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196 comentário(s)
Mexican Avocado 16/jan/2016 às 9:47 
Do it!
Masashiii👻 7/nov/2015 às 9:51 
Its good i guess... ;p
Chaonix 21/set/2015 às 9:44 
Nalbee 11/ago/2015 às 5:41 
▓▓▓▓▓█░░░░░░░░░░░░ █
27-A Moraspo 9/jul/2015 às 3:38 
▓▓▓▓▓█░░░░░░░░░░░░ █

27-A Moraspo 9/jul/2015 às 3:37 
i like it
[EC] Squirtle 25/mai/2015 às 13:45 
[PHX] MZPower 20/abr/2015 às 9:44 
SAITAMA 30/mar/2015 às 7:30 
я в gta так умею
ihateallweebs 27/out/2014 às 13:54 
i cri evrytiem... al thi tiem.
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 6/set/2014 às 2:55 
it just like burnout :(
Alvaro00N7 17/jul/2014 às 7:15 
Es que peor juego no he visto supera a los bugeos del mass effect multiplayer con ganas;)
Alvaro00N7 17/jul/2014 às 7:12 
Pero que mierda es esto;)?
meowzurich 16/jul/2014 às 3:35 
▓▓▓▓▓█░░░░░░░░░░░░ █
anitablake78 10/jul/2014 às 7:21 
Name of the driver-girl in the trailer?
cyber ant 9/jul/2014 às 10:54 
i want this
Cool Lemon 6/jul/2014 às 18:47 
I'd play this
Py6aka 28/jun/2014 às 3:58 
Bloody driver)))
pigdot 26/jun/2014 às 11:02 
actually looks fun !
[88MM]MrHackit 8/jun/2014 às 3:09 
looks like fun
AuburnRDM 31/mai/2014 às 2:54 
Congrats, guys! I loved what I played in your booth at PAX. I can't wait for the Steam release!
MGN001 28/mai/2014 às 23:47 
Scratch-O 28/mai/2014 às 20:52 
Finally. Congrats, guys!
djfil007 28/mai/2014 às 18:01 
Didn't know about this until it got greenlit... congrats. Really looking forward to this. Kuru Kuru Kururin + CrazyTaxi = this? Awesome!
¡Klumb3r! 28/mai/2014 às 14:32 
supersonic space lesbian 28/mai/2014 às 12:31 
Greenlit at long last!
MagneticNorth 28/mai/2014 às 11:54 
Congratulations on being greenlit. (Sorry, I know that emoticon doesn't really fit what I'm saying. That's the only special emoticon I have on Steam.)
Queen Rabid 28/mai/2014 às 11:48 
So excited... congrats. Well deserved greenlight. Just considering the art it looks awesome!
Laser 28/mai/2014 às 11:46 
SnarkyLamassu 27/mai/2014 às 9:24 
Saw the demo of this on the Streamfriends stream. Looks like fun, hope to see it greenlit soon!
conninator2000 25/mai/2014 às 14:27 
This should be on Steam... no doubt
eh 25/mai/2014 às 6:56 
This looks awesome! Want!
grandlocomon 24/mai/2014 às 5:08 
Why is this not on steam yet, I want it!
Detlef Fleisher 23/mai/2014 às 21:32 
More like Roundabout time this was on steam
attic ☂☠ 23/mai/2014 às 21:22 
oh my god
Salt 23/mai/2014 às 14:00 
Grand Theft Kururin? Yes please.
Compufreak99 22/mai/2014 às 12:08 
Hello there everyone and thank you for voting, commenting, and sharing information about this awesome game! Spread your support on twitter with the hashtag #RoundaboutGame !
Frost 21/mai/2014 às 17:39 
the city with a twist !!!
Senor 19/mai/2014 às 11:48 
AgentRaze 18/mai/2014 às 1:44 
Looks interesting, not bad!
RaVeN 17/mai/2014 às 21:11 
░░░░░░░░░░░░▄▐ Rotisserie eSPORTS... Woo!!
二十四橋流石 17/mai/2014 às 7:04 
Interesting ideal
Interactive Digital Data 16/mai/2014 às 13:54 
Not bad.
Eukalyptis 15/mai/2014 às 23:05 
Schadenfreude-Chan ( ºᴥº) 15/mai/2014 às 13:04 
I am here for the medibot.
I need to take a break 15/mai/2014 às 4:51 
I got impressed....That was so cool but at the same time was smart too...I like it!
Gots to find my lost piece 14/mai/2014 às 8:51 
Why don't we have this yet? What possible excuse can anyone offer for this not being greenlit?
Whymog 12/mai/2014 às 13:37 
Every day this game remains un-Greenlit is another day I spend in fear of the future we're leaving to our children. I don't want to leave my potential progeny to languish in a world without Roundabout on Steam. Please: think of the children. Vote for Roundabout.
Yznold 8/mai/2014 às 12:26 
DJ EBAN 6/mai/2014 às 2:06 
grand game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Очень веселаянаверно!!!!!!!!!