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Provincial Courier Service
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Mildly Offensive Salmon 3 de Jul às 11:27 
When I talk to the Courier, I don't get anything. He just goes "Hm-Ye-What do y-Ye-Hmm?" when I talk to him a lot.
Wrythley 19 Nov, 2016 às 16:28 
Can you put the locations of the Courier offices in the description? That'd help people alot.
boodah83 4 Mai, 2016 às 6:40 
Lol, yes, I already did. My comment was just meant as a heads-up so that you maybe could add that info to the Load Order/Compatibility section of the description of both mods or inform the Loot master list dudes or whatever. It's not a big issue.

Anyway, thanks for all the stuff you made for this game and shared with the community. I'm using almost everything you uploaded and really appreciate your work.
Arthmoor  [autor] 3 Mai, 2016 às 18:40 
Just move Bee Hives above PCS then.
boodah83 3 Mai, 2016 às 16:27 
I think there is a slight incompatibility issue with your Bee Hives mod. Loot puts Bee Hives below Provincial Courier which seems to cause the courier to just stand outside his house doing nothing. Moving Bee Hives above Provincial Courier seems to fix this, though I needed to fast travel to another area and back to get two Whiterun guards at the bridge moving again.
Jamma77 30 Abr, 2016 às 10:58 
Compatible with JK's Skyrim?
JX3D97 2 Mar, 2016 às 14:52 
it resolved itself. i was thinking. now that we have a provincial courier office, how about an office of operations for the carraige service? a massive stable, a workshop to work on the carraiges...
Arthmoor  [autor] 21 Fev, 2016 às 12:37 
If that's the case you have another mod loading after it that has overridden necessary data the mods needs.
jaredfallon 18 Fev, 2016 às 8:40 
hey where the pic shows there is just a empty plot of land

Antares 29 Dez, 2015 às 3:18 
Just cheking all my mods, to see if I have the THUMBS UP activatet on all the mods i uns, which all you creative people out there deserve!
And to use this opportunity to say thank you once again for all that work!

Thank you all for adding your own special touches, the humor, sharing your ideas, solving problems and (dang, what is ther word...?) .............needs!
Making Skyrim an even better place and an endles game:
Allways some new things to discover and try!

To all of you the best wishes for the New Jear, in private as well and here in Skyrim.
Leilette 15 Nov, 2015 às 21:19 
would be cool if there was a function to have things delivered to other places as well.....(i.e sending a letter to the family while you're away, (the letter would appear somewhere in the home, after the period of time it would take to travel to said location) or sending packages, like items you are supposed to take to another person halfway across the province, but you have more important matters on hand, than treking through the country, searching for a person ,so that you can return the soul gem they left at the keep. or other things like that, i think would be relly cool, plus it makes sense tht there would be something like that. (of course, there could be shipping fees, based on how many items are being sent, or the value of item, etc...
Arthmoor  [autor] 8 Ago, 2015 às 9:23 
He has a routine he runs outdoors, should go inside to sleep and such later. His house doubles as his office and being able to enter without trespassing is normal.
Chris 8 Ago, 2015 às 2:55 
When the NPC is at home the Courier never goes indoors as all he does is bang against his house, sit down and lean against his house. Also, the door is always unlocked and you're not trespassing if you enter his house.
NjmTheDowell 6 Ago, 2015 às 15:15 
Knowing all your great mods, you should make a mod where the player can ask the courier to send a mesage to someone. Like a potential follower to meet you somewhere. Or a message to the temple of mara to ask for a amulet, but it would cost you an extra 200. Also, the player could randomly send gold to people and get the gift of charity. (for fun)
Gol Zin Viing 30 Jul, 2015 às 12:10 
I enjoy the idea behind this mod even when at Times I'd rather KILL the messenger that get the message....and you'd think that someone that has a comfortable home to live in would go inside when it rains.....oh well he's an NPC not a rocket scientist.
ShadowRex 10 Jul, 2015 às 16:10 
Is it possible to give the courier a horse so he does not always have to run everywhere?
zamberina 25 Mai, 2015 às 11:34 
Dear Arthmoor,

this Mod is an idea, that shows great dedication to realism. Therefore I feel compelled to tell you about a little observation I made.

It was 1 a.m on the beautiful island of Solstheim: I, or better my Argonian alter wizard, just left Neloths impressive Mushroom when I saw this little man running through the dust with this expression of greatest responsibility in his face. It exhausted me just looking at him. He handed me a letter from that guy at the burial site a few miles away from there.

And I was wondering: Did he just came here from Whiterun? To bring me a letter to Solstheim from someone on Solstheim?

... 1/2 ...
zamberina 25 Mai, 2015 às 11:34 
... 2/2 ...

So I follwed him. And yes, he indeed ran straightway to the harbor and took the Ship back to Windhelm.

Poor little man.

But: How did he even get this letter? Maybe he's looking that exhausted because he is like Radar (from MASH - remember?) simply knowing about every letter written in Tamriel before it has to be sent or even written, so that he can be there if needed?

Please don´t take this as criticism but as a little contribution to your indefatigable (this really is a cool word...) struggle for realism.

Thanks for giving that little guy a home, we all would be totally clueless without him, he deserved a place to rest for a very long time.

With kindly regards


cubbyzeeman 25 Abr, 2015 às 9:41 
honestly id rather not see this guy or any of the curiors. its too bad there is not a mod for a mail box . that you can look at your own convience. instead of right in the middle of battle. you get one of these idiots interupting while your trying to fight for your life. he is essential i am not. and i dont want to have to use tgm everytime this guy unrealisticly talks to me in a battle. just like that annoying fugitive. take this and hold on to it. and then i kill him becuse i was in the middle of something.
aroundthefur79 3 Dez, 2014 às 3:47 
hey, I love your mods!!!!
Gol Zin Viing 26 Nov, 2014 às 18:05 
I've been thinking along the Same lines as SouL.....You'd think The Jarls would be asking POLITELY for the DB to take care of problems their Guards cant handle.......The Player should always have the Option to ignore all but the most Dire emergencies......They've earned that By Slaying Alduin and saving the world.......Give that Courier something to do that damm fool still doesnt go in the house when it rains.....
Seraphine 23 Nov, 2014 às 10:48 
you should add something like the courier comes to you more often to deliver notes from all the quests in skyrim ex the markarth vigilant sends you a note asking help to investigate the house which starts the quest once you read making it easier to find and complete quests
Hårvarg 21 Set, 2014 às 11:58 
Laddy, you have made someting great here! This makes Skyrim so much better for the immersive player out there, keep up the good work! :D
Gol Zin Viing 31 Ago, 2014 às 22:27 
again so far so good My PC has ridden past the Couriier's house at Whiterun and he's always home......especially now since MY PC has completed the main quest and knows ALL the Dragon words.......You would think the Jarls would be asking for his help a bit more with problems the Guards cant handle.....but no and I'm glad they dont....I think even Superman would get tired of Human kind if they could message him screaming HELP!......Oddly enough tho even tho he has a very nice house he's always outside by the road.....guess he doest have the sense to go in out of the Rain.
Gol Zin Viing 17 Jul, 2014 às 18:11 
Ok lets try this again. have gotten rid of a few mods I think were causing some CTD's and gotten this againMY PC rodw past the Courier's house saw him come outand work on the house a lil....let's see if He and Esbern stay home where they belong....haing completed the main game and knowingall the words my PC hardly EVER gets messages anymore.
Gol Zin Viing 11 Jul, 2014 às 12:39 
I too had a few issues with this mod the last time I had it in my game the Courier delivered a message to my PC IN Breezehome (he's never actually come INSIDE before) and then he wouldnt LEAVE...Next thing I know ESBERN ( of the Blades) comes in Bows to my PC and he dousnt leave!.....I deleted the mod after thatand went back to a prior save.....very strange....I'd try again but I'm afraid of who or maybe WHAT would show up.
TheDalekBuster 7 Jul, 2014 às 10:11 
I'm having a few issues with the mod as I used to have it and worked brilliantly, but after having some issues the game and other mods, had to delete the game and redownload everything.

At first I thought I had issues with the Whiterun Outpost mod as from memory they were in a similar area and thought that was the issue, but I loaded them both in the Creation Kit and it still doesn't show them. I've also got Open Cities too, but have loaded this mod above that as instructed, and Whiterun Outpost above that again as it was causing CTDs the other way around.
I do also run the Immersive Settlements mod if that causes any issues, although I had that installed last time and it worked a treat.
Let me know when you can because it is a great mod and idea to give the courier a home. Cheers :)
lxMattAranxl 2 Fev, 2014 às 17:27 
Rea nice. Always wondered where he goes once he delivers things, least now we all know. Awesome!

@Riddlezz17 If that's the case our Courier needs that theme of his when he's nearing. Would make that awesome. lol :)
CameraMan1217 1 Fev, 2014 às 7:14 
I really like this mod. These kinds of mods really help Skyrim come to life!
izaea 17 Jan, 2014 às 3:59 
This is exactly the kind of small, immersion-improving mod that is quickly added to my essentials list. All of my yes.
Riddlezz17 11 Jan, 2014 às 11:00 
i always thought of the courier like he wasa the mailman from Legend of Zelda games he's there then he's gone
Crocodilefan 5 Jan, 2014 às 13:33 
Is there an option to tip the courier? That would be so cool. I used to be a courier like him then i got shot in the head. I played a lot of new vegas so i kinda see myself in him. Going on dangerous fetch quests fighting monsters and stuff, you'll go far kid.
G20 30 Dez, 2013 às 12:35 
Hi, I've made this little collection which includes your mod, you might like to lend it some support or have some ideas of things i should add ;)
Cambionn 20 Dez, 2013 às 5:53 
I loved it, but it took the courier a week until it was in Riften, where I was waiting on a damned message I knew was send. After a week traveld to whiterun, stupid dude waited home and when I came to whiterun, he sudenly had a message for me O_O. I think I go back to the vanilla system, trough I really love the idea, I like to get my letters in time O_O. Nothing wrong with the mod itself btw, works great, the courier just doesn't walk that fast I suppose.
Toastasaurus Rex 23 Nov, 2013 às 14:10 
Will this mod make the game do funny things if the courier is killed? or will a new one spawn?
Penek 23 Nov, 2013 às 7:17 
Удобно, так что +.
JPtheSpeccy 14 Nov, 2013 às 13:32 
I have been waiting for this for so long..
Kristoffer 13 Nov, 2013 às 8:15 
Excellent mod!

Really helps with immersion
Exa The Chill Fox 12 Nov, 2013 às 15:09 
head up more than one curior even elf curiors
Euther Pendragon 9 Nov, 2013 às 11:51 
Love the idea!