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Dragons of Elanthia
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Stalker 10. helmi 1.43 
wow 2016 rip the game xc
Wolfey2900 Dragon Rider 11. joulu, 2015 21.12 
what happen to this game it is such a great game
JoZ3.69 4. syys, 2015 11.26 
another game dead??
Iráñëth The Dragon 11. elo, 2015 19.01 
so...is this dead? it looks cool..
Tango_Yuki 29. touko, 2015 18.00 
Time of dragons is a game like this and is being worked on, The game is playable on Facebook.
Tango_Yuki 29. touko, 2015 17.59 
They are not working on this game anymore, the sites and stuff have not been updated sense 2014...
OtachiKaiju68 28. maalis, 2015 22.19 
pls continue this game there are less dragon game sout there where you play as or ride a dragon pls don't discontinue this game pls D:
[KR]MakoNeko 11. helmi, 2015 1.16 
I do know that Simu is hiring right now, so if you live in St. Louis you should check out their postings.
Cynder 22. tammi, 2015 11.44 
This. Game. Looks. AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
”*°•AvengingAngel•°*” 24. loka, 2014 8.32 
i think nice
Brother Insanity 28. syys, 2014 9.13 
there hasnt been an update for an eternity
Mr. Baby 7. syys, 2014 9.39 
For anyone waiting on the release of this, know that in their bread winning game it took them well over 5+ years to add promised content, with more still waiting. By the way, that game is TEXT BASED.
SpartanChick316 28. elo, 2014 1.34 
I think development of this game is stagnating.
Skyfish 11. elo, 2014 11.35 
When searchign for "flight" on steam green light, this does not show up. A shame, since it has good flying mechanics.
.::MandatoryMangoes::. 28. kesä, 2014 17.55 
I'll be severely dissapointed in you guys if you discontinue this, you put a lot of effort into it! Keep going strong!
TheAsuro 16. kesä, 2014 12.52 
Is there still anyone who is developing this? If not, can we at least have an answer? I liked the concept and gameplay, and would really like to know if there still is some hope that this game will be finished.
CabochonCarbuncle 8. kesä, 2014 6.16 
Despite the predominantly negative swathe of reviews I have to say I really liked this for the time I played; and this is coming from a person that would prefer playing as dragons, that's probably a more diehard emotion than most bandwaggoners that merely think they look cool. What is a pity is that it's pretty much dead now... I'm no wiz at flight sim or dogfighter games and came in just for the dragons but I had the controls down within a week and outplaying a fair number of longer standing players (testers rather). It was a blast when the devs stepped in and we had some decent 15 man or so skirmishes! I wouldn't want this game to be condemned to the gutter.

Devs where art thou? Don't let these people get to you; some of the concepts you had in store and described seemed pretty snazzy. I'm not aware of their past history but I didn't have problems when I had them alone to myself to grill.

PLEASE. Do continue. Don't let this fade away.
Stan 25. touko, 2014 22.05 
Been looking for a game that is centered around dragon riding for awhile. I'm pretty excited for this release!
grantage84 30. maalis, 2014 12.39 
Cool idea but the gameplay seems shallow. Dragon The Game might be a more authentic dragon experience.
Mr. Baby 27. maalis, 2014 1.38 
So disappointed to see this get the greenlight. Simutronics continues to trample on it's customers charging the same if not more for their MUD games like Gemstone IV. They barely delivered their promises for that game, which was their bread and butter for over a decade. I'm just glad the kickstarter didn't achieve it's goal. This company does NOT need your money.
AuldWolf 23. maalis, 2014 21.13 
(Continued from below.)

"Hey look, guys, dragons!!!" -- This isn't enough to sell your game on, especially when the dragons aren't dragons at all, just witless flying beasts controlled by riders. You'd get way more mileage out of a game like this by letting the player be the aforementioned ancient beast of power. No one ever really wants to play the dragonrider, that's why dragonrider games aren't that popular (see: Lair), and they only ever succeed if they're amazingly good and flawlessly executed.

If you don't go back to the drawing board, this is going to be flop.
AuldWolf 23. maalis, 2014 21.12 
(Continued from below.)

If you really want to do something interesting?

* Drop the stagnant fantasy visuals. Be more fantastic. Use your imaginations.

* Drop the riders, they're just a boring hood ornament and a distraction from the main event. Intelligent dragons are much more interesting than mindless ones, anyway.

* Look at how the original Drakkhen (the original PC game) handled a truly free range of movement. They mixed flight simulator and arcade controls to give something that feels like a dragon, and it hasn't been bettered since.

(Continued above.)
AuldWolf 23. maalis, 2014 21.12 
This is basically Dragonriders of Elanthia. It looks like a really uninspired version of Panzer Dragoon, as others have mentioned. Aesthetically and visually it's boring, and it's not even on par with the now rather ancient Lair. SOE also tried to do this as an MMO, it wasn't very good.

The only thing recently that's even bordered on promising was Dragon Commander, but that game was butchered by focusing too heavily on an incredibly sub par RTS experience, almost leaving the dragon itself to be an afterthought.

(Continued above.)
we know trash 19. maalis, 2014 13.26 
Congrats on getting greenlit, looks interesting.
The Cheese Dragon 18. maalis, 2014 8.30 
Now when I seen this i thought, AT LAST A GAME WHERE YOU GET TO PLAY A DRAGON!
But then I played it and was disapointed. The things i dident like were firstly the controles, they are horeble! Have you tryed playing Naturul Selection 2 well if the controles were like the Lurk from Natural Selection 2 and there were more people playing i would pay a decent amount of money for this.
Here is how I would like the controles
1 combine the camera look direction and dragon move direction and controle that with mouse movement, having them separat is pianful to play.

2 Then make it so you fall space to flap hold space to glide and if you are dont have enough speed when gliding or you start to fall.

3 make the cross heir and the other ui look nicer and more mystical because at the moment it very ugly.

but dont get me wrong i like it apart from that its just that the controls make it imposible to play.
Jimbos 7. maalis, 2014 0.41 
@demigourd Exactly.

From what I've seen you basically made a watered down Lair/Panzer Dragoon. You could do so much more with just what you have then a crummy dragon flight battle sim thing.

Awesome concept, just horrible execution. Hell even if you maybe made it a little bit closer to Lair in terms of what that game was trying to accomplish, you'd get alot more people looking at this.
Nasko @ Fragmented 5. maalis, 2014 22.31 
please make a game using this art that isnt just flight battle sim
there's so much more you could do with this
Piratedcopy 22. helmi, 2014 22.51 
what happened? hella time, but no updates/noise
DEATHSGUN2 22. helmi, 2014 14.37 
Angel Of Death 21. helmi, 2014 1.04 
is it just me or did the dragon sound like a lion when it roard
Crimson 20. helmi, 2014 7.14 
Make sure you include an inverted mouse toggle, some people LOVE inverted mouse some HATE it. If you give it a toggle, you'll make both sides happy.
不枉此生 18. helmi, 2014 17.53 
look like not bad ^^
Szkodnix 18. helmi, 2014 1.42 
Yeah, I like that ;)
+1 from me.
Zarniwoop 13. helmi, 2014 20.55 
Also, is there any point to the game besides battle arena? Single player campaign?
Zarniwoop 13. helmi, 2014 20.54 
First person perspective as an option please.
DarkLordz 12. helmi, 2014 6.56 
orange juice 11. helmi, 2014 1.51 
Panzer Dragoon awww yeah (even though it is very different)
dunkeldoof 7. helmi, 2014 3.28 
Drakan is back? :)
rx8jesse 6. helmi, 2014 23.03 

i like the concept!
Brother Insanity 6. helmi, 2014 15.52 
you guys can go on the official site and sign up to be a ALPHA tester. ( hope u'll soon join da fight )
pointdreck 6. helmi, 2014 5.32 
wow this actually looks very cool.
Malidictus 6. helmi, 2014 4.23 
Put in some kind of dragon-on-dragon mid-air melee system and I'm SOLD! :)
Mr.Spencer 4. helmi, 2014 12.43 
Like the game Chaos on some part, but added the magic
malerba78 3. helmi, 2014 11.47 
really nice :)
Dragon Tamer 2. helmi, 2014 18.06 
Looks good so far, can't wait for more.
NoMutantAllowed 1. helmi, 2014 7.28 
Reminds me of an old xbox game, Crimson Skies.
thikarateago1 31. tammi, 2014 11.02 
vei eu quero muitoo joga esse jogooo!!!!
adoro dragoes!!
c_a_mcgregor 30. tammi, 2014 1.54 
Not really my cup of tea, but it looks well done, so I will give you my vote.
SandwichKed 29. tammi, 2014 15.53 
Would buy a single-player game. Not interested in yet another arena deathmatch wangfest.
raiders5000 29. tammi, 2014 12.47 
Uhm..."Dragon Flight Physics?" How do you know what a Dragon...nevermind. I vote YES. Looks like Joust on steriods! Can't wait to play a demo.