USP-S | Skirmisher
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Migratingmynah 3 май 2014 в 10:43 следобед 
+1 just cause
Wiki {Я} 13 април 2014 в 2:02 сутринта 
~Shiro The Kitten~ 12 април 2014 в 3:57 следобед 
Really great design, I love how it plays off the color mix, the overall feeling of the gun is great!
Thurnip Oposto 2 април 2014 в 7:29 сутринта 
oh :D
WireframeGuy  [автор] 1 април 2014 в 11:59 следобед 
I made it matt intentionally, because that is spray paint.
Thurnip Oposto 1 април 2014 в 9:08 следобед 
i think you could have some glossy specular on it. Very elegant
REALLY REALLY DANK NUGGETS 3 ноември 2013 в 8:03 следобед 
I don't know why I like this skin so much. It's so simple but it's soooooo pretty. +1
joop 2 ноември 2013 в 12:44 следобед 
Hrm. Guess I have to look into that. Well good job regardless! You should release more in this style, brown and orange contrast well together.
joop 2 ноември 2013 в 12:16 следобед 
Very nice, Hipster! The overall design is extremely consistent, and has a ton of character. Your use of gradients gives the profile of the weapon a natural appearance, and more importantly carries over to the different segments of the VTF (which I know is incredibly hard to do; it takes me hours ._.). I REALLY appreciate the orange highlight under the barrel, as it creates a nice centerpiece to start looking at the weapon from. Great job, you have my vote!
Чуток_счастья^_^ 2 ноември 2013 в 3:49 сутринта 
D̛͏r͟҉a̵̢g̶o̶n̶͟Munk-{Goku}- 2 ноември 2013 в 2:51 сутринта