The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Asteria - Dwemer Airship
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ggvrockman 26. aug @ 5:49pm 
Also i think my mannequin with dwarven armour is haunted. Its moving when im not looking and looking at my weapon shelves.
ggvrockman 26. aug @ 5:38pm 
The Victor [today is my BD] 17. aug @ 8:31am 
i like it but i aint gonne get it cuz i am gonne lagg like hell :P
Turtle 15. aug @ 7:44am 
were is the ship???
ssaskek 15. jul @ 1:36pm 
Dat ship thou
lnclark01 15. jul @ 10:04am 
i liked what you did here,, but i'm sorry had to unsubscribe it was to noisy for me, it actually hurt my ears, i'm old, not your fault so keep up the good work.
matias killer132 14. jul @ 9:13am 
if my children in hearthfire can live there im gonna add this
masterkaan10 14. jul @ 9:09am 
The enemy has developed advanced technology.......
._-"|░S░|"-_..........................░░░░███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄....░░░░███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄
...."""""""""........../ \.................◥⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙◤.......◥⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙◤
NOT TODAY!!!!!!!!
JBPolakow123 7. jul @ 8:35am 
i love it thank you
Dxviper1 6. jul @ 2:44pm 
Just so amazing literally just.. amazing..if u dont have it get it now
|R♣H|AlienzLolz 5. jul @ 8:57am 
This Mod is so fucking EPIC
FlutterShed (heyHeyHey) 4. jul @ 6:38pm 
can you add anything to make it go hhome for ex

me: go home.
companion: *goes home*
Home: *companion is there*

like that.. so im saying if you make the companion it goes to the home
Z-1000 1. jul @ 10:52pm 
where to find it
Little Boats 30. jun @ 1:50pm 
McCoco 30. jun @ 10:26am 
can you have a spouse/children move into it with you?
Jeb Bush 2016 29. jun @ 2:16pm 
Love this mod, so fantasticly made and its just beautiful, no complaints here. And for those who can't find it, it's west of Riverwood, and it is already discovered for you, so you can just fast travel there.
Zefram Cochrane 26. jun @ 4:35pm 
Lovely mod but its seriously unclean. I spent the 15 mintues cleaning it up and still havn't finished.

"Where is it?"

player.moveto 5A116
Norwegian Badass 24. jun @ 7:31pm 
where is it?
scoutmaster 21 17. jun @ 1:10pm 
do you do requests and where do you find this?
TROLLING EXPERT 16. jun @ 10:41am 
where do i find it

Commander Xillian 1. jun @ 2:41pm 
Hilariously to most people, this is more lore-friendly that all those half-elf characters you see from time to time. Crazy how something so drastically different from the normal stuff we see in Elder Scrolls is actually about expected, as opposed to something you'd think would be entirely already there...
dragon sensei 31. mai @ 12:23pm 
If only more games gave players a base of operations as amazing like this one
Hero of Wind 27. mai @ 9:48pm 
So wonderful, it reminds me of the Wizard's Tower DLC from Oblivion in terms of just sheer beauty and utility in a home. The only minor thing I can think, is there's no way to cook food, but that's just a very minute thing. Baring that, the mod is phenomenal. I'd gladly drop 5 bucks for this. I'm sad to hear that you're done with Skyrim, hopefully when the next Elder Scrolls game is released, you can grace us with yet another wonderful home mod. Keep up the good work, mate :)
T-Rex 26. mai @ 5:50am 
can you make a thing where you can like fly the aircraft around
Random Skrub 22. mai @ 4:40pm 
i remember on gamespots Top 5 Skyrim Mods Of The Week they showed that it could fast travel,but they got that one form the nexus they thats probably why but it would be cool if you could add fast travel in this.
Hevey_button 21. mai @ 4:02pm 
I can unarncred it
ENGINEER ALF 19. mai @ 3:15pm 
Great mod, but followers do not teleport on or off the ship with you, which is very awkward
CanemSanguis 18. mai @ 2:06am 
i just wish the doors were a bit more dwarven-y
Aurian 17. mai @ 7:31am 
Hello, just got this mod but cant find it anywhere. Travelled to the place and nothing. Any clues how to fix
Dr SloppyMcFloppy 13. mai @ 5:07pm 
YUP! its a great mod! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
ChazWitch 13. mai @ 12:47pm 
I love this, but is there an option to move the ship that I'm not finding?
sschubby 9. mai @ 9:21pm 
They ended the paid mods a while ago but people still complain about it...
Neptulon 7. mai @ 2:41pm 
Uh does it fly?
Chips 7. mai @ 8:48am 
turbo750uk 3. mai @ 2:40pm 
maybe add some companions of some people to work the aircraft (just for company)
Feargann 3. mai @ 7:10am 
Awesome Airship! Absolutely spectacular detail and creativity. Thank you, MATTCM919!
I noticed there is no cooking pot, a couple bookshelves tried to eat some books (saved by reload), and occasionally a mannequin may come at you like a "Weeping Angel"... which is a feature if you ask me. 10/10 - Would get randomly freaked out again.
Quegga 2. mai @ 8:56am 
Is there a way to live with your family in this house?
When I try to adopt children I can't because I do not own a place where they could live.
I think this is because there is no children's bed inside the Asteria.
Thanks for your help!
TEN TAILED FOX 29. apr @ 2:29pm 
its the best mod
Tycer 26. apr @ 5:55am 
DERPTROLLER77 25. apr @ 8:55pm 
can you actually fly it?!!!
Johnekaiser 23. apr @ 7:37pm 
man i love custom player houses like this one it is so amazing but the thing i dont like about custom homes (im not saying that this one is bad its far from it) is if you marry in the game there isint an option to send your wife (or husband if playing a female) to a custom house i know this is abit of a nitpick but i feel like custom houses seem Lonely when i leave them (and no NPC'S that come with Home Mods dont count)
Trico_ 19. apr @ 4:14pm 
@cookie reaverr just save and reload, same thing happened to me. If you read the description of the mod the creator explains how to fix that bug.
Crowno 18. apr @ 4:25pm 
i cant GO by the airship at all i walk to it ans crashes my game
A Bloody Spy! 17. apr @ 7:02pm 
does this need skyui?
Marvin 10. apr @ 2:37am 
Really cool Mod! I like it ;)
I wanna Rock 8. apr @ 3:09pm 
can it fly or fasttravel
Grandmaster G 6. apr @ 3:51pm 
kewl house
Lemonade Aura 2. apr @ 9:46am 
I remember this quest from the Bloodmoon expansion on Morrowind. In fact, I can remember almost everything from Bloodmoon, which btw the last time i played it was back on the Original Xbox. Like 6 or 8 years ago, If i could show the hours i spent playing that it'd be like 2000... good times, good times.
Cookie Reaver 28. mar @ 12:05pm 
i just installed the mod and its not appearing for me, is it not working or is there something i need to do to get the airship to appear?