thats wrong is that you never know when its about to attack
artsmart 22 юли в 8:55сут. 
i used this mods before and ive have run into a glitch, when i go to a random dragon mound that alduin is resseructing a dragon the dragon never appears i cant remeber if this happened doring the main quest "A Blade In The Dark" can someone tell me whst is hsppening and whst i can do to fix this i downloaded the mod from nexus
Reigning Pain 22 юли в 12:01сут. 
If it was potatoes i could understand. Still though... LOOOOOOOOOOOL!
Trainwiz  [автор] 22 юли в 12:00сут. 
Why not?
Reigning Pain 22 юли в 12:00сут. 
Exactly why?
Tricky Ricky 21 юли в 12:46сут. 
This mod brings a whole new idea to my childhood XD
Trainwiz  [автор] 20 юли в 8:30след. 
Oh I will. The next video diary will feature boss AI, and to showcase it we'll have the mighty RED barrel.
Kitts 2-307 20 юли в 7:27след. 
@Trainwiz Oh, and Nanosteam sounds like it'll be awesome. Keep up the good work, what with barrel AI and such.
Kitts 2-307 20 юли в 7:24след. 
Perhaps I'll try this. It sounds glorious.
Trainwiz  [автор] 20 юли в 7:23след. 
Kitts 2-307 20 юли в 7:23след. 
@Trainwiz Does this work with World Eater Beater?
Henchman Number 24 (Cy4G) 15 юли в 10:08след. 
XD this scared me and made me laugh
Moose 13 юли в 5:33след. 
You broke my aability to laugh...
Seriously I cant..
It Hurts...
Im going to go to the hospital now.
Awesome mod
FluttersFTW 11 юли в 6:26сут. 
My god, this mod is hilarious.
Never_Kal 11 юли в 1:31сут. 
lol hahahahaha
Xantaxia 10 юли в 3:05сут. 
@Hornswoggle. You're probably best checking the Skyrim forums for that, someone there will know what to do.
Hornswoggle 10 юли в 2:31сут. 
Ok so now I succesfully uninstalled it but for some reason, dragons have stopped spawning. Maybe I angered the train gods?
Sir Buckling of The Tooth 9 юли в 11:22след. 
I always knew they were hiding something...
Xantaxia 9 юли в 11:16сут. 
@Hornswoggle On the start up screen click on 'Data Files' then uncheck the mod, I think
Hornswoggle 9 юли в 3:06сут. 
Could someone pls tell me how to uninstall this?
dlaekdnlt123 8 юли в 9:18след. 
this is the best mod ever created on steam, and it will always be.
Fireon 7 юли в 5:47сут. 
Childhood ruined
noahmele 6 юли в 8:18след. 
thomases empty, souless gaze as he burns villagers is the funniest thing i have seen in this game
Bill Nye The Science Guy 4 юли в 6:38след. 
When I unsubscribed from this mod (because I want a more serious playthough), the mod's still activated and it won't go away. Anyone know how to help?
SeeeQ. -1337- 4 юли в 10:58сут. 
In medieval, i'm fighting trains with my lightsaber. Wow, i love modes like this one.
The Moth Pirate 3 юли в 5:40след. 
10/10 would train again.
ѦÆŦĦÆŁѠʮƲȽḸƑ 30 юни в 10:50след. 
This is the most wonderful thing to ever come to skyrim. Ever.
Eren Jaeger 30 юни в 3:25сут. 
My childhood ruined. I know howthey get thier energy in the tv show. DX
superllama0503 30 юни в 12:43сут. 
Trainwiz  [автор] 29 юни в 9:41сут. 
Pyromaildragon 29 юни в 9:01сут. 
So Thomas replaces the first dragon.
Gordon replaces the standard dragons.
James replaces legendary dragons.
What does Percy replace?
Trainwiz  [автор] 28 юни в 3:57след. 
He's there.
WabbaJones 28 юни в 3:46след. 
Hope you didn't forget Percy...
blackcray 28 юни в 12:48сут. 
that face makes it more horrorfying that the normal dragon, and that is the scariest train whistle that i have ever heard.
[TRGFC] Andy_E_Guitar [Ger] 27 юни в 1:52след. 
Matthew 26 юни в 10:56след. 
There are only two situations where I would fear the sound of a train whistle. When I'm on the tracks, and then there's this. What monstrosity have you created?
JAQ MANTICORE 25 юни в 7:53след. 
Their haunting gaze makes it funnier and creepier to kill them o.o
Brian Heriot 22 юни в 5:20след. 
I'm going to laugh my ass off when I download this.
Trainwiz  [автор] 22 юни в 2:01след. 
Smoke Weedle 'Errday 22 юни в 1:39след. 
is this compatible with the dlcs?
Manofchaos 21 юни в 5:54сут. 
Awesome mod!!!
sgtwinkler 19 юни в 9:21сут. 
This somehow makes dragons much more terrifying.
theotheowi 17 юни в 9:03сут. 
Best mod ever.
NFITC1 16 юни в 12:23след. 
Helgen's been reduced to Cinders and Ashes (thumbs up if you get it :D ).
Binky 14 юни в 8:52след. 
you won the interwebz

i would give you a cookie but not having a cookie
Ordinator 12 юни в 5:50след. 
I'm sorry, but this is just creepy in the screenshots.
Trainwiz  [автор] 11 юни в 9:20след. 
The Nexus version plays the theme.
thecrowbar474 11 юни в 8:43след. 
can you make it to where it plays the theme? At the very least helgen
hangon999 8 юни в 5:00сут. 
This looks amazing and really funny!
idcidontcare 6 юни в 4:55след. 
im gonna piss myself XD ogm