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The Asteria - Dwemer Airship
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lupus_hegemonia 11月28日 2時13分 
So, this isn't a NAVIGATION ship, you can't sail with it, just to settle on it, right?
HybridAvenger69 11月21日 15時37分 
i have subsribed to the mod and its nowhere to be found i went the the place where it supposed to be and its not there
Xachatur 11月20日 5時24分 
Interesting house but nothing really stands out about it. You can`t move it, it offers no forms of quests as far as I know and its only like a storage house at best which there are plenty of other storage houses that do better when it comes to space.
Dingo 11月5日 23時26分 
Hey Matt, I know you haven't made mods in a while but is there any chance you could bring this mod to Special Edition? I know some people who would super appreciate it! Cheers.
Schildpaddo 11月5日 4時59分 
Every time I start skyrim at my last save (which is in the Asteria) the game immediatly crashes... I've tried putting it higher in the load order and lower.. Please help?
🐺Lonely_Vaewolf👄 10月4日 14時08分 
near riverwood like if you look at the map its like maybe 10cm to the left of it at where the lake is but the ship is in the air and hard to miss
itsmydog 10月4日 2時41分 
where do you find it?
🐺Lonely_Vaewolf👄 9月25日 8時00分 
Can I place my items anywhere or do the ship items respawn (if I take a plate and place a bowl in the same place, will the plate respawn and push the bowl off etc...) I know it is a common problem both in skyrim and mods
Sam 9月4日 22時24分 
how do i un anchor it
concon1710 8月29日 8時50分 
oh i went to rorikstead
concon1710 8月29日 8時46分 
cant find it
Celery Stik 8月11日 2時22分 
try to make it so you can navigate the ship. then that would be AWESOME!!!
Aiden 8月3日 18時19分 
for me chunks of the interior floor is mising
Blood Supreme 7月31日 13時21分 
this thing cant fly....
Kotyara IX 7月30日 12時17分 
just fucking ship in your sky
Red 7月28日 4時51分 
He said he is done modding Skyrim at the top of his list of what there is to use in the Asteria.
O P I U M 7月23日 4時08分 
The best house ever, we are all in love with this one! Keep it up on this way man, you make great mods!

bump6 7月15日 21時42分 
Is there a place to show off all the priest masks
Minard 7月15日 13時40分 
I love this mod but I think it should be like the strider mod and have a map to move the ship around the world
Jo★Ёrudite★Marksman 7月2日 9時17分 
ohhh... this air ship cannot be driven to anywhere i like ? however, this is still a well done art..
Retro 6月30日 15時06分 
I know this is a really old mod and such but I have to say, its really quite beautiful and well done/thought out. Its the ONLY player housing I use tbh. Only two things to point out, 1) A mannequin in the Asteria Lower Deck has weirdly bent legs, and 2) I just wondered why the statue to board the airship says "Open Skyrim". These things don't bother me, just thought you might like to know. Thank you for creating this, its damned beautiful (imo).
-AKEVA-BANSHEE- 6月10日 23時06分 
Demo you might have conflitcing mods try moving the mod to the top of the list
Elgyem 6月8日 7時22分 
I CAN'T FIND IT! I have tried 12 times (yes, I counted.) to find it in the exact place it should be, but it's not there! Please help!
Pandadox 5月23日 20時54分 
Press the subscribe button. I can't believe people still don't know how to do this, there's a big green button on the screen and they still can't figure out what to do
C0N0R_P1G 5月21日 22時01分 
how do i download it ?
melanie.moomoo 5月12日 9時58分 
question if you get a follower , wife or children will asteria be a home for them
DogeNut 4月29日 20時29分 
In order to improve on this, I would definitely make the airship moveable
rgphillips1971 4月22日 0時20分 
To quote Dr. Who

"Don't blink. Blink and you're dead. They are fast. Faster than you can believe. Don't turn your back. Don't look away. And don't blink. Good Luck."

The mannequins are Skyrim's version of Dr. Who's Weaping Angels. Don't turn your back on them. They will send you back to Arena or Daggerfall!
pinkfluffybear2000 4月21日 15時45分 
Great mod but all the mannequins in the house started moving spots in the house it's a bit creep now that they actually have run around the house. Plus I can't activate them. Does anyone know how to fix the glitch?
Electrohed 4月19日 15時18分 
the armor stands eat my armor and sometimes move out of place ):
Electrohed 4月19日 15時17分 
just open skyrim. let the mods load. load the game. if it does not apear do it again. and again again agaaain untill it works
Hamboy (Ascended) 4月6日 11時19分 
I subscribed to it and the ship doesn't appear and I looked at the data files and it wasn't there can someone help?
nina79 4月5日 11時09分 
my best news hom thank you :)
Leilette 4月3日 16時51分 
As amazing as this looks, I shall wait on it. I think it would be reeally cool, but not right now in my making a character that will use this maybe later on, but i dont want it just appearig nstantly, because id have a hard time "not seeing it" through my char's eyes, and she isnt going to be clueless to nnot notice something like i jst got her a sorcoress shroom house near much magics in one place...O~O
Gpops 3月27日 11時10分 
was super impressed with this untill i realised it didnt go no were
MagicalWizard 3月26日 15時07分 
Looks good.
Lord Freiza 3月22日 21時48分 
i really think in a future update you should make it so you can move the airship
paulzuk 3月16日 17時26分 
There's a good reason why this is on the first page of the top rated of all time in the house catagory. Yes, it would be great if you could drive it. But, the imaginative style and cool decor makes up for it.
Loreknight 3月9日 16時43分 
*man makes a mod for an airship that will be available to the public, yet doesn't make it mobile, and takes huge fat chance for hate for this fact*

Risky c:
XenpL3xity 3月6日 14時41分 
After taking everything back off the ship, I disabled then mod only to find half of my gear gone. GG
kyro90 2月25日 6時56分 
Is there a way to fast travel to the ship?
GG™ | Mike 2月17日 19時06分 
so the ship wont show up at all for me, not in the area even after reloading the game, i dont know if the subscrive downloaded it right or what, any help with this?
drecklund 2月15日 8時27分 
9.9/10 could have maps of the ship i got lost inside
Scary Terry 2月9日 13時11分 
I remember this thing, the old guy near the mage guild in the city with all of the sandstorms lost a flying ship with its crew after they went on a trip to solstheim, good memories.
Angry Italian Simulator III 1月31日 23時24分 
hasn't loaded
piercepd 1月30日 12時42分 
This is amazing. I've had some crappy dungeons of late & this well-equipped item of beauty is exactly what I need to come home to & read all the books I've plundered. 10/10!
artisanfoxx 1月27日 18時05分 
amazing mod, 9.5/10 (the only reason its not 10/10 is because nothing is perfict but this is really close)
Kiddle20 1月18日 10時57分 
Very ipressive mod
[1118] Christian 1月16日 12時29分 
@Cap'n Zaxh "Q. I cant see my equipment stored on the mannequins?
A. Your equipment is still there, its just invisable. This is a known creation kit bug"
Cap'n Zaxh 1月14日 12時07分 
I've put armor on the manequins and when I cam back they were not showing but when i click on them they show they are equipped to them. IS this a known problem?