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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Asteria - Dwemer Airship
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Nope.avi 9 feb om 1:11nm 
I remember this thing, the old guy near the mage guild in the city with all of the sandstorms lost a flying ship with its crew after they went on a trip to solstheim, good memories.
orthrus03 | PC Master Race 31 jan om 11:24nm 
hasn't loaded
piercepd 30 jan om 12:42nm 
This is amazing. I've had some crappy dungeons of late & this well-equipped item of beauty is exactly what I need to come home to & read all the books I've plundered. 10/10!
artisanfoxx 27 jan om 6:05nm 
amazing mod, 9.5/10 (the only reason its not 10/10 is because nothing is perfict but this is really close)
Kiddle20 18 jan om 10:57vm 
Very ipressive mod
Lugdum the Orc 16 jan om 12:29nm 
@Cap'n Zaxh "Q. I cant see my equipment stored on the mannequins?
A. Your equipment is still there, its just invisable. This is a known creation kit bug"
Cap'n Zaxh 14 jan om 12:07nm 
I've put armor on the manequins and when I cam back they were not showing but when i click on them they show they are equipped to them. IS this a known problem?
Supa Bāku - Chronos 10 jan om 8:38nm 
You are a master!
Crazymax 10 jan om 6:13vm 
This is an amazing mod, great place, I love it!
DOOMGUY1453 4 jan om 3:33nm 
where the heck is it? I nocliped west for like 10 minutes and I saw nothing!
sidonator 1 jan om 9:08nm 
how do i fly it?
Seyo 30 dec 2015 om 8:14nm 
This is cool af
rgphillips1971 29 dec 2015 om 2:39vm 
This is one of the first mods I put on my PC and with all the other mod's I have tried, I keep this one running. Love the whole flying ship idea. Too bad you can't make it move, but it does have more than enough stuff to make up for being stationary.
Zeliel 28 dec 2015 om 4:13vm 
Lloyd Does Stuff 22 dec 2015 om 11:11nm 
how do i fly it?
Autistic Cat 14 dec 2015 om 10:01vm 
a very good airship i love it
AJ 12 dec 2015 om 4:06nm 
I cant find the ship.... I went west of river wood
Danker Morgan, Serial Memer 10 dec 2015 om 3:01nm 
Ad... victoriam?
mafaicreaper 4 dec 2015 om 11:07nm 
for anyone wondering were it is one of the pictures shown is a picture of were it is
digital_alchemist_lmstrife 29 nov 2015 om 5:07nm 
This is by far my most fave house mod.
(BURN!) Festive Sans (Geo) 27 nov 2015 om 1:37nm 
Does this have materials?
INSERT NAME HERE 21 nov 2015 om 7:34vm 
Q: Can my children stay there?
CommunistDad 5 nov 2015 om 3:54nm 
there are two types of playerhome mods
beautiful, humble, immersive homes


both have their advantages
djdytian 28 okt 2015 om 3:54vm 
Asteria is the mother of Hecate the goddess of magic and Asteria is actually a Titan in Greek Mythology
I Have Drain Bamage 19 okt 2015 om 1:52nm 
I couldnt find the airship. Any Help?
crysisdave 11 okt 2015 om 5:48vm 
Good work
Herobrineslayer158 1 okt 2015 om 1:14nm 
can you fly the ship?
sidonator 24 sep 2015 om 10:40nm 
guess what would be even more cool recuiting ur crew
PapiwA 19 sep 2015 om 1:30nm 
Angelo 19 sep 2015 om 12:36nm 
With the right amount of support, this mod could have a mobile base for the Dragonborn and their followers/Family
Uncomfortable Bear 17 sep 2015 om 2:43nm 
i hope this ship, when your inside, doesn't make the (real) ambient ship sound, cause that scares the living shit out of me. othe than that, it LOOKS amazing (from the pictures, i havent actually used it.)
KrazyWolf 12 sep 2015 om 3:55nm 
And, before I unsubscribed, it disappeared on me, along with all the stuff inside. Other than that, well done mod. :)
KrazyWolf 12 sep 2015 om 3:52nm 
I unsubscribed because I was having glitches, so I uninstalled all my mods, and the ship is still there. I haven't entered or approached it, but I can see it in the distance. Any thoughts?
PewPewGamer 12 sep 2015 om 6:42vm 
This looks AWESOME!! Does anyone know if we can move our kids here?? :D
R0815_TheMercenary 8 sep 2015 om 8:07vm 
Great mod, I have an idea for an expansion of it if possible: creating more of the "teleport" stones and having the ship "travel" by for example adding it into the sky around solitude if you are there and also looking down on solitude if you teleported from there. I dont know if it is possible, just an idea :)
cpernice 4 sep 2015 om 10:55vm 
I have just started using Mods on Skyrim. Some have worked and some havent. However this mod is so well formatted as well as lore friendly. I Love this mod so much and as a morrowind fan as well This was still awesome. The only recomendation I would make to the creator is to add a unique weapon in the ship. However this mod is flawless and absolutely stunning! Great Job, I will look forward to any other creations.
ggvrockman 26 aug 2015 om 5:49nm 
Also i think my mannequin with dwarven armour is haunted. Its moving when im not looking and looking at my weapon shelves.
ggvrockman 26 aug 2015 om 5:38nm 
The Victor 17 aug 2015 om 8:31vm 
i like it but i aint gonne get it cuz i am gonne lagg like hell :P
Zeeschildpad 15 aug 2015 om 7:44vm 
were is the ship???
ssaskek 15 jul 2015 om 1:36nm 
Dat ship thou
lnclark01 15 jul 2015 om 10:04vm 
i liked what you did here,, but i'm sorry had to unsubscribe it was to noisy for me, it actually hurt my ears, i'm old, not your fault so keep up the good work.
riku 14 jul 2015 om 9:13vm 
if my children in hearthfire can live there im gonna add this
masterkaan10 14 jul 2015 om 9:09vm 
The enemy has developed advanced technology.......
._-"|░S░|"-_..........................░░░░███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄....░░░░███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄
...."""""""""........../ \.................◥⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙◤.......◥⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙◤
NOT TODAY!!!!!!!!
JBPolakow123 7 jul 2015 om 8:35vm 
i love it thank you
Dxviper1 6 jul 2015 om 2:44nm 
Just so amazing literally just.. amazing..if u dont have it get it now
|R♣H|AlienzLolz[G4U] 5 jul 2015 om 8:57vm 
This Mod is so fucking EPIC
Blue The Raptor (Jurrasic World) 4 jul 2015 om 6:38nm 
can you add anything to make it go hhome for ex

me: go home.
companion: *goes home*
Home: *companion is there*

like that.. so im saying if you make the companion it goes to the home
Z-1000 1 jul 2015 om 10:52nm 
where to find it
k1oShiMa 30 jun 2015 om 1:50nm