Really Useful Dragons
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Mooyaa222 há 10 minutos 
i didn't choose the chug life the chug life chose me
JCmanNL há 10 horas 
Freakin amazing!
herobrine Jr 19 de set às 20:54 
you are the Trainborn
Rin Okumura 17 de set às 14:16 
Malacus 16 de set às 8:14 
I don't even know what the dragons normally look like, this is the only way I play Skyrim!
Foxy 16 de set às 1:50 
It's Thomas the Tank! Everbody RUN!!!
Darkmaster20660 15 de set às 8:05 
its not working for me any help?
Puddington 11 de set às 14:38 
Just when you think you have seen it all, this shows up in the workshop. I'm done with the internet. Just... just leave me behind.
Ricky447 10 de set às 8:12 
I'm going to use this dearing my modded let's play of skyrim. This is just amazing!
trust me im a "docter" 9 de set às 18:44 
i love this mod but my charecter is to power full to face trains and also thos coal cart skelotons are freaky as hell
Karflegobble 7 de set às 13:06 
Greatest Skyrim mod ever!
ToxicVenom 5 de set às 15:09 
I know you
MazzSpazz 5 de set às 7:18 
Hey kids, now you see my true side!!!
Dr.SkittleZ 30 de ago às 7:01 
an awesome mod, got some hilarious screenshots. But I have now unsubscribed from this mod and the dragons are still trains, any help?
kbmodigity 29 de ago às 17:04 
This mod deserves a nobel prize. Einstein can lick the authors boots. PURE GENIUS!!!!!
RayZeSheep 21 de ago às 15:29 
a.hop68 you should be ashamed
owner be loved made me piss myself from unbound alone
a.hop68 17 de ago às 17:46 
hey guys get it how to train a dragon
cluelessfool87 14 de ago às 23:02 
Now my childhood is runed even more beacuse Thomas is trying to kill me!!! But honestly great mod and really fun!
LijSams14 14 de ago às 19:55 
Thank you for this mod. Before I downloaded this, skyrim was terribly boring for me. But thanks to your undeniable genius, my life has meaning again. God bless you sir, and your giant flying trains, without which, I would be nothing.
MrBigmilk 13 de ago às 11:32 
KnightCyber 12 de ago às 13:17 
My brother installed this on my computer without me knowing, when I saw a dragon I almost pissed myself from laughter and terror
Sprint111 9 de ago às 13:27 
I'm going to have nightmares...
FNQuantum 5 de ago às 22:25 
This mod scares the shit out of me...
Nub 4 de ago às 4:54 
raemir 1 de ago às 23:44 
thank you for this
EcoBro1 #SaveTheChickens2014 1 de ago às 19:41 
HOLY ****
Awkwardly Cool 31 de jul às 13:34 
This mod is so sexy.
nmbick 31 de jul às 12:20 
­Ðr.Cake³ 30 de jul às 11:45 
IGN -10/10-
Riot SkillLess 28 de jul às 18:16 
this has to be the derpiest thing in the workshop
Shor Faal Kruziik Vokun 27 de jul às 10:45 
DoYouEvenROA 26 de jul às 21:23 
Fuck yeah sparkle sparkle
fluttershy_fan Summer 22 de jul às 9:28 
LOVE the mod,the only thing thats wrong is that you never know when its about to attack
artsmart 22 de jul às 8:55 
i used this mods before and ive have run into a glitch, when i go to a random dragon mound that alduin is resseructing a dragon the dragon never appears i cant remeber if this happened doring the main quest "A Blade In The Dark" can someone tell me whst is hsppening and whst i can do to fix this i downloaded the mod from nexus
Reigning Pain 22 de jul às 0:01 
If it was potatoes i could understand. Still though... LOOOOOOOOOOOL!
Trainwiz  [autor(a)] 22 de jul às 0:00 
Why not?
Reigning Pain 22 de jul às 0:00 
Exactly why?
Tricky Ricky 21 de jul às 0:46 
This mod brings a whole new idea to my childhood XD
Trainwiz  [autor(a)] 20 de jul às 20:30 
Oh I will. The next video diary will feature boss AI, and to showcase it we'll have the mighty RED barrel.
Kitts 2-307 20 de jul às 19:27 
@Trainwiz Oh, and Nanosteam sounds like it'll be awesome. Keep up the good work, what with barrel AI and such.
Kitts 2-307 20 de jul às 19:24 
Perhaps I'll try this. It sounds glorious.
Trainwiz  [autor(a)] 20 de jul às 19:23 
Kitts 2-307 20 de jul às 19:23 
@Trainwiz Does this work with World Eater Beater?
Davy Jones (shrek army) 15 de jul às 22:08 
XD this scared me and made me laugh
Moose 13 de jul às 17:33 
You broke my aability to laugh...
Seriously I cant..
It Hurts...
Im going to go to the hospital now.
Awesome mod
Yinny 11 de jul às 6:26 
My god, this mod is hilarious.
Never_Kal 11 de jul às 1:31 
lol hahahahaha
Xantaxia 10 de jul às 3:05 
@Hornswoggle. You're probably best checking the Skyrim forums for that, someone there will know what to do.
Sairaan Nopee 10 de jul às 2:31 
Ok so now I succesfully uninstalled it but for some reason, dragons have stopped spawning. Maybe I angered the train gods?
Sir Buckling of The Tooth 9 de jul às 23:22 
I always knew they were hiding something...