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pkkonerko14 31 січ о 10:18 
bummer the only map that causes my game to crash to desktop! really wanted to play this one! oh well. :(
RangersPL 22 січ о 6:09 
music from shogun total war 2 ^^
|9.SS|Hstuf.Wolfe 12 січ о 15:24 
looks like a way beter map than iwo jima
Chromatic331, Culinary Commander 6 гру 2014 о 16:42 
This is, without a doubt, one of the most awesome maps for this game I've seen. The map is extremely large and has a wide variety of scenery. Thank you so much for making such an awesome map!
BadJackCutter 17 лис 2014 о 9:51 
@Sonovabitch>XI< expect to see this within the next week or two in the 2nd marine raider battalion server, we switch between the Easter Front and the Pacific every couple weeks.
Sonovabitch>XI< 8 лис 2014 о 2:36 
Lets have it in the campaign game please, we need new maps to keep the game fresh.
Zelousmarineinspace 1 лис 2014 о 2:46 
Does this still work?
[AMG] PsychoPigeon  [автор] 31 жов 2014 о 4:15 
really old version
Korpisolttu 31 жов 2014 о 3:35 
What version is it currently running on workshop? V11?
Phogoth, The Untamed 24 жов 2014 о 19:49 
Hello. I will first say very good map! ^^ but, when I go to pick a side, it crashes at times. Is there a fix for this? Thanks!
Hitler's poptart 14 жов 2014 о 16:35 
when i picked a team it crashed help pls
金陵小萝莉 6 жов 2014 о 23:19 
Stryker 19 вер 2014 о 14:36 
Klepkidd 14 вер 2014 о 17:58 
I found a server with it and gave it a try and now it's my favorite map
badcompany007 30 сер 2014 о 21:29 
doesnt exist
NPC-悟空 19 сер 2014 о 4:16 
sneezingwolf99 15 сер 2014 о 11:45 
good map moo

Paulie 3 сер 2014 о 22:46 
☥ Schrödinger ☥ 1 сер 2014 о 2:17 
shogun 2 music
gargar 16 лип 2014 о 5:31 
this map looks good i will try it well i fancy that and i am not british i am american
juanagustin007 28 чер 2014 о 12:44 
esta muy bueno y funciona sin problemas es megor que los otros mapas
Andrey_(rus) 26 чер 2014 о 14:32 
I agree that it can be more epic to fight 128 vs 128 on this map , but its impossible
[Elite] Cody 24 чер 2014 о 16:46 
shogun 2 music trade mark
Saering 5 чер 2014 о 16:45 
map KitaJima like
sargyork=8= 2 чер 2014 о 18:11 
This map looks great but it will not download once I subscribed to it. I have also gone and found in the RO2 Forums and tryed to download it that way and still no luck. Any Sugestions
panzerknacker15 28 тра 2014 о 15:14 
Love this map, but my Steam crashes after the rounds finish and the next map tries to load. None of my score is added to my profile.
szpickids 18 тра 2014 о 21:17 
i really want to see 128vs 128 people playing a map like this
to get a true sense of what it would have been like to charge a beach head as part of a "human wave"
Col. Beauregard 15 тра 2014 о 11:15 
The map doesn't show up in the list. Any one know how to play it?
Bankok174 14 тра 2014 о 5:21 
Это шедевр!
Korpisolttu 12 тра 2014 о 19:28 
Fantastic map!
[AMG] PsychoPigeon  [автор] 1 тра 2014 о 2:52 
[RV'm]#kompot#[[Rus]] 1 тра 2014 о 2:42 
Офигеная карта лайк и подписка (nice map like)
Juanea 19 кві 2014 о 12:45 
[AMG] PsychoPigeon  [автор] 1 бер 2014 о 10:33 
dvprz 1 бер 2014 о 10:07 
I can no longer play RO2. I get a Downloading Kita Jima at 0% and the game freezes. What could it be? For the time being I will delete this map.
XR_3DA 28 лют 2014 о 5:14 
very good
+ReichFührerLSSÄH 19 лют 2014 о 7:36 
# 1 Kick Ass WWII So Pacific Islands Great Map 4 Battles .
Tankbusta 22 січ 2014 о 8:41 
This map won't even download for me for some reason ;-;
NieNEO 18 січ 2014 о 23:13 
very good map
fire.er大铁棍子 17 січ 2014 о 19:23 
good game!
^5%Milk ^2Man ^1Jon% 16 січ 2014 о 13:02 
oh okay, good job!
[AMG] PsychoPigeon  [автор] 16 січ 2014 о 3:19 
^5%Milk ^2Man ^1Jon% 15 січ 2014 о 21:33 
got 3rd right?

(=A=) Born To Die 13 січ 2014 о 9:16 
Nice to play !
Randal 12 січ 2014 о 16:53 
Music is from Total War: Shogun 2
[V_M]_White Guard_{Y - I} 12 січ 2014 о 4:50 
Nice map. Interesting to play here.
{ubb-1}Fenrir 11 січ 2014 о 8:52 
map looks really great
Ruslan 11 січ 2014 о 7:35 
Firefox97 10 січ 2014 о 13:56 
DerWunderWaffle 8 січ 2014 о 23:08 
Great map. It creates a lot of epic confrontations. I would like to mention though that there are certain parts of the map are far too easy to camp as there aren't enough ways to assault them (namely, the far western point). Aside from that I really like what you have done. Kudos!