Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

Streets of Stalingrad
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<SNK> [BLD] szabi 30 août 2015 à 3h16 
Hi please tell me how can i play this map online this is one of my favourite map and i want to play it with my friends but i cat find it on server list. Thx
DogeTheGrammarNazi 24 fév 2015 à 17h52 
The map is pretty well made, only problem is that the game will lag until hell for about ten minutes after A & B are captured, I don't experience lag anywhere else in the game, so I wanted to put that out here.
[AMG] PsychoPigeon  [créateur] 18 fév 2015 à 6h03 
Go away.
rminnebaev 18 fév 2015 à 5h25 
Thats no Stalingrad. It has the Square of Fallen Fighters monuments but they are installed terribly wrong.
Blackbandit1 10 fév 2015 à 23h40 
my favorite
-=StuK=-Kleist 24 jan 2015 à 3h03 
I really hope to see that map online on a (the) IOM server :)

Was such a great time to test this maps some month ago. I really like the design and details of this map.
[25th] Sir-Tobias 15 jan 2015 à 12h04 
Yo pigeon, its cool you are so active to the public at this mod, keep it up man
[AMG] PsychoPigeon  [créateur] 15 jan 2015 à 10h54 
[2.FJg]Chronic 15 jan 2015 à 7h13 
Does this work as of 15/1/15? Considering this for play testing on 2FJg.
[25th] Sir-Tobias 8 jan 2015 à 7h41 
wolodyjowski you do know soviets were russians back then i think you mean soviets are advancing germans/nazis
The banana box 17 déc 2014 à 16h46 
Great map, love it.
[AMG] PsychoPigeon  [créateur] 17 déc 2014 à 16h31 
ok that sounds dumb.
Wolodyjowski 17 déc 2014 à 16h09 
Looks decent in the video, however I'm fairly certain the gameplay will be nearly the exact same as that one map (can't think of the name) where soviets are advancing against russians and fighting in a city/ and in buildings.
*NCS* -=Attila=-hun 8 déc 2014 à 3h20 
Very nice !
1983funkgnup 19 nov 2014 à 20h49 
BadJackCutter 17 nov 2014 à 10h32 
Alright, thank you.
[AMG] PsychoPigeon  [créateur] 17 nov 2014 à 10h31 
it doesnt work currently i will post on the forum when it is working
BadJackCutter 17 nov 2014 à 9h47 
I am planning on adding this soon to the 2nd marine raider battalion campaign server soon.
+ReichFührerLSSÄHQ. 13 nov 2014 à 18h38 
Exebellant!. ;
" ( Work )" !>
Sonovabitch>XI< 8 nov 2014 à 2h31 
Great work, i wish they would add more of these maps to the Campaign games, it's hard to find anyone playing these maps sometimes, i would like to play more, this map would work great in the campaign game
Vladimir Putin 27 oct 2014 à 8h27 
обама черная тупая обезьяна
nonno Patriota 3 oct 2014 à 13h15 
ein tolle Spiel....
Macconal 3 oct 2014 à 12h52 
Russia belongs to Stalingrad
SZ Freeblade 30 sept 2014 à 19h37 
I loved your city map only thing bad about it was when takeing B,C,D the game started to lag but only for 3-5mins also the germans AI tank can't get out of spawn unless a human player plays as the tank. 4.6/5

Pls make more maps. :D
SZ Freeblade 25 sept 2014 à 15h40 

Not even in your dreams tool.
[AMG] PsychoPigeon  [créateur] 21 sept 2014 à 11h10 
2 months
Nipple Blades SVK 21 sept 2014 à 10h35 
How long does it took you to make this map?
Comrade Alex 18 sept 2014 à 11h51 
461493 27 août 2014 à 14h04 
Смерть фашистским аккупантам. Враг не пройдет.
Punzybobo 14 août 2014 à 2h08 
I got cold just looking at this. :o
Workem 18 juil 2014 à 13h42 
Unfortunetly, when i try to launch my game, it says "Streets od Stalingrad installing" And then it fully installs to 100% and then the game shuts down, and when i try to launch it agian it installs the map... And crashes :( I really want to play it, but it seems like i cant. Anyone got a sulotion?
Big Thorny 10 juil 2014 à 0h56 
the world belongs to America
Murder Inc.­­™ 27 juin 2014 à 12h48 
Berlin belongs to Russia
27 juin 2014 à 2h15 
Nickster 19 juin 2014 à 21h07 
CrazyMurph 6 juin 2014 à 13h22 
Hello Psycho, is this map finished, because I wanted to add it to our server.
[AMG] PsychoPigeon  [créateur] 17 mai 2014 à 8h19 
I can find maps of the city, but you'll need an actual layout to fit it in game
[AMG] PsychoPigeon  [créateur] 16 mai 2014 à 9h00 
It's just meant to be a fun street map, nothing serious. If you have an actual layout post it on the forums and i'll turn it into a map
Lestrad 16 mai 2014 à 8h45 
Yeah, well, I blame the developers. The original Red Orchesta allowed for *much* larger maps (and a better selection of maps at that). Its a shame really, would have been awsome to see a redone map of Berlin (Konigplatz was my second favorite map), with the Reichstag & Brandenburg Gate, etc.

Hopefully larger maps will be an update at somepoint. I can't see them not doing it as the UT engine could handle much larger maps than the original Red Orchestra. Still, from the trailer its a pretty detailed urban map, it just looses the feeling of actually being in Stalingrad without the landmarks. Still, this is a far superior alternative to Stalingrad Railstation. They should just redo that entire map with the Company of Heroe's 2 campaign Mission 1 as a reference.
[AMG] PsychoPigeon  [créateur] 16 mai 2014 à 1h15 
I can't believe it doesn't have entire stalingrad
Lestrad 15 mai 2014 à 19h16 
@ No More Beer: Yeah, I was kinda surprised it didnt have the docks, the station, or the famous crocodile statue.
andrewbreakwell 12 mai 2014 à 13h38 
hey i love the map it awsome but when i play it the ground is black when i run it really a noing i was wondering if you can fix that problem thanks
[AMG] PsychoPigeon  [créateur] 11 mai 2014 à 4h56 
go play te-station
Agent 420 11 mai 2014 à 2h11 
Where is the famous train station? You should add the train station man
PapaEicke 3 mai 2014 à 18h10 
looks good :)
sycamore1111 2 mai 2014 à 13h56 
sycamore1111 2 mai 2014 à 13h56 
@Kfyatec in the battle of Stalingrad the steets were full of ruble from the buildings so not many tanks were present because tanks could get stuck in the rubble.(And there were other things like holes)
Camoflagecaper 2 mai 2014 à 1h19 
when can we download it from?
[AMG] PsychoPigeon  [créateur] 27 avr 2014 à 8h56