Streets of Stalingrad
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I loved your city map only thing bad about it was when takeing B,C,D the game started to lag but only for 3-5mins also the germans AI tank can't get out of spawn unless a human player plays as the tank. 4.6/5

Pls make more maps. :D
ショーン ╠SZ╣︻╦╤─ 25. zář. v 3.40 odp. 

Not even in your dreams tool.
[AMG] PsychoPigeon  [autor] 21. zář. v 11.10 dop. 
2 months
Nipple Blades SVK 21. zář. v 10.35 dop. 
How long does it took you to make this map?
[PKM] Comrade Alex 18. zář. v 11.51 dop. 
461493 27. srp. v 2.04 odp. 
Смерть фашистским аккупантам. Враг не пройдет.
Kermit 14. srp. v 2.08 dop. 
I got cold just looking at this. :o
[Cpt] - Workem 101st Division 18. čvc. v 1.42 odp. 
Unfortunetly, when i try to launch my game, it says "Streets od Stalingrad installing" And then it fully installs to 100% and then the game shuts down, and when i try to launch it agian it installs the map... And crashes :( I really want to play it, but it seems like i cant. Anyone got a sulotion?
CHUPA CHOMPA 10. čvc. v 12.56 dop. 
the world belongs to America
Murder Inc.­­™ 27. čvn. v 12.48 odp. 
Berlin belongs to Russia
vonOblomovLSSAH1942 27. čvn. v 2.15 dop. 
Nickster183k 19. čvn. v 9.07 odp. 
[88thIR]CrazyMurph 6. čvn. v 1.22 odp. 
Hello Psycho, is this map finished, because I wanted to add it to our server.
[AMG] PsychoPigeon  [autor] 17. kvě. v 8.19 dop. 
I can find maps of the city, but you'll need an actual layout to fit it in game
[AMG] PsychoPigeon  [autor] 16. kvě. v 9.00 dop. 
It's just meant to be a fun street map, nothing serious. If you have an actual layout post it on the forums and i'll turn it into a map
Lestrad 16. kvě. v 8.45 dop. 
Yeah, well, I blame the developers. The original Red Orchesta allowed for *much* larger maps (and a better selection of maps at that). Its a shame really, would have been awsome to see a redone map of Berlin (Konigplatz was my second favorite map), with the Reichstag & Brandenburg Gate, etc.

Hopefully larger maps will be an update at somepoint. I can't see them not doing it as the UT engine could handle much larger maps than the original Red Orchestra. Still, from the trailer its a pretty detailed urban map, it just looses the feeling of actually being in Stalingrad without the landmarks. Still, this is a far superior alternative to Stalingrad Railstation. They should just redo that entire map with the Company of Heroe's 2 campaign Mission 1 as a reference.
[AMG] PsychoPigeon  [autor] 16. kvě. v 1.15 dop. 
I can't believe it doesn't have entire stalingrad
Lestrad 15. kvě. v 7.16 odp. 
@ No More Beer: Yeah, I was kinda surprised it didnt have the docks, the station, or the famous crocodile statue.
andrewbreakwell 12. kvě. v 1.38 odp. 
hey i love the map it awsome but when i play it the ground is black when i run it really a noing i was wondering if you can fix that problem thanks
[AMG] PsychoPigeon  [autor] 11. kvě. v 4.56 dop. 
go play te-station
Cuddly Panda 11. kvě. v 2.11 dop. 
Where is the famous train station? You should add the train station man
PapaEicke 3. kvě. v 6.10 odp. 
looks good :)
sycamore1111 2. kvě. v 1.56 odp. 
sycamore1111 2. kvě. v 1.56 odp. 
@Kfyatec in the battle of Stalingrad the steets were full of ruble from the buildings so not many tanks were present because tanks could get stuck in the rubble.(And there were other things like holes)
Camo 2. kvě. v 1.19 dop. 
when can we download it from?
[AMG] PsychoPigeon  [autor] 27. dub. v 8.56 dop. 
Kfyatec 27. dub. v 8.40 dop. 
If this map will have more tanks and carriers this will be great reason to play. Massive number of tanks in places which are danger for armors will move people to cooperative with infantry.
Gefr. Dietrich [101 JD.] 2. dub. v 6.26 odp. 

Gefr. Dietrich [101 JD.] 2. dub. v 2.24 odp. 
When I launch red orchestra in the top right corner of the screen it will say "Downloading Streets of Stalingrand" and the game will shot down what do I do?
Artaxeus 20. bře. v 5.25 dop. 
Seems very big map, this is how RO2 maps should have been done, hope to see this officially added.
<SNK> [BLD] szabi 17. bře. v 4.38 dop. 
Thanks for ur answer i will check that
[AMG] PsychoPigeon  [autor] 17. bře. v 4.09 dop. 
there arent many servers that play custom maps, if you check the unranked tab you can find the RGN server that has some people playing them
<SNK> [BLD] szabi 17. bře. v 4.01 dop. 
Where can i play this map ,i downloaded but i cant see any server with this map in server browser?
Legolas 2. bře. v 5.23 dop. 
Really good looking map cant wait to play it! Good Job PsychoPigeon!
Anderson 16. úno. v 10.43 dop. 
Brilliant map. Thanks for uploading it.
Reminds me a lot about Stalingrad movies!
Paranoid Android 7. úno. v 10.15 dop. 
To be fair, it was pretty stupid of me to say that without playing the newest version. Sorry.
[AMG] PsychoPigeon  [autor] 7. úno. v 9.38 dop. 
I don't think it looks anything like fallen fighters, I don't think you've even played the latest version of the map.
Paranoid Android 7. úno. v 8.54 dop. 
I would just suggest adding a few more tweaks, so it really looks like a totally individual map. But hey, you're the creator. Your decision.
[AMG] PsychoPigeon  [autor] 6. úno. v 9.25 dop. 
and? don't undertand your point
Paranoid Android 6. úno. v 9.15 dop. 
Looks suspiciously like Fallen Fighters...
иосиф сталин 5. úno. v 3.49 dop. 
"Here's Johnny" 4. úno. v 10.52 dop. 
very good map
Rommel of Jeddah 2. úno. v 1.20 odp. 
awesom map, incredible atmosphere!
Blackbandit1 27. led. v 8.43 odp. 
I am looking forward to this much appraition thank you my grandfather n me appraite ur work
Intant 27. led. v 11.33 dop. 
looks awesome!
DMG 26. led. v 3.06 odp. 
My game is crashes too when he needs to download this map.
vadim.koko 25. led. v 5.11 dop. 
Wulf 18. led. v 10.47 dop. 
it chrashes my game.