Artifacts Of Ultima
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DEvasto  [작성자] 2시간 전 
I felt it was a little obvious, but that's just me. It's referring to Arcwind Point.
Starwarsfan1011 7시간 전 
it does not make much sense
DEvasto  [작성자] 2014년 10월 20일 오후 4시 47분 
The name is pretty much right there in the phrase, actually. One would just need to do a little rearrangement.
Unholy_Blades 2014년 10월 20일 오후 4시 45분 
i dont get it maybe the the throat of the world
DEvasto  [작성자] 2014년 10월 20일 오후 3시 51분 
It's a hint to the name of the sword's location.
Starwarsfan1011 2014년 10월 20일 오전 11시 34분 
i found the hint in sky haven temple but what does it mean by where the wind arcs
Unholy_Blades 2014년 9월 17일 오전 11시 22분 
thank you so much
DEvasto  [작성자] 2014년 9월 16일 오후 11시 21분 
Both fire swords are level-listed, not anywhere in the game world, so they'd show up in chest loot and such.
Unholy_Blades 2014년 9월 16일 오후 6시 55분 
Can i have the exact location of the blue flame sword please ive been looking forever
DEvasto  [작성자] 2014년 7월 14일 오전 8시 41분 
Some weapons are level-listed, but the more unique ones have been placed in the world. There's a hint in Sky Haven Temple for one of them, but the others will require some searching.
Tristan 2014년 7월 14일 오전 1시 03분 
where i can find it???
DEvasto  [작성자] 2014년 6월 20일 오후 3시 59분 
Some are level listed, others you can find in the world, and one is craftable. Glass swords, the wands, staves, fire swords and swords of defense are level-listed, while the Magebane, Death Scythe, Hoe of Destruction, and the Dragonslayer are found in the world. Glass swords are craftable but they require peer gems and a fairly high smithing skill in order to do so.
paizuriprincess 2014년 6월 19일 오후 11시 39분 
And how do I acquire these exactly?
DEvasto  [작성자] 2014년 5월 28일 오후 4시 57분 
Runes could be held in hand, to some extent, they'd basically have to be a shield if they were to be held. Moonstones not so much 'cause they're pretty small and no animation exists for just holding something, but they'd make nice decorations. I did have thoughts a long time back about making a functional Orb of the Moons, but that'd be tricky to pull off.

Also, if you don't mind the Nexus, I released an update to the Nexus version of AoU that adds new weapons and fixes. If I could, I'd put it here on the workshop, but files have a 100 meg limit and to reach that I'd have to compress and downscale all the textures, and even then it might not be enough.
westingtyler 2014년 5월 28일 오전 3시 40분 
Instant download. Gotta check out your other sword mod. I want to see runes and moonstones added, even if just for decoration. You should be able to hold them in your hand, like in the opening of Ultima VI, and they should have cool hi res engraved textures. An black moonstone came in the box with my Ultima VI, and random people got runes as well, like for a contest. It would be awesome to collect them in game, even if they are hidden well and not craftable. Now those are some collectibles I would scour Skyrim for!
huthbruth 2014년 4월 13일 오전 9시 19분 
thank mate
DEvasto  [작성자] 2014년 4월 12일 오전 7시 45분 
M'kay, well the standard fire sword is XX0063A8, while the blue fire sword is XX00A44D. The "XX" denotes the load order number, which you can find out with Wrye Bash or by typing help "fire sword" into the console, with the quotes around fire sword, to see their ID numbers.
huthbruth 2014년 4월 12일 오전 4시 46분 
Hey man thanks for the tip, but even after allmost a whole night of searching I still found nothing. and I was just wondering if you could give me the Id
DEvasto  [작성자] 2014년 4월 11일 오후 3시 53분 
It'll show up in loot, but the fire swords aren't terribly common. Giants and their lewt chests might be fair game for 'em.
huthbruth 2014년 4월 11일 오전 11시 36분 
Is there a particular place the fire sword spawns? or do I just have to find it among the loot?
TheNICKoroni 2014년 3월 26일 오전 10시 47분 
ok, thanks!
DEvasto  [작성자] 2014년 3월 26일 오전 1시 31분 
They're amongst the lootables, but relatively uncommon. There's a little bit of a better chance they'll show up on spellcasters, so you can start hunting them down, and giant camp chests could make you a lucky monkey too, since they tend to have pretty good loot the wands might appear among.
TheNICKoroni 2014년 3월 26일 오전 12시 27분 
Is there a specific place to find the fire wands? I have looked in MANY places and I could not find them.
FlufflyFurball~ 2014년 3월 25일 오후 2시 21분 
Ahhhh :3
Thanks~ ^^
DEvasto  [작성자] 2014년 3월 25일 오후 1시 59분 
Lol, can't say it is around any Kilrathi, but while I won't outright give away where it is, I will say that the Hoe IS on a farm, in fact it's in a small farming town one luckless horse thief hailed from. ;)
FlufflyFurball~ 2014년 3월 25일 오후 1시 52분 
Ah mkay c:
I found the Death Scythe and the Fire Sword, the Fire Sword was on a random giant. x3
I was like "Yay killed the giant. :D What, Ultima weapon? FIRE SWORD?! O_O"
What a giant was doing with a badass weapon like a SWORD MADE OF FIRE is probably easy to answer, but would still be eye-rolling. x3
Also, I'll look for the other weapons myself, but all I would like to know is: Where's the Hoe of Destruction? :3
More importantly, is it found on a farm that's also the crash site of a Kilrathi starfighter? c:
DEvasto  [작성자] 2014년 3월 25일 오전 11시 02분 
I did have a link to a txt file that listed the locations of the weapons in the world, as well as item ID codes, but a moderator disabled it under the impression it was a virus link or something, and I'm reluctant to re-add it because of that and because it might not fit in the description.

That said, the only weapon that is craftable are glass swords, but they require peer gems, which are a rare find. All of the others can be found as loot or in the worldspace.
FlufflyFurball~ 2014년 3월 25일 오전 9시 22분 
Ok so, you can find them cause I found the Death Scythe and the Fire Sword (in that order.)

FlufflyFurball~ 2014년 3월 25일 오전 6시 15분 
You need to specify locations dude. Or if they have to be crafted, what do you need to craft them?
DEvasto  [작성자] 2014년 3월 10일 오전 11시 38분 
I did want to add it, but Skyrim's engine doesn't lend itself well at all to whips. Of course, Miraak's sword can get whippy, so it might be possible after some serious dissection of that sword I could add the whip, but that remains to be seen.
jon 2014년 3월 10일 오전 7시 43분 
I'd love to see the lightening whip from U7 that thing was sweet.
DEvasto  [작성자] 2014년 3월 8일 오전 11시 02분 
Several are level listed, which means you'll find them in loot, but they're not terribly common. Swords of Defense, glass swords and fire swords can be found in loot, as well as the wands and staves, the other weapons are somewhere in the world.
Starwarsfan1011 2014년 3월 8일 오전 9시 44분 
HOW DO YOU GET THE WEAPONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Starwarsfan1011 2014년 3월 8일 오전 9시 37분 
the swords look awsome
DEvasto  [작성자] 2014년 2월 19일 오전 11시 21분 
Oh, thank you very much! Very glad to know it's getting love from people. :3
G20 2014년 2월 19일 오전 7시 04분 
Hi, Love the this mod and have added it to this collection.
I hope you like it and take it as a high compliment ;)
The French Taco 2014년 2월 11일 오후 4시 53분 
Ok ,Thanks :D
DEvasto  [작성자] 2014년 2월 10일 오후 5시 06분 
I haven't added them yet, sorry to say. I do plan to sometime add a few bows and, quite possibly, some arrows as well, though some arrows (and one bow) may be a bit tricky to make.
The French Taco 2014년 2월 10일 오후 3시 49분 
Where are the bows :{
NFITC1 2014년 2월 10일 오후 1시 10분 
Ultima 6 was my first too. It was YEARS before I beat it. I always thought of those glass swords since I saw them in Morrowind.
DEvasto  [작성자] 2014년 2월 10일 오전 8시 47분 
You're much welcome. :3
NEHWind 2014년 2월 9일 오후 8시 30분 
Thank you very much for working on this! Ultima is one my very favorites too!
light grimm17 2014년 1월 15일 오전 10시 46분 
okay thanks I will find it
DEvasto  [작성자] 2014년 1월 15일 오전 10시 32분 
Most you'll find as uncommon loot, but there's a handful you'll find in the world. The Dragonslayer, Death Scythes, the Magebane, and the Hoe are all in the world somewhere. There's 2 Magebane and 3 Death Scythes you can find, but only one Hoe and Dragonslayer sword. There is a hint to where the Dragonslayer sword is in Sky Haven Temple, but the rest require a bit of poking around.
light grimm17 2014년 1월 15일 오전 3시 53분 
Can I make these Artifacts Or Do I need to find it ???? : )
DEvasto  [작성자] 2013년 12월 30일 오후 2시 06분 
Thanks muchly, Gillan! It's nice to see the mod get a bit of love. :3
G20 2013년 12월 30일 오후 12시 41분 
Hi, I've made this little collection which includes your mod, you might like to lend it some support or have some ideas of things i should add ;)
DEvasto  [작성자] 2013년 12월 9일 오후 8시 47분 
I actually had a link to such a list in the description, but I removed it because a moderator disabled it and I'm reluctant to add it back in. The Nexus version of the mod has the list, so you can snag it there. I might make it an optional file there at some point.
awesome2themax 2013년 12월 9일 오후 8시 27분 
can you list where to find them
DEvasto  [작성자] 2013년 12월 2일 오후 8시 50분 
Aye, hopefully. I have an update I'm working on so I'll probably go over the glass sword's setup to see if there's any problems with it or refinements I can make. If ya run into any other problems don't hesitate to let me know.