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Between Heartbeats
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61 megjegyzés
The Total Package 2014. febr. 9., du. 5:50 
Yeah! Science! Looks fantastic, too! And that music! Upvote!
Ciunay_R 2014. jan. 24., de. 10:39 
eheh funny
Vinnie_Z_PRO 2014. jan. 5., de. 1:45 
igra dlya lovkosty sovetuy vstm
Dark Raven 2014. jan. 2., de. 5:47 
Cool idea. I hope that it caters to older audiences too. I imagine that the harder difficulty settings and freedom of strategy (that I assume comes from the variety of blood cells to choose from and the number/types of enemies) would do that?
Josh Hartley 2013. dec. 23., du. 4:08 
hey guys, just thought i'd show my support as i went to college with you all, good luck, i've greenlit it for you, hope it all works out
CD.Lemurking13 2013. dec. 22., de. 3:55 
Played this at the platform expo 2013 and it was AMAZING.
积极的态度 2013. dec. 18., de. 11:03 
Plans for Android? For those of us with good tablets. Upvote.
Jowle 2013. dec. 5., de. 6:12 
Interesting! :D
koghs 2013. nov. 27., de. 9:31 
ToXiCPain 2013. nov. 23., de. 6:52 
@Pancholo Some of the guys checked that out before, but I believe they said that it may be a bit more difficult to place it on a mobile device because of the controls and the AI path.
Pancholo 2013. nov. 22., du. 9:53 
Nice concept, but in this time and age, wouldn't these kinds of casual/arcade games fit better in current mobile devices? It's just my very, very personal opinion; I mean, especially this one, since it seems to have simple maneuverability (just point with mouse) and easy menu/UI navigations.

After reading the comments I am glad people appreciate this game coming out for PC, which might make my current mindset look closed-minded to some extent, but I recommend (and hope) that you also look forward to targetting those mobile environments in the near future.

Best of luck and upvoted!
Aliske 2013. nov. 21., du. 6:14 
YES YES YES YES. Coming from a medical background, this is AWESOME!
F!5H 2013. nov. 19., de. 4:32 
Seems like a really great idea - hope it gets through!
=AJSA= 不歸V.I.Dread黃泉 2013. nov. 17., de. 5:25 
vote fot the great idea
All About Bacon 2013. nov. 16., du. 6:02 
Interesting but I'm so glad real blood cells don't rupture on contact with walls
SONUVA 2013. nov. 16., du. 12:35 
Played this at Platform 2013, tense as hell from the get go!
Fenrir007 2013. nov. 15., du. 3:11 
This game lacks heart
Alforreka 2013. nov. 15., de. 7:56 
the map should be the human body
Fuuuuuu 2013. nov. 14., du. 6:27 
Nice concept =)
coldReactive (Iyeru) 2013. nov. 14., de. 10:42 
If you want to support steam box / SteamOS, you'll have to make it Linux compatible.
Dioneia 2013. nov. 14., de. 8:22 
Не встречала аналогов, хорошая идея =)
Jenious 2013. nov. 14., de. 2:58 
Parece ser diferente e bem interativo.
Aguia de Pijama 2013. nov. 13., du. 2:02 
Otima ideia. Simples e divertido.
bocaaust 2013. nov. 13., de. 6:31 
it reminds me a little bit of cell craft
Claire 2013. nov. 12., du. 11:42 
Looks like fun, I'd buy it!
maud560 2013. nov. 12., du. 1:46 
Love the idea, not sure if the gameplay is that interesting though...
ѼWhere is my muffin?Ѽ 2013. nov. 12., de. 11:36 
Очень весёлая игрушка. Мне нравится))
xussia 2013. nov. 12., de. 11:10 
This look really different, and has great finish and I will be getting it!
Dragon 2013. nov. 12., de. 9:49 
hi i dont know the game
♥Shen♥ 2013. nov. 12., de. 9:08 
Hello, my name is Shen and I am a relatively new Youtuber.

This game looks like a lot of fun and I would like to ask if it would be possible to play some sort of demo or so that I could showcase on my channel to help you get those votes in, you have mine already, be sure of that !

If you would be interested, send me a message on steam. I will not put a link here.
成都鸽王 2013. nov. 12., de. 6:48 
Great aesthetic choice
44 2013. nov. 12., de. 6:44 
Glitch 2013. nov. 12., de. 6:00 
Great aesthetic choice.
danila3j 2013. nov. 12., de. 1:13 
xenofoxx 2013. nov. 11., du. 10:14 
"Archimedes! NO! It's filthy in there."

Put this on steam right next to Surgeon Simulator please.
Nemesis Legion 2013. nov. 11., du. 8:58 
While gameplay wise its not for me I do admire the originality here. Gonna give it a vote just to off-set all the zombie and military shooters I've been seeing on Greenlight so much.
Closet Dwelling Skeleton 2013. nov. 11., du. 8:53 
This poor man/woman may need heart surgery if they have spikes bouncing around in their veins and cells with laser beams.
Marauder 2013. nov. 11., du. 7:55 
Hahahaha not for me too...
hezekiah-angel 2013. nov. 11., du. 7:37 
Not for me,
but good luck.
СчастьеРадость 2013. nov. 11., du. 7:33 
it's so unusual
fighter against viruses...mmm, nice
lzH 2013. nov. 11., du. 6:45 
DwDxInfinite 2013. nov. 11., du. 5:19 
i would for sure buy this game . . . if it was free i mean
◄Reapers► Wolfski 2013. nov. 11., du. 4:09 
Weird.... really not sure about this one..... gotta say there is some originality there... but is that enough.......
Captain Tumblr 2013. nov. 11., du. 1:09 
put it on a console or a mobile device and I would play, especially if it were one of the 80 xbla points games.
ProbablePrime 2013. nov. 11., du. 12:06 
Your knowledge of anatomy needs work.
Graeme 2013. nov. 11., de. 10:58 
You're going to have better luck on the App/Play store mate. This is more of a mobile/flash game than something most of us would pay for.
DuckLovesToast 2013. nov. 11., de. 10:36 
Looks cool hope it does well :)
Tleno 2013. nov. 11., de. 10:13 
Let me guess, is this based o nthis year's Game Jam game? I mean... from the theme looks like it...
Dudderz 2013. nov. 11., de. 10:02 
Looks nice guys! Good luck with this.
Garystearns 2013. nov. 11., de. 10:00 
Looks awesome!