The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Ridiculously Marvelous Magelight Replacer
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EnderCorePL 8. Aug. 2017 um 7:32 Uhr 
Thank you for this great little graphicall mod!

Take a trurret for your effort! :p2turret:
Solaire the Streetwise 26. Juni 2017 um 10:50 Uhr 
God bless you.
NewZealandTimeLord 20. Juni 2017 um 21:54 Uhr 
please dont swear trainwiz
StagNet 10. Mai 2016 um 20:14 Uhr 
you are a god among men...
Gats 13. Sep. 2015 um 18:43 Uhr 
Fuck ya! Thanks train.
Trainwiz  [Autor] 13. Sep. 2015 um 18:40 Uhr 
You're allowed to fuck him as long as you're married.
Gats 13. Sep. 2015 um 18:35 Uhr 
Something about this skat storm makes me oddly horny. Thanks Train and moss, think l'll go fuck my Brhuce now.
Trainwiz  [Autor] 13. Sep. 2015 um 15:27 Uhr 
Cause if this is how you react when you're proven wrong, I struggle to see how you're able to function in normal society.
Trainwiz  [Autor] 13. Sep. 2015 um 15:25 Uhr 
It's kind of funny how I point out you're wrong, and your reaction is to act like a pissy bitch.
Not surprising, really. You can't even properly read a description, why the fuck would an ignorant cunt like you actually read any comments?
Mosstone 13. Sep. 2015 um 13:36 Uhr 
Oh, and after thought; no I am not going to be checking back on this thread, so there goes your petty illusion of power over me. I'm getting a smoothie.
Mosstone 13. Sep. 2015 um 13:28 Uhr 
I'm not even going to go into detail about how God rides on angles which apparently share a back, and has a misconception about his own creations' behavior.
Trainwiz  [Autor] 11. Sep. 2015 um 17:23 Uhr 
You do know what "Last few lines" means, right?
Trainwiz  [Autor] 11. Sep. 2015 um 17:22 Uhr 
Those are not the last few lines of the description.
Mosstone 11. Sep. 2015 um 16:41 Uhr 
" and replaced said magelight with a fireball. God then gave me a smoothie. ". Magelight is not replaced with a fireball.
Trainwiz  [Autor] 10. Sep. 2015 um 19:00 Uhr 
You did actually read the last few lines of the description right?
Mosstone 10. Sep. 2015 um 17:47 Uhr 
Oh, umm it says in the description that it effects magelight. You know, the one that you shoot into caves and tag things with.... but it's candlelight it effects and not magelight. Can you perhapse make this apply to both? Because when people are saying that this mode lives up to the description, they are wrong as of right now.
Mosstone 10. Sep. 2015 um 17:10 Uhr 
Not so sure about the god joke... but this is the mod I was looking for so thanks.
Dubo 22. Juli 2015 um 22:25 Uhr 
I asked my parents, and they disowned me, 10/10
agt 26. Apr. 2015 um 13:33 Uhr 
Lives up to it's description. Splendid.
Nixter 5. Apr. 2015 um 8:46 Uhr 
Trainwiz you're a funny guy :)
King_of_Shrooms 6. März 2015 um 11:42 Uhr 
If Trainwiz's other mods have comment sections like this, I gotta go do some reading.
King_of_Shrooms 6. März 2015 um 11:42 Uhr 
Two arguments in one comment section? Yay.
Nero Claudius 24. Feb. 2015 um 14:53 Uhr 
God is now an og gangster (\ ( ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°) /)
JoeBJJ 1. Feb. 2015 um 15:02 Uhr 
I'm here to make this a happier place. Be happy. *throws glitter*. Goodbye.
Trainwiz  [Autor] 26. Jan. 2015 um 18:01 Uhr 
And you're also dumb enough to push your religion on people.
You know by your logic you're also going to hell for playing Skyrim right? Consorting with demons and casting magic spells and whatnot.
magical bleach fairy 26. Jan. 2015 um 17:37 Uhr 
you probably go to hell if you don't ask god for forgiving you for all this abuse
Trainwiz  [Autor] 26. Jan. 2015 um 17:02 Uhr 
And again, even australia would throw out your pathetic whining, their courts aren't that ridiculous. You've already got multiple VAC bans, you're dumb enough to come whining onto someone's mod page and THEN, in an even dumber move, threaten them with legal action.
I mean, just how honest-to-god stupid are you? Like, on a scale from 1-10.
Trainwiz  [Autor] 26. Jan. 2015 um 16:56 Uhr 
Least I can actually read descriptions, unlike you, because you're an idiot.
magical bleach fairy 26. Jan. 2015 um 14:49 Uhr 
you are a dirty narcissist probably possessed by a demon

projecting your self
magical bleach fairy 26. Jan. 2015 um 14:48 Uhr 
hey come have a holiday over here
magical bleach fairy 26. Jan. 2015 um 14:48 Uhr 
10 years jail for online abuse in australia :/
Trainwiz  [Autor] 26. Jan. 2015 um 12:52 Uhr 
You also understand that most country, especially the united states, would laugh you out of the court, because "I was an idiot on his steam page and he made fun of me" holds no weight anywhere?
Of course you don't, because you're stupid.
Face it bro, you come onto my page and act like an idiot, and nobody is going to support you. You brought it upon yourself.
magical bleach fairy 26. Jan. 2015 um 9:51 Uhr 
not even including losing your steam account you don't own
magical bleach fairy 26. Jan. 2015 um 9:50 Uhr 
do you even understand what you are saying is abusive and can be prosecuted in many countries?
Trainwiz  [Autor] 25. Jan. 2015 um 22:15 Uhr 
Or you could not be stupid and just read the description, but we both know that's never going to happen.
magical bleach fairy 25. Jan. 2015 um 19:08 Uhr 
you could of updated it to also include magelight rather than being a dick head
Trainwiz  [Autor] 25. Jan. 2015 um 14:52 Uhr 
Read the description before you make a stupid comment.
magical bleach fairy 25. Jan. 2015 um 11:06 Uhr 
mage light isn't changed

Jet Jaguar 30. Dez. 2014 um 18:45 Uhr 
7.8/10 not enough blue flame
(P.S. this is a joke. Do not take this seriously. like, at all. why are you still reading this? just keep scrolling or whatever. jeez.)
EXdevil 11. Juli 2014 um 8:12 Uhr 
Entertaining comment section, good description, fun author, good mod.

CupCakeKiller 26. Apr. 2014 um 7:15 Uhr 
A lot more classy then that original sharp LED-like light.
Tevictulus 24. Apr. 2014 um 14:11 Uhr 
Once again, someone tries to argue with Trainwiz.... and loses, yet ends up making me laugh
bombbaby 24. Apr. 2014 um 5:34 Uhr 
give it a blue flame
torok551 16. Apr. 2014 um 8:29 Uhr 
This'll be good for my pyromancer character.
Elfendrago 5. März 2014 um 20:08 Uhr 
think you could make this mod have a blue flame ?
MattRat22 21. Feb. 2014 um 4:56 Uhr 
nice description,if all descriptions were this good.....if only
SykoDoc 13. Feb. 2014 um 15:51 Uhr 
THANK GOD! I hate the magelight soooo much. appreciate the mod man.
Xemanis 10. Feb. 2014 um 11:54 Uhr 
That description... Haha...
Bearisimilitude 8. Feb. 2014 um 16:09 Uhr 
You should add a second spell to the mod that has this but channeled.
Skyrimnut 30. Dez. 2013 um 2:26 Uhr 
much nicer candlelight spell, thank you. :)