Yhteisö on antanut tälle pelille julkaisuluvan!

Yhteisö on osoittanut mielenkiintonsa tätä peliä kohtaan. Valve on ottanut yhteyttä kehittäjiin saadakseen pelille Steam-julkaisun.

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Kainaris 23. loka 5.34 
I need this.
[HĽ]livrpudlian 25. elo 16.20 
I played this game at SXSW a year ago. Let me tell you, it was amazing. It feeled a lot like Portal, but the way you solved puzzles seemed new, fesh, and overall more difficult. That was once about a year ago. This game has a lot of potential, and will be one that I am sure I will buy and follow closely.
nekr0 30. heinä 7.38 
I will buy this!
naterobemadd 1. heinä 14.00 
что выглядит невероятным товарища
Power-Fusion 27. kesä 23.12 
Flushable toilets. 10/10.
Shrek 25. kesä 3.43 
Looks very interesting.
AlphaWolfRS 30. touko 18.23 
Looks cool.
fec 1. touko 20.46 

Can't wait.
Butt 18. huhti 1.07 
I played this at EGX. No idea what it was, went in blind, loved it. Very reminscent of Portal to me in terms of puzzles, can't wait to play the full thing!
Sirfowler 5. huhti 19.52 
this kinda reminds me of the stanley parable
must be the textures they look the same (atleast to me)
Arron Rift 12. maalis 14.55 
Saw it in a Tom's Hardware article, looks pretty nice! I'm following it now :)
Nathan 10. maalis 14.52 
I played this at SXSW and it was AMAZING as soon as this is released and I have the money I will buy it.
intox. SeñorSniperMan 7. maalis 23.00 
Festiveporridge101 26. helmi 8.38 
looks cool
InvisiblePlayer™ 17. helmi 3.28 
Classic Game
163 10. helmi 13.52 
good game
»» I'm Not Superman «« 8. helmi 12.00 
tRaCe 8. helmi 11.47 
nice game
-{ØP}- Vorphy 26. tammi 21.24 
rino 24. tammi 12.02 
Car Cat 22. tammi 0.18 
[BSQDN] Booty Warrior 21. tammi 8.42 
Ralur 20. tammi 11.54 
:) nice
망타는 사랑입니다 19. tammi 20.04 
ZStinger 19. tammi 8.40 
I found very awesome this game
/A/kh!l 19. tammi 2.09 
momther 18. tammi 14.48 
looks great
Tyki 18. tammi 14.04 
The_Invisible_Man 18. tammi 11.28 
Amagi-Tagir 18. tammi 7.58 
Giga Impact 18. tammi 7.28 
Wow, this game looks amazing!
how do you vote? I WANNA VOTE!
Scruffy The Janitor 15. tammi 16.14 
This game sounds alot like system shock 2.
PaCe 15. tammi 14.06 
looks great!

the game looks good but its a little similar to portal
STRaTZeR 14. tammi 13.55 
Hope it will be available
swimer1 13. tammi 20.15 
looks great. any chance of early acces?
NecroHawkii 11. tammi 4.11 
Yes! This looks so awesome and promising, it would be really cool if there is some sort of narration or good story telling, if there is a story. Still, looking forward to it. We need more First Person Puzzles! :D
TheSparrowsJourney 10. tammi 13.15 
I made a first impressions video on Modulate, I'll leave it here ;) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PbppgqHksiI
Kayotao Mayute 9. tammi 16.15 
i sense this being a portal replacement
[FFAP]1 4M 3RR0R 9. tammi 15.32 
looks badass.
Koala 9. tammi 15.08 
nice game :)
AVR 9. tammi 9.30 
Cpt. Snowflake 9. tammi 9.20 
Looks COol
Yeah, realy it looks cool
Labyrinth2 0 8. tammi 17.30 
Looks awesome!
Heisenberg 8. tammi 10.41 
good game!
Lapisepi 8. tammi 10.18 
Bad Robot 8. tammi 8.41 
jovan3105 8. tammi 5.58