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Memories of a Fisherman
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Aaaaaaand release date changed to december.
intox. Requiesta de Silencia 30. heinä 20.50 
...still waiting...
Rhea! The Moon 19. kesä 11.47 
Wait for it... wait for it... now?! Oh no... wait for it...
ksdfuhna 18. kesä 19.29 
Soon ?
Soon... soon.
RS 16. touko 15.14 
Sieht gut aus und ist entwicklungsfähig.
/T.R\|RufousSoup 28. huhti 13.08 
Miiu =^.^= <3 Domnice 9. huhti 19.58 
Would like to give it a try!
Foot Fetish 9. huhti 8.41 
Атмосферно. Жду!
Dan180 26. maalis 9.23 
AFriendlyMonster4 24. maalis 14.50 
cant wait
Balls Attack 16. maalis 10.02 
▐█▐██▐░▄▓▓▓▓▓▀▄░▀▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▌█▌ doge wants you to vote.
MrBonesW1ldRide 14. maalis 0.57 
that's some deafening silence
(MPR)Patmo 8. maalis 18.30 
Looks really nice
[DGF] Sralus 7. maalis 9.43 
The only G 7. maalis 8.23 
looks like cool game
AdilB101 6. maalis 12.58 
Looks cool! I love it! It's like Amnesia and that stuff. I am looking forward to it. This is one of my favourite Greenlight items! I wish I'd known about this earlier so I can contribute to this. :(
trancematic20 5. maalis 14.53 
Sounds like a nice game with great Atmosphere. Cogratulations!
HondaMcLaren88 4. maalis 21.59 
One video and it's enough to convince me, good job, I wish I had known about this earlier!
Red Wings Rock 4. maalis 18.13 
Dominicum 4. maalis 12.56 
Congrats, guys!
catchthebear 4. maalis 11.06 
Kapot 4. maalis 0.59 
So... Is this a real horror game or is it one of those walking simulators?
Stevepwm 26. helmi 10.55 
HKkabanossi 25. helmi 14.05 
freaking gorgeous
MLG pro 360 no scope noobs 24. helmi 18.32 
I cant understand story but grphics are esqusite
horcsog0 24. helmi 12.59 
Érdekes, jó grafika, de van története?
Tenburo 22. helmi 16.40 
Colour me interested. I'm a big fan of free-form exploration.
Dauen 21. helmi 17.35 
Looking forward to this game. Appears to be a, though somewhat familiar, breath of fresh air.
Kai Knight(TIG) 21. helmi 8.53 
love games like this so i am voting it up. i hope you have the time to share it on,
Think indie games, a indie games community

i take my time out everyday to get though as many games as possible and give fair judgement, it make it simple, if i left you a link to the page it means i like your game, and would love to see you share the game to the page and ill also soon share the game as the page
Cheradenine 21. helmi 5.38 
Really intrigued, look forward to seeing more
ForAStifferNick 20. helmi 3.25 
Dear Esther...
Plannine 18. helmi 0.07 
Very polished looking environment, which is a plus since the devs "...want the players to invest a whole lot of time" in it. Based on the preview / trailer I would definitely like to try it. My only concern is that this sets the bar pretty high for the writing to be equally well done.

There is a whole spectrum of solve-the-mystery games out there that go from facepalmingly obvious "one of these things is not like the other" clues to woefully obscure "puzzles" that have only two solutions: (a) Google it - or - (b) Uninstall.

I really think based on the available writeup and trailer that they are headed for a decent middle ground, but that's just a lingering concern from seeing so many poorly done ones in the past and therefore being a little skeptical overall of the genre. No reflection on these guys, just my personal tastes and experiences coming in to it.
Bosulica03 15. helmi 2.52 
Can you tell me the name of the music or where can I find it because it is awsome
Hardgrave 14. helmi 22.02 
I am upvoting this for a couple reasons:

1) looks awesome.
2) My fellow Steam friend made the music
Regime 13. helmi 15.05 
Road Runner 13. helmi 12.03 
Very atmospheric, I like that. Thumbs up
Lady Violet 12. helmi 11.24 
Story is really cool. Engine looks great. Hope for russian translation (I can help with this one).
diavolo 10. helmi 19.51 
And i hope for a french translation ;)
diavolo 10. helmi 19.50 
really looks like Skyrim Engine. I say Yes ! Good Luck.
Scarlet Rayne 10. helmi 16.10 
I love the music in the trailer... it seems like a depressing game, something I might actually buy.
Kafka 10. helmi 14.35 
Looks like DEAR ESTHER!!! Loved that Game!
Aisaka 10. helmi 12.59 
Omg This looks amazing!
Menfis 10. helmi 12.46 
Great story maan.. i'm waiting
Zombie6462 10. helmi 12.22 
Looks really cool. Great music, interesting story, I'm in !!!
UmbrellaMan 10. helmi 11.57 
Факел мне напомнил Rust
Kha'Zix 10. helmi 11.12 
Looks Interesting. Great story.
lion2314 10. helmi 11.02 
WANT ITTT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D