Ta gra została wybrana do dystrybucji dzięki Greenlight!

Społeczność wyraziła swoje zainteresowanie tą grą. Valve skontaktowało się z jej twórcami, aby sprawdzić możliwości publikacji ich dzieła na platformie Steam.

Boogerman "A Pick and Flick Adventure" 20th Anniversary
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Looks awesome. Wanna play all sega games in steam
Lord_Wicki 5 Sie - 17:26 
Looks good.
shitter 2 Sie - 13:11 
Sundance Kid 31 Lip - 16:48 
Jordana arkin?
OOOooooh noooooooooooooo
Da Hui 31 Lip - 11:27 
wheres updates or screen shots
F.R.F.D! 30 Lip - 5:13 
так что она выйдет то или нет?=\
Scotaiel 21 Lip - 5:23 
Update coming soon? Pleeeeaase im really looking forward for this to be a reality...
DeadPixel 11 Lip - 9:41 
Поскорее бы её выпустили!!! Уже долго жду её, играл на SEGA, не прошёл, потом скачал симулятор SEGA для PC и полностью прошёл. Жду продолжения!
Mr. Blonde 3 Lip - 4:41 
it's impossible
Fleshlight Cop 28 Maj - 20:12 
Proper update coming soon?
CaNaBiLeNd 23 Maj - 1:58 
Самая крутая игра на сеге))
Patricii 8 Maj - 5:55 
it is very cool, my favourite game on sega wiil be now on my PC. Incredible
Жду с нетерпением , а пока вытащу сегу с верхней полки и поиграю на ней
Cap'nbeardseye 24 Kwi - 15:31 
Oh, wow! I can't wait for this!
CreatureOnTheWing 16 Kwi - 13:36 
i played boogerman in 1994, didnt get far in the game but it was fun glad to see it returning.
Mr.Crowley 13 Kwi - 12:56 
How did I not find about this game's kickstarter and subsequent greenlight?? I am glad to see boogerman back, good luck Toy Ghost!
[ZM] mxtheonly 12 Kwi - 20:58 
deserves its green light
Earth 12 Kwi - 18:27 
Woo! I knew this would be Greenlit. Can't wait!
Toy Ghost  [autor] 12 Kwi - 17:49 
Hey everyone! We just wanted to say thanks to everyone for helping get this project Greenlit! We will have a proper update for everyone soon. Thank you again, Chris & Mike
ржачная игра в детстве играл!!

можно в steam ее скинуть
DustyBlue 5 Kwi - 11:25 
Didn't even know that this was happening, but now I'm looking forward to it! Despite a few reasons to be suspicious...
m9 4 Kwi - 12:38 
People voted for it. What will happen now..
Magnificently Ominous 4 Kwi - 9:44 
How did this get Greenlit? The kickstarter failed big time and the dev's have been slient about the "relaunch" that was meant to be announced at the start of the year.
(ISIG|KBH) Kayne 4 Kwi - 5:43 
Wow. The greenlighting took too long. CONGRATZ!
BachBreaker 3 Kwi - 17:49 
Congratulations for the greenlight!!!!!!
Vic Äkerfeldt 3 Kwi - 16:12 
Fuuuuuck one of my favorites games in my childhood. Voted
HOTLINE 2 FULL OST HYPE 3 Kwi - 13:07 
Congrats on getting greenlit! I need more Dan in my life.
Megaman X 29 Mar - 13:52 
i love boogerman , my first game on my snes :D
(=Пин-Пиныч=) 29 Mar - 2:42 
Я хочу её
fsarl 27 Mar - 7:48 
16 bit era awesomeness!!
Nostalgic feelings brought me here! up voted!
Paul T. Stranger 19 Mar - 21:47 
realy good!!! fingers up!!!
Cthulhu 19 Mar - 14:09 
Я б поиграл
lucave 18 Mar - 22:15 
I vote yes for respect of the original game. You must be very corageous to bring back some game from the dead.
Angry Bogart 18 Mar - 6:38 
Hell, you've got my vote for sure!
Chicken Noodle Soup 17 Mar - 4:38 
why is this not greenlight yet but so much crap is come on i wanna play boogerman
HunterSan9 12 Mar - 16:36 
Played the original on the Genesis and loved it then.
auta931 11 Mar - 23:27 
MacGruber 8 Mar - 21:16 
Jimbos 7 Mar - 1:14 
Don't forget to toss in the original game as well. That'd be a nice bonus for people who never really got to play the original.
demigourd 6 Mar - 0:49 
HeavyMetalGamerShow 5 Mar - 16:48 
I love the original Boogerman, and would love to see this game released. Hopefully it can happen.
Canexican 3 Mar - 17:54 
BOOOGAR!!! Loved this game when I was a child, Good Luck Guys!
Toy Ghost  [autor] 2 Mar - 22:23 
Hi everyone! Mike and I just wanted to say thanks for voting for Boogerman on Greenlight. We are getting so incredibly close, but we really need a strong final push. Please tell your friends over social media, word of mouth, anything you can regarding our Greenlight campaign. We need those "YES" votes! :) And again, thanks for voting and thanks for leaving comments, we read them all, we love it! Mike & Chris.
Нагибайло 1 Mar - 14:11 
Кароч удачи мазафака бич!
Mochamustelid 27 Lut - 14:21 
Nakimachi 27 Lut - 13:32 
I'm so happy to see that this game is in development. I felt that Boogerman was a sleeper hit for the 16 bit systems. It provided me and my friends with tons of laughs when it came out..it would be great to see this game out...I can't wait to play your creation.
+chris 27 Lut - 13:27 
GuiltyCrown 25 Lut - 23:27 
Holly Crap!! Boogerman!!! thats freaken awesome! Dang i remember playing this game when i was a kid it was soooo awesome and fun lol Infact i was thinking about that game a couple days ago and now i may see it on steam. Im so excited!!! You guys have to make this game now. If not im going to be pissed lol