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Juanea Il y a 16 heures 
*PsychoPigeon*  [créateur] 1 mar à 10h33 
dvprz 1 mar à 10h07 
I can no longer play RO2. I get a Downloading Kita Jima at 0% and the game freezes. What could it be? For the time being I will delete this map.
1/8 Pro 28 fév à 5h14 
very good
[RGN] VYpYR 19 fév à 7h36 
# 1 Kick Ass WWII So Pacific Islands Great Map 4 Battles .
Tankbusta 22 jan à 8h41 
This map won't even download for me for some reason ;-;
Hiredk 18 jan à 23h13 
very good map
fire.er大铁棍子 17 jan à 19h23 
good game!
Milk Man Jon 16 jan à 13h02 
oh okay, good job!
*PsychoPigeon*  [créateur] 16 jan à 3h19 
Milk Man Jon 15 jan à 21h33 
got 3rd right?

(=A=) Born To Die 13 jan à 9h16 
Nice to play !
Randal 12 jan à 16h53 
Music is from Total War: Shogun 2
[V_M]_White Guard_{Y - I} 12 jan à 4h50 
Nice map. Interesting to play here.
{ubb-1}Fenrir 11 jan à 8h52 
map looks really great
Вагон 11 jan à 7h35 
gasman 10 jan à 13h56 
DerWunderWaffle 8 jan à 23h08 
Great map. It creates a lot of epic confrontations. I would like to mention though that there are certain parts of the map are far too easy to camp as there aren't enough ways to assault them (namely, the far western point). Aside from that I really like what you have done. Kudos!
jeff siro 8 jan à 15h30 
Musik from shogun 2
Maush3r 8 jan à 9h28 
What server has this map? Not meeting!
Comrade Schnitzel 8 jan à 7h25 
The backgroundmusic should be added to the Game! Oh by the way......Awesome Map!
Mobius 7 jan à 20h11 
Congrats on the thousand dollars for the map
[FEAG]ABC2 7 jan à 14h53 
nice trailer nicce map :)
Harpog 7 jan à 13h39 
Yeah, Shogun 2 music!
Dragon Balls 6 jan à 19h59 
What server has this map?
Eagle 6 jan à 12h59 
I suscribed and the map downloaded, but I cannot fint the map anywhere?
chortalesko puta Y_@> 6 jan à 4h44 
shogun 2 xDDDDDD
SaGe_27 5 jan à 15h07 
*PsychoPigeon*  [créateur] 5 jan à 14h42 
yeah workshop does that for a lot of people. It's not that map itself that causes the issue. Go to official forums, the more people that complain the more something might happen to fix it
SaGe_27 5 jan à 14h18 
my game crashes when i'm done downloading this map
i'm pretty sure that the map is great, but i can't play it
GladNote 5 jan à 8h29 
howw do i play it?
nice jungle
Chienly67 5 jan à 4h46 
Nice job
maurizio.kohler 4 jan à 12h30 
lol epic battle with all that ratholes and tunnels :o awesome!!
Emppu 4 jan à 7h02 
ro2 RS needs more servers what haves custom maps on their maplists ! this map looks like amazing but i havent never played this.
Pistachios 2 jan à 15h32 
This must be huge.
48 2 jan à 11h46 
I love this background music :P
Jeh 2 jan à 4h15 
must've taken AGES
Falcon 2 jan à 2h29 
Zenkidar 1 jan à 12h56 
[Kgr.GD]-Rommel 1 jan à 12h22 
joker32331 1 jan à 4h21 
_Waffen-SS_ lev9711 31 déc 2013 à 21h54 
Kruppstahl 31 déc 2013 à 6h49 
Epic map!
[RMC]Mjr VIK 31 déc 2013 à 2h16 
rgr i will gotot he forums i justthought as your the author you might be able to give me some insite as to what the cause MIGHT be, thx
Ivy 30 déc 2013 à 23h14 
Nice map!
[1stYen] AwkwardDuck 30 déc 2013 à 18h36 
That bridge at 2:14 would be a damn deathtrap in Realism mode :)
[US] Mr. Mom 30 déc 2013 à 10h10 
Fantastic foliage map. Far better than Hanto.
*PsychoPigeon*  [créateur] 30 déc 2013 à 7h50 
Yes workshop needs fixing
LoOnyCal 30 déc 2013 à 7h32 
IT LOOKS COOL BUT EVERY ONE OF THESE WORKSHOP MAPS cause my game to quit working and force me to control alt to task manager and force quit the application...