The Asteria - Dwemer Airship
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DigitalEvorian 23 Gru - 5:35 
does it move!?.
The Fancy Philosopher 21 Gru - 12:41 
Does it have bookshelves?
Crepuscular Hustler 10 Gru - 13:44 
I logged on today after about 3 months of not playing. Now the Asteria is not there and all of my items were on board. Any fix to get it back? Preferably with my items there.
Clarion11 2 Gru - 15:20 
Someone tell me how to disable the huge amounts of 'fog' in the armor room. I have to trim down, it wasn't there when I first installed.
kohle02 27 Lis - 16:40 
does it need any dlc's?
@USS Dalektus I'm pretty sure it does fly, I saw a video on it.
Frostfire 21 Lis - 15:51 
look awesome!
Artie 21 Lis - 14:30 
gorgeous. probably my favorite mod on steam. =)
gedzzra 20 Lis - 19:38 
Really nice. Thumbs UP!!
Pro 19 Lis - 6:40 
Can i fly it??? :D
[-FaTaL-] Wrathius 16 Lis - 13:50 
Very thought out in details. Driving it would be nice, but can't ague.
electricflute 14 Lis - 17:51 
Would be so awesome if you could fly this ship.
Mr. Mayday 10 Lis - 19:55 
if you could make it move your subcribers and rating would shyrockey. theat is a fact.
forgetj3 9 Lis - 15:13 
i wont move
thanks for the mod
i have a pets mod and i have so many on the ship its crazy and the build your own home mod the ship is huge now
BNS-S SkillLess 8 Lis - 9:57 
This is very great, just one minor bug, the mannequins keep moving from their places.
Can you fix this with an update?
Serious Sam (RUS) 7 Lis - 2:23 
Very good! House great!
MrBearBear06 5 Lis - 0:06 
now i sommon a bearXD
G20 3 Lis - 8:45 
I've added this to a little collection.
I thought you might like to know :)
with respect.
you might like to lend your thumb too ;)
troi2liddle 2 Lis - 14:12 
can spouses live in the ship with you? same thing with kids and housecarls?
Aralic 2 Lis - 11:46 
This is an Amazing mod, i love it.
Nobel Chief 1 Lis - 9:22 
i have problems in the lover deck if i go in there it closes the hole game
But otherways its just amazing :)
SerperiorKAL 27 Paź - 11:07 
Hit subscribe as soon as I saw the photo of the bathroom.
๖ۣۜGungrave۶ 27 Paź - 0:02 
If only it could fly around and be controllable then you would make some Final Fantasy fans happy to have their own airship as transportation xD.
Grieverbc007 27 Paź - 0:00 
there are bugs. some of the water outside appears invisable but i can swim in it. mannequin in the bedroom appears in the middle of the room.
General_Cheesie 25 Paź - 15:48 
I am playing morrowind right now. Great game. I was doing bloodmoon building up Raven rock and i accidently found the wrecked dwemer ship and i just thought it was a dwemer airship but then my friend explained to me the quest and everything and now I see this mod and I have to say this mod is fantastic.
Durdles 24 Paź - 20:35 
Love the house! All kinds of neat machinery decorating it and the shower/sink in the bedroom is very clever.
Khentimentu 20 Paź - 19:20 
Also, I have read your description, and am not concerned with boxes, trunks, or urns. These are rare one of a kind weapons and armor that should be displayed proudly on manequins and weapon racks, and that is the real safe storage question I wasn't specific about in my prior post.

Khentimentu 20 Paź - 19:17 
Hello OP, I have been searching tirelessly for a home mod that I could safely decorate with my unique daedric artifacts, as well as other problematic items such as Zephyr.

Do you have any reports or problems with the typical daedric artifacts (Skull of Corruption, Mehrunes Razor, etc.) continuing with their plight? Or are they safe here?

Thank you for your time!
wyattdc8 20 Paź - 17:38 
i cant seem to find it
TJS_ninja 18 Paź - 4:58 
Your Daddy 15 Paź - 23:07 
where is it?
Mikestorm87#HailAR7 15 Paź - 15:22 
this is an awesome mod
just one point ... can you change it that way that it gets accepted as house ??? ... you know that youre servant and childs can live there ???
Arceah 11 Paź - 6:45 
if only you could move it
So uh, the mannequin in my room moved closer to my bed. Is this a bug or should I be terrified?
dalle-eric 5 Paź - 7:42 
my asteria as disapear (from the map too). :'-(
and all my stuff within too :'''-(
Izmeraldas 5 Paź - 3:22 
Absolutely beautiful and well done :)
Sir_Thomas 2 Paź - 17:31 
Is this a follower friendly home?
Laurana 27 Wrz - 19:23 
I have installed the mod but the ship does not appear on my map nor does it appear in the spot shown in the instructions... :(
vollrathbn 26 Wrz - 17:55 
most gorgeous player home i've seen yet
Fjornt 25 Wrz - 17:19 
Sweet Mod
Adm. Eric the Defiant 24 Wrz - 1:54 
If I were to store stuff on the airship would it be safe from updates?
I agree with ☬ ⊃∊∂⊺⧺ №℣ª ☬ about the idea of you having to acquire the ship in some way
@NumNumz No... It is an airship.
Num Numz 17 Wrz - 9:36 
Is this a house that you can purchase so that spouses can move in?
xXAdamXx 13 Wrz - 0:34 
It will be awesome, if you will ad Atronach Forge and some companion. But not human companion but a creature companion. BUT NOT A DOG!! :D (Idea for new update)
[MLG]FlyingEagle 2 Wrz - 4:22 
How do i install it
I think it's awesome and, yeah, totally dwemer lore friendly; but it can't just be floating there for fuck's sake. It's a mood killer.