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The Dwemer Craftsman
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TheDrakenKing 5 септември 2014 в 2:09 следобед 
add a centurion-like creation that instead does not fight but is just a way to store a ton of stuff
Kirito 19 декември 2013 в 1:48 следобед 
i see another he may have not made the centurion, its too strong
NightShadeX62 27 октомври 2013 в 7:45 сутринта 
However, i would suggest you put that line about" where it is located" under the word "Description" rather than "Future Plans" cause where it is, makes it seems to indicate where it" will be" not "where it is". Just a suggestion. :) Take care.
NightShadeX62 27 октомври 2013 в 7:41 сутринта 
P. S I even gave you a thumbs up lol :)
NightShadeX62 27 октомври 2013 в 7:38 сутринта 
Well, CrusaderKnight118, I accepte your apology. However, you should know I am not a man. I am a Woman. I am sorry your girlriend dumped you. I can understand your being upset and being a bit cranky and I accept your apology for taking out your anger and pain on others. You shouldn't have but things happen. You hang in there. Ms. Right will come along some day. :) Resubscribed.
Persia Nightshade62
The Red Glow  [автор] 23 октомври 2013 в 4:15 следобед 
oh sorry i really am, I know we all make mistakes Im not trying to get your subscribtion back because it really doesnt effect me, especialy with almost ahundred subs. I really do want you to know im sorry though. Yes you are right, my actions were innapropriate. My girlfriend dumped me so i WASNT having a good night! :D anyways im sorry, My fault bro, my fault.
NightShadeX62 22 октомври 2013 в 8:37 следобед 
NightShadeX62 22 октомври 2013 в 8:36 следобед 
Well, first off, I wasn't bitching. I was just asking a simple question. Second, the location is noted under "Future Plans" not under the description where it "should be". And even you say it is under "Description" but its not. Third, you know what? No one in this world is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes cause we are all human. But if it makes you feel any better, I for one won't be using your mod, cause i see no reason for your rudeness and disrepectfulness to people who are just simply asking questions.
The Red Glow  [автор] 22 октомври 2013 в 5:06 следобед 
@SOME MEXICAN - NightShadeX62 There is this thing called a description! im sure you would rather read that than start bitching right away :D be smarter next time and use that thing called a brain!
vazzeran 22 октомври 2013 в 4:18 следобед 
u missed thy centrions those draven gurgancuent robots
NightShadeX62 22 октомври 2013 в 11:19 сутринта 
How do you find the cabin when you don't mention where it is or give a map of its location?
koekiemonster 20 октомври 2013 в 9:02 сутринта 
i find it out you need the smithing skill dwarven smithing maby you can set it in the discription
The Red Glow  [автор] 20 октомври 2013 в 8:58 сутринта 
should be there because it works with everyone else maybe its another mod conflicting with it
koekiemonster 20 октомври 2013 в 8:39 сутринта 
if i go to the builders workspace and i use him i can make the control cubes but not de spider and sphere it stand not on the making list.
The Red Glow  [автор] 20 октомври 2013 в 7:29 сутринта 
what? how can you not, explain your problem....If you summon them in the building they wont appear
★UP =[DSG]=Asdf 20 октомври 2013 в 5:04 сутринта 
help i cant make any of them

koekiemonster 20 октомври 2013 в 4:17 сутринта 
i can't make spiders or sphere
The Red Glow  [автор] 18 октомври 2013 в 10:02 следобед 
wait what? i have know clue what you just said, this mod works! all you have to do is go outside and use the scroll to summon them, I dont care about you being a tester or whatever.
Victoryguard 18 октомври 2013 в 9:36 следобед 
Dwemer Certified (?) well that's interesting... Better to have it work and not conflict than to conflict with virtual materials -if one must the classic no clip could in hypothetical medium be applied to the primitive form on a non-combative motion trigger. If this seems totally bizarre it comes from experience with LSL scripting friends which I will personally admit to being superior in the skill. My role is more of a tester whom will risk a character and crashes of software before setting a mod down for a long while and calm resuming before more testing if the problem is on my end or the software itself. Equipment turns against this worker at 50 mods in the datafiles section.
The Red Glow  [автор] 18 октомври 2013 в 7:28 следобед 
bandolier and black mage armor
PanzerGrenadier 17 октомври 2013 в 10:20 сутринта 
what mods are you using in the first screenshot
TheDwemerComrade 16 октомври 2013 в 9:22 следобед 
Or I could get (Or already have) Dwemer Certified.
Victoryguard 16 октомври 2013 в 6:23 следобед 
Agreed Maxtor. Centurions are something you're given as a deterrant in their environment since the archways aren't a big in topside cities it makes sense to have a scaled to door passage version.
Kingkrieg 16 октомври 2013 в 9:55 сутринта 
i agree, make a centurion with reduced size, (human size) that would solve most issues with clipping
Samual.Webber95 14 октомври 2013 в 2:21 следобед 
Make a miny centurion.
The Red Glow  [автор] 14 октомври 2013 в 7:13 сутринта 
just fixed it! thanks for the advice
The Red Glow  [автор] 13 октомври 2013 в 6:45 следобед 
alright ill fix it, theres also another couple tings I need to edit
bigwhitehound 13 октомври 2013 в 4:51 следобед 
In the screen shots you have the spider at 25G and the sphere at 320G, that seems WAY TO LOW. Making them 500G and 1500G respectively sounds more reasonable to me. Considering how rare they would be.