The Asteria - Dwemer Airship
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Ender_Dwarf 14 год. тому 
@NumNumz No... It is an airship.
Num Numz 17 вер о 9:36 
Is this a house that you can purchase so that spouses can move in?
xXAdamXx 13 вер о 0:34 
It will be awesome, if you will ad Atronach Forge and some companion. But not human companion but a creature companion. BUT NOT A DOG!! :D (Idea for new update)
[MLG]Doltan 2 вер о 4:22 
How do i install it
☬ ⊃∊∂⊺⧺ №℣ª ☬ 31 сер о 14:25 
I think it's awesome and, yeah, totally dwemer lore friendly; but it can't just be floating there for fuck's sake. It's a mood killer.
☬ ⊃∊∂⊺⧺ №℣ª ☬ 31 сер о 14:21 
Request that the airship not just be floating there to claim, but rather unearthed and recommissioned through some short questline; or perhaps someone pilots it to skyrim later in the game: antagonist, protagonist, your sister...

Something of this magnitude should really be an expansion style dlc.

Requests for moving and flying seconded.
The Fabulous Spiderman 29 сер о 23:56 
the manequins kept moving
carl.robertson 28 сер о 16:44 
does anybody know how to get the big boobs mod?
Gwathel 26 сер о 20:37 
Having a issues with the book casses next t othe enchanting table and alecmy books are getting knocked off and not seeting right when being placed
aitorb94 22 сер о 15:05 
Revenant 14 сер о 18:43 
There seems to be a bug with this version. Apparently, after some while, the furnace disappears (literally, the space that was occupying the furnace is gone). Any ideas of how to fix this without actually deleting my stuff?
TheSRBear 13 сер о 18:56 
warning do not mix with dovah bear mod
Deathbringer 12 сер о 11:17 
It would be cool if i could move my family there
abdulla98 8 сер о 10:21 
frontroxes 6 сер о 23:01 
does this mod conflict with moon and star?
Ergoista 6 сер о 12:55 
make one that can move and fly
[VET]Meta_Playing MWO 6 сер о 4:38 
if it had auto chests scripts for the crafting stations.... this would be perfect. Well ok if the armory room was a few feet deeper with just 2 extra maniquins... and weapons racks... just sayin... all in all one of my favorite mods... so nice decorating... well done
Zebo 5 сер о 15:30 
Wow ! Very nice !
melody.mcgowan 4 сер о 17:12 
found a problem, once inside and down to lower levels. my e key stopped being functional. had to reload to an earlier save to exit.
EagleWolfe 2 сер о 19:57 
I was wondering Sir if you could add a Kid's Room so I could move my Boys in.
jaderive 2 сер о 18:17 
typo "those"
jaderive 2 сер о 18:17 
For thopse that havent read into the descrption to clearly, IF IT FLEW, the author wouldve said, and if you were able to have kids sleep / live there the author wouldve said that too, and all others, Unless the author wants to and has someone take over, Theyre NO LONGER modding !!
MeesterMann 31 лип о 7:58 
Will this ship ever FLY?
Dogsled 30 лип о 9:36 
In the futer you should add the compatability to add the childrens bedroom from Hearthfire so you could move your whole family to this amazing player home ;)
ravenofpoe 30 лип о 1:11 
been using this mod a while. i love this boat. i have tried a lot of player houses. i just keep using this one.
adepaula22 28 лип о 12:20 
Why can't I download?
nat55ata 27 лип о 16:28 
hehehe, i can teleport my followers thx to a spell.

chewbacca127 26 лип о 12:07 
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah
Freelancer400 25 лип о 0:57 
This mod is absolutely beautiful. My favorite to date.
Deckard Cain 24 лип о 23:11 
lol the last FaQ aswerd my ownly questions lol other than that looks really good cant wait to try it
saunders.bryan 21 лип о 18:02 
I like the fountain you made for this mod and was wondering if you can make a mod of a big sized fountain to cover the well in Whiterun? peace
grivantian 21 лип о 17:42 
This was my first 'hideaway' mode. It's still my fav place, store, relax, strategize, make pot/weap/ench. Like all ships in Skyrim, it's stationary, never moves or goes anywhere. I imagine it'd make the game too complex for most systems to handle. Still, if I can carry stuff & store excess on my horse while riding across Skyrim, why isn't it possible to take a row boat across a lake, up/down a river, etc.? Overall, The Asteria is a great mod. The glitches I can live with (mysterious moving mannequins, a useable shower but not the sink) Followers use either but can 'relax' to sit and eat/drink at tables with food or use arcaner/alchemy labs or do other tasks with follower mods installed. This mod is very follower-friendly. I do wish the astrolab (telescope) actually worked. It is sad it is just a decorative ornament on the aft deck.
josh20100 17 лип о 16:30 
its too bad he isnt deving this anymore, wouldve been really nice if he had managed to make it dock at various major towns, course that probably would break all the items on the shelves.
saunders.bryan 15 лип о 18:57 
ty Frosty
thiers 14 лип о 15:11 
can you drive it?
Biggles 14 лип о 11:10 
ZeganThendler 13 лип о 4:54 
great mod, but got it got shitloads of bugs
nonchip 9 лип о 10:56 
I Really Like This Mod But I Hate When People Write Like This.
ЩHД Cо. 8 лип о 18:22 
@AFCGrant4 Yes.
AFCGrant4 7 лип о 13:51 
This or DragonFall Manor
troy089 7 лип о 10:38 
it is a class house mod but can you ad a croow to the ship
geripotter 7 лип о 9:58 
It would be perfect if it was flyable!
Erik 6 лип о 13:05 
feosiwolf 5 лип о 13:32 
Not sure if this was covered, but can your spouse and children move in? Thanks, and sorry if this was already answered!!! ^^
Kyr'ek 2 лип о 22:42 
nevermind I didn't go far enough (DERP)
Kyr'ek 2 лип о 22:41 
It didn't appear whatsoever for me anyone else?
does it require another mod?
Frosty 2 лип о 22:07 
the mod author is Mattcm919
saunders.bryan 2 лип о 18:03 
I can't find the Author of this mod...can anyone tell me who it is please?
sidwo 30 чер о 14:54 
I wish there was a farm on it/near it. There is the small alchemy lab, but it doesn't have some of the ingedients i need. Maybe have a garden simillar to those of the HearthFire DLC on one of the upper decks.
ViPeRextra 30 чер о 6:06 
how is the airship ?