Portal 2
Do the Right Thing
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DeathWish808  [készítő] 2014. aug. 11. @ du. 1:20 
Thanks, testers!
big red foot 2014. aug. 11. @ de. 10:18 
kimist108 2014. jún. 9. @ du. 6:50 
That was different!
DeathWish808  [készítő] 2013. okt. 12. @ du. 7:09 
Minor update for the whiners in the bunch. ;-)
Geeky 2013. okt. 12. @ du. 4:46 
itis a hard map. thanks Steve,.
Geeky 2013. okt. 12. @ du. 4:39 
looks better then any of SPike Lee's movies, hehe
DeathWish808  [készítő] 2013. okt. 12. @ du. 1:15 
Well, if you can get to the laser grid part then you should certainly know about simple stuff like that. As far as the entrance part. I don't know what you're doing wrong because you can literally just hold down W and it works everytime for me.

I understand the thumbs down. Not every map is for everybody. Thanks for playing and for feedback though!

piotr_mil 2013. okt. 12. @ du. 12:57 
Quite silly map. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't do the double jump at the beginning. Once I stopped trying, I did it by accident. Also, do you really consider walking on the frame of death laser a standard solution that everyone would know about? In one of your previous maps, Chasing Waterfalls,, it was a nice touch that saved lots of bakctracking. Here it seems to be the only solution.