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The Mandate
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St.Akardi 17 Jul às 14:56 
@ Ryan
Currently to resgister on the website you must have a preorder of the game. Which you could get it from their store http://www.mandategame.com/store. You can either use Backerkit (an app used to moderate your Kickstarter backers and later supporters.) Or use Paypal to preorder. However using Paypal, Devs have to import PayPal backers twice per month into BackerKit to provide the Ditgial keys and goodies that you may select from your preo-order tier.
Ryan 13 Jul às 11:12 
how to register on there website? I can't find any register button or page!
Alhazred 13 Jul às 9:55 
seriously can't wait. been folowing since kickstarter. ughhhh, this is gonna be amazingggg!!!
Kimokeo 9 Jul às 23:54 
Can't wait
King Kornholio 8 Jul às 12:12 
The scale of this blows my mind. I have always wanted a game like this- or at least similar. The fact that you are building this gives hope to the whole genre's future. I want to be able to completely cutomize everything from the cut of my uniform to the build of my ship, to the name and species of my and enemy factions. I want to design the crew as well as the captain. I want to fight in space, then board and pillage. I want it all. Do I expect it all from you? Nope. But it looks like you have a bigger chunk of the space opera in your game than most. This is a huge step in the right direction! Can't wait.
jpablo 30 Jun às 6:52 
pa4kin 28 Jun às 6:02 
Historicles 26 Jun às 18:35 
thanks for all the info
St.Akardi 24 Jun às 15:10 
If you want all the release info on the Mandate in one document then the Fan Compedium is here for you! http://www.mandategame.com/forum/fan-compendium-0
St.Akardi 24 Jun às 15:09 
Hello Steam Users! Currently the Mandate has a site http://www.mandategame.com/ and backer only forums. Anyone that preorders before the release can join the community! And you can still preorder through their paypal store here with backerkit support! http://www.mandategame.com/store

Have a Great Summer!
longstar 21 Jun às 6:57 
I'm jumping in the early access too.
Psynox 20 Jun às 17:45 
I want this.
Shade 18 Jun às 22:57 
still hoping this game makes it , it looks and feels awesome
Boss of Games 13 Jun às 8:08 
mega logic game it is really hardly
Trevein 9 Jun às 13:54 
Have high hopes for the game. Pity I missed kickstarter. Good luck!
psJ 16 Mai às 10:57 
七曜苏醒 29 Abr às 11:44 
Alhazred 8 Abr às 16:33 
Seriously can't wait for this game. Missed out on backing the kickstarter :( The second it's up on early access, I'm all over it.
OzWally 4 Abr às 18:31 
Looks alive there ---> http://www.mandategame.com/
Cirus☭ 26 Mar às 6:16 
Задел знатный, ждём чего-то ниибического.
Deer 23 Mar às 6:57 
Это самый ожидаемый инди проэкт для меня
Kirator117 15 Mar às 13:07 
I really wait for that game, its fantastic.
ashurakain 1 Mar às 15:19 
anybody have any news on this game?
Drakken 25 Fev às 2:22 
Based on the videos this is one of the sexyest game on steam.
GamerWolfOps 20 Fev às 10:15 
Maybe its due because kickstater was hacked recently. My account was hacked and email changed.
OzWally 19 Fev às 17:13 
No news since 30 November, 2013 - MandateGame?
SandShark 13 Fev às 9:03 
I want this so much right now
03,016 12 Fev às 21:16 
i wanna this!
WildcommenderG 5 Fev às 17:00 
I would like to see Angry Joe's review of the Mandate in next year at 2015.
OnlyForward^^ 3 Fev às 8:53 
Hucklow 2 Fev às 15:41 
We need more !
rolfskalder 1 Fev às 15:03 
Good to hear, adam_sacramento. Thanks!
adam_sacramento 21 Jan às 16:14 
I wrote a news story about the development of this game; I was told they are shooting for beta access late this year and delivery of the retail version around January 2015.
rolfskalder 16 Jan às 4:42 
I read on their website this won't be out until 2015. Yikes! This and Star Citizen look great, but I gotta wait a long time : /
Zealot2021 14 Jan às 19:06 
Wondered if anyone could combine the best of XCOM:EU and FTL...

Looks like I can stop wondering. :P

Except now I have to start waiting. Doh!
romullluss 11 Jan às 20:54 
5 days no any Dev response about when game will be out.
Nirven 11 Jan às 9:36 
Weekend at Breitbart's 8 Jan às 17:14 
This game. THIS. GAME.
Booker 7 Jan às 15:35 
omg i am VERY excited for this. and im usually not his excited for games.
romullluss 7 Jan às 3:41 
When will came Early Access? I want buy it now 8(
[TCDU] Niggledafiggle 5 Jan às 19:50 
ждать до 2015 года!
marius5704 4 Jan às 4:58 
круто, ждем!
Rheinbund 3 Jan às 13:58 
Oh i love it.The best Game 2014.Finally new stuff.
Buck.Henry 2 Jan às 8:52 
Can't wait for the alpha to be released so I can start playing!
D Team 1 Jan às 15:43 
It seem to be realy good ... it will be hard to wait
jpablo 1 Jan às 9:20 
bastante bien
GannicuS 28 Dez, 2013 às 3:57 
looks good
velther 24 Dez, 2013 às 23:15 
Fantastic project! Can't wait for beta.
[TCDU] Niggledafiggle 22 Dez, 2013 às 2:25 
An awesome game! You can still help support it via Paypal! just visit http://www.mandategame.com/