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La comunidad ha mostrado su interés por este juego. Valve se ha puesto en contacto con este desarrollador para comenzar con los trámites que llevarían a su lanzamiento en Steam

Newton Adventure
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Ragnarok 12 jun. 2014 a las 23:17 
swistak7171 1 mayo 2014 a las 12:44 
Good luck, nice game :D
ionutudor2012 19 abr. 2014 a las 18:12 
Hindemith 29 ene. 2014 a las 14:44 
very nice
How I met your Broodmother 28 ene. 2014 a las 10:06 
nice i might pick it up then,
also thx for the reply you're one of the first devs i've seen reply so yay!
devnewton  [autor] 18 ene. 2014 a las 2:05 
@Jhon McPixel I started an android/ios port, but the only smartphone I had just fall violently on the floor. Screen is broken :-(
Orbister 11 ene. 2014 a las 19:51 
John.E.Gacy 11 ene. 2014 a las 10:38 
I have nothing against the game and i wouldnt have anything against it being on steam, but wouldnt it fit betther to a tablet or phone ?
devnewton  [autor] 7 ene. 2014 a las 12:22 
@the english muffin => The Steam version will be around 2$.
devnewton  [autor] 7 ene. 2014 a las 12:21 
@XVM.CoestaR It's free like in "free software" (open source under BSD license, data under CC-BY-SA 3.0)
How I met your Broodmother 2 ene. 2014 a las 10:24 
nice puzzle game, i might pick up the free version, but the full paid version wouls have to be very cheap to intrest me (yes i'm a cheapskate get over it)
NOT TOP KeK 15 dic. 2013 a las 3:29 
very good! It's free project?
Kuyaung 5 nov. 2013 a las 9:32 
nice idea..
mihhailov.mihhail 30 oct. 2013 a las 8:24 
For steam it's something new!
a giant DIO 30 oct. 2013 a las 7:15 
devnewton  [autor] 29 oct. 2013 a las 12:34 
@gugis I have no business contract with {ENLACE ELIMINADO} Please check that their releases are virus/trojan/adware/spyware free...

If you want a safe early access, you can install the non Steam release on my website http://devnewton.bci.im
devnewton  [autor] 29 oct. 2013 a las 12:29 
@Jotlane Controls are configurable with keyboard and gamepad support.

Default binding for gravity rotation are C/X on keyboard. The game also try to automatically bind left and right triggers if you plug a gamepad.
Princess Fluffybutt 29 oct. 2013 a las 7:10 
Jotlane 29 oct. 2013 a las 3:42 
How do you rotate gravity? What are the controls for that?
denis-klachkv 28 oct. 2013 a las 22:01 
Для for iPad 90% =)
Swifty Magee 27 oct. 2013 a las 23:21 
Not really the kind of art style I go for, but the game looks fun, and I thought the idea that apples seem to be your hit points was funny. Voted yes on this!
charduru 25 oct. 2013 a las 13:26 
Nice ! Coll ! I want !
devnewton  [autor] 25 oct. 2013 a las 12:59 
@Wales Grey I dont understand your comment. Newton Adventure is made neither with gamemaker, nor with flash.
Charmuro 24 oct. 2013 a las 14:40 
Fresh from YoYo Games' Game Maker, we have this game!

Voted "no", game would be better placed on Newgrounds.com or some other flash game site.
z0rit0 24 oct. 2013 a las 3:20 
Nice concept! There is definitely some potential. I am impatient to try it!
Sharky490 23 oct. 2013 a las 13:54 
@OD2K13..Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but it seems that your opinion is the only one that matters , is that it then, you are IT, well just to say my opinion of you is that you are a bigger as*hole than you think you are and i think in my opinion that good luck to the guys, but this is not my type of game, sorry , down voting.
devnewton  [autor] 23 oct. 2013 a las 11:49 
@nathanlo9 Thank you for your comment.

Pushing and using gravity to bring the key to the exit door is part of the game. Most level are designed around it. But you give me an idea for an "easy" mode :-)
Thomas_North 23 oct. 2013 a las 10:14 
Красивый дизайн , интересный геймплей!
GownOfGore/Fr3akGam3r 23 oct. 2013 a las 5:11 
Sieht sehr Intressant aus
Riaru Legera 23 oct. 2013 a las 3:37 
Я очень люблю головоломки! Эта играть очень крута и графон здесь не че) Продолжайте работать над этим!
nathanlo9 22 oct. 2013 a las 21:16 
Nice work on this title. I love platformers and puzzle games so I like the mash-up you have going on here. The main character sprite needs work and please make it possible for him to pick up the kay rather than having to push it around. Otherwise looks like a promising indie. Cheers.
Neph 22 oct. 2013 a las 20:33 
So far it looks pretty cool. I love the designs for the levels in the pictures. The music is really, cool, too. Seems fitting for the style of game. It sounds like you have some intriguing ideas to make gameplay unique, like bombs and accelerators. Definitely going to give it a try if it gets Greenlit!
A Serial Killer 22 oct. 2013 a las 12:41 
this looks really cool.
KinkyCactus 22 oct. 2013 a las 11:40 
People are always saying "How unoriginal" guess what you couldn't make S.H.I.T if your life depended on it. This comment section is supposed to be praising the game. If ou have nothing good to say then F.U.C.K OFF. This game is good it may have the same concept as others but by using Newtons theory about it is very smart XD. THIS GAME IS AWESOME SO THOSE WHO CAME HERE TO BITCH ABOUT....just go away no one needs your nonsence
maldyus_grm 22 oct. 2013 a las 10:42 
I like your design very much.Also,sexy music!Upvoted.
devnewton  [autor] 22 oct. 2013 a las 10:03 
@Mogg @General Bacon Gravy If you know game like Newton Adventure that are not in those lists http://devnewton.bci.im/fr/node/55 http://devnewton.bci.im/fr/node/56 please tell me!
Mogg 22 oct. 2013 a las 4:25 
Another one of these?
Stickynote 22 oct. 2013 a las 2:44 
how unoriginal. >:|
Plump4Trump 22 oct. 2013 a las 1:28 
This game is a technological marvel. Thank God for the innovations being offered by indie programmers.
walkmandosch 21 oct. 2013 a las 13:49 
Looks alright. Cool concept.
Cammy (she/her) 21 oct. 2013 a las 13:44 
Reminds me so much of Jumpman, but less visually impressive and doesn't have the fun of momentum platforming. :/
devnewton  [autor] 21 oct. 2013 a las 11:02 
@Gabriek The game is already available on my website [devnewton.bci.im] splitted in two part: a free base and a paying mod pack.

The Steam version will be "all in one".
Gentolette 21 oct. 2013 a las 10:37 
good :)
salvadecordoba 21 oct. 2013 a las 9:56 
Parece un juego muy entretenido^^
C. Viper & F.A.N.G 21 oct. 2013 a las 5:44 
@devnewton Thank you! :)
taotaocy50a 21 oct. 2013 a las 3:39 
Level editor means a definite buy for me.
Lenneye 21 oct. 2013 a las 3:00 
It looks good, but not good enough for steam. Its a game for Newgrounds or something like that.
Ace-ing Ventura 21 oct. 2013 a las 2:28 
looks kinda intresting but could fail cause of stagnation
Celebrimnar 21 oct. 2013 a las 2:06 
Gameplay is nothing new, and the design in general is quite regular, so no
Mystic 21 oct. 2013 a las 2:02