Team Fortress 2

True Texan
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Moist 12 de mai às 16:01 
Fuck, it would've been cool if it was just for engineer
who  [autor(a)] 19/out/2014 às 17:25 
It is but that doesn't really matter. It has outdone mine and was picked. You don't copyright ideas when you create something.
Blasttrooper55 |TF:GO 19/out/2014 às 16:29 
Isnt the idea basically the same?
who  [autor(a)] 19/out/2014 às 16:22 
Define steal, this is item is ancient and a lot worse then the macho man.
Blasttrooper55 |TF:GO 19/out/2014 às 16:20 
I know this is probably a really late comment... but did these guys steal from u?
JamesMarsters 10/out/2013 às 13:13 
;o they stole it from u o-o
who  [autor(a)] 10/out/2013 às 13:01 
Look at the date, I made this in april 2012
JamesMarsters 10/out/2013 às 12:32 
isn't this just the macho man?
who  [autor(a)] 8/fev/2013 às 19:32 
This thing is ancient, I didn't expect to see a comment on this ever again.
Habber the Quesomancer 8/fev/2013 às 19:30 
This actually... looks pretty good. Good job. This is a far parting from your more recent work of simply taping one thing onto another.
pastrycat 7/jan/2013 às 17:16 
I can't help but think back to Super Troopers
Wergild 22/jun/2012 às 11:26 
I knew he was missing something I saw in Texas...
Nias 12/jun/2012 às 18:33 
Coming from a REAL Texan, this is a must have VALVE!
Evan 12/jun/2012 às 18:13 
gib mustache
Inkinetras 12/jun/2012 às 18:11 
how download pls help
Ramblin' Bob 6/mai/2012 às 11:35 
looks like that guy from reno 911
Ungoliant 5/mai/2012 às 23:06 
Tam Türk engineer olmuş :))
BONBON LA BALEIN 1/mai/2012 às 19:33 
bloody brilliant!
FooLyCooLy64 [フリクリ64] 29/abr/2012 às 8:24 
Tom Selleck?
The Mac [DAG] 28/abr/2012 às 12:28 
Awesome! :D
Buikbaard 28/abr/2012 às 6:12 
<MN> PORO 28/abr/2012 às 3:41 
AlterNick 27/abr/2012 às 17:41 
For them to really be Texan, the aviator frames would have to be gold! haha. Paint maybe?
Maverick-Hunter 26/abr/2012 às 18:52 
that combo makes him look like the guy from Super troopers.
very good succ 26/abr/2012 às 14:51 
26/abr/2012 às 12:49 
I love it, hope VALVe takes it into consideration!
Voco 25/abr/2012 às 17:52 
Randy Marsh
stanley the cactus 25/abr/2012 às 16:02 
all i could think of is axe cop
who  [autor(a)] 25/abr/2012 às 15:08 
I was thinking of making a moustache only and glasses only styles if it gets any popular. Everybody wins :P
ScotchRobbins 25/abr/2012 às 15:04 
I love the idea. The sunglasses don't work perfectly, though.

We all knew the answer, but I guess someone *puts on sunglasses* mustache the question. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
Flitter ♥ 25/abr/2012 às 12:29 
"Gotta move that telepenser UP!"
ComaDoof 24/abr/2012 às 19:08 
I'm tellin' y'all it's SABOTAGE!
Friendly Neighborhood Skeleton 24/abr/2012 às 13:36 
Iridon 23/abr/2012 às 11:44 
Can you tell me how fast you were going right meow?
Muldoon 23/abr/2012 às 11:27 
Mama, just killed a man.
TheMortonator 23/abr/2012 às 0:44 
Young man, I said young man. I was once in your shoes...
『✿Hentai420✿』 22/abr/2012 às 21:36 
All he needs now is a policeman's hat..
Black Scorpion 22/abr/2012 às 14:26 
Blantern 22/abr/2012 às 12:49 
Brilliant :D
Kiru 22/abr/2012 às 10:50 
So badass. I love it. :3
Scattergun Blues 22/abr/2012 às 7:21 
Can't wait to be Cannonball Run Engie.
fatolcay 22/abr/2012 às 7:11 
With the ten gallon he looks like burt reynolds.
^6Oyashiro-sama 22/abr/2012 às 7:08 
Rapist ahoy! Good work.